Letter to a Demon Named Peggy (And to Other Black Women Who Hate Us)

Darryl James     

The Bridge featuring Darryl James

Peggy, you poor deluded, self-hating wretch. I read your letter to Janks Morton and recognized it as the same message from Black women who hate Black men the nation over. It’s filled with misplaced blame, hatred and lies.

          How ironic that you begin by claiming to love Black men and then proceed to deride Black men in true man-hating form. You claim to love us but then present unfounded lies about our love for white women, our prison proclivities, homosexuality and the abandonment of our women and children.

          But you are also contradicting yourself by claiming to love us and then proceeding to claim that the film is filled with denial. In essence, you are saying that all of the myths about Black men are true.

          You claim to be ruled by Light, but your missive is an embrace of dark lies.

          You present a list of hate-filled LIES and not one scintilla of “evidence” to support them. You refer to “facts” and present none.

          I don’t know you, so I don’t know how much “education” you have or claim to have, but in my high school years, I learned that research means finding more than one source to prove out or disprove a theory. Your only source is your own tortured mind.

          I also learned that ignominious idiots use conjecture and lies to justify their propaganda.

          I’m glad that you brought up slavery, because moronic Feminatzis such as yourself are the worst of the mental slaves remaining. Your kind is the worst of any vestiges of House Niggerism remaining in our community.

          Before you reel from being given your deserving label of House Nigger, recall one of the symptoms as outlined by our beloved Malcom X: When the slave master says he is sick, the House Nigger asks: “We sick, boss?”

          This is what you are doing. Where racist whites once claimed that Black men lusted after white women, were lazy and shiftless and all the other things racists used to proclaim, those proclamations have been taken up by filthy Black female demons such as yourself.

          In addition to mental slavery to anachronistic racist stereotypes, you and filthy demons like you are also slaves to Feminist propaganda, which, I’m sure you don’t understand, isn’t even working for or embraced by most white women anymore. Ask Hilary Clinton, who is getting her ass kicked by young white women who know what she represents and fear it as much as white men fear it.

          Radical Feminism has gone too far, moving from women’s rights to the destruction of families and men by creating and promulgating sexist propaganda designed to demonize men and drive a wedge between the genders and families-intact and potential.

          The difficulties between the sexes across all racial lines are complex, but have less to do with who is guilty and more to do with what people are willing to believe, changes in how we socialize, the influence of the media and who is willing to accept responsibility.

          But silly stupid little girls like you want to boil it down to blaming Black men for the ills of the entire society, which means that while you crow about being strong and independent, you are still pretending to be the weak victims of men you believe to be beneath you.

          Contradictory, ignorant and evil.

          How dare you pretend that Black men fail to protect Black women and children?

          Instead of seeking whole and healthy relationships with Black men, greasy chicken-lipped slaves such as yourself force them out of your lives with lies, selfish demands and incessant berating and then claim to be a poor victim of abandonment.

          And when you have driven every possible good thing about Black men from your lives, you bitch and moan about being abandoned.

          You claim that Black women are loyal to Black men and that the reverse does not exist, yet if you survey white women, they will tell you that the most hateful things about Black men now come from Black women who crow from every mountainside about the sorry and sad Black man.

          On television shows, in books and magazines and in any small or large discussion, too many Black women are open and LOUD about their disdain for Black men, no matter who is listening.

          Currently, there is a trend for some Black women to seek refuge in white men.

          Who is disloyal?

          Let us return to the research you hateful demons refuse to do.

          First and foremost, the Civil Rights Movement gave women-white AND Black-their greatest boost since they were given the vote in a Constitutional amendment. The Voting Rights Act gave support specifically to women and Affirmative Action benefitted women-white AND Black–far more than Black men.

          It was more than just the right to sit at a lunch counter, it was about the right to stand up and be men-in order to protect Black women and children, which is why we saw signs that read: “I am a man!”

          As for our great love for white women, Black women are the only group who still claim that we love white women so much. Even white women are confused when they hear that lie!

          According to the US Census, 95% of all Black men who are married are married to BLACK WOMEN!! 95%, you liar!

          As for college attendance, your numbers are so very WRONG.

          According to the National Education Center, college enrollment is 55% female, but that is without respect to race. In other words, there are more white women in college than white men. It is NOT a Black phenomenon.

          According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, in 2001, there were 1,095,000 Black women in college and 604,000 Black men, which is just under two to one, not ten to one, liar. And, Black women outnumber Black men by two million in the first place.

          We see the numbers of disparity get higher on Black college campuses (nowhere near your claim), which you demons love to point to, but that is indicative of nothing more than Black colleges’ inability to recruit Black students, which is witnessed by the active recruiting of Hispanics by these colleges who are seeing their enrollment plummet.

          Black women cheered for that liar Bill Cosby when he spoke at Spelman and told young Black women that Black men weren’t graduating. Meanwhile, across the street at Morehouse that same year, the largest graduating class of Black men was walking across that stage.

          And, let’s deal with Black Feminist lies about Black men and their children.

          First, we are not talking about teen mothers who are being abandoned. The largest group of women having children out of wedlock is women 18-24. In fact, according to the Census data, there are more women over thirty having children out of wedlock than women under eighteen.

          According to Census data, nearly 40% of the women who have children out of wedlock are living with a man. Nearly half of those pregnancies are INTENTIONAL.

          Dealing with child support, Welfare and single mothers, most of the women who are on child support and/or Welfare have multiple children, which means that they had a chance to stop the cycle, but CHOSE not to. There can be no Deadbeat Dads without women who willingly have unprotected sex with them-Deadbeat Moms.

          However, if you perform the most cursory research, you will find that most Black men assigned child support pay–69 % of all men actually pay child support.

          You will also find that a huge portion of the women assigned child support DO NOT PAY. 43% of all women fail to pay child support.

          You will also find that over 70% of the men assigned child support earn less than $10,000 per year. Only 4% of the men in arrears make above $40,000 per year.

          These FACTS are important because they fly in the face of the Feminatzi construct, which paints men, particularly Black men as Deadbeat Dads.

          These FACTS force spiteful man-haters to realize that a great portion of single motherhood is created by the single mothers.

          Perform even the smallest of studies, such as one by The Los Angeles Times and you will find that many of the men who earn so little are actually present in the lives of their children and that they contribute goods such as clothing, groceries, cribs, diapers and TIME to their children.

          What we do know is that single mothers applying for Welfare benefits are denied or given severely reduced benefits unless they name a father. Any father.

          According to that same LA Times study, a huge portion of the men who are assigned child support are not the actual fathers. Many of them were never even served and knew nothing of the child or the case until their licenses were suspended or wages garnished.

Yet, Feminist demons such as yourself would rather rage against Black men instead of a system which created dependence on the government, poor child rearing and ultimately human (Black males) fodder for the legal system and the privatized prison system.

If you cared for the women and children (some of whom grow up to become Black men), you would be concerned about the Black men who are being forced out of their lives by the Welfare system and by the single mothers themselves who have children without being financially prepared-which, yes, makes them DEADBEAT MOTHERS!

Stop hating the men who have protected the Black community from everything outside, but who have understandably not been able to fully protect the community from its latest, greatest threat-internal attacks and destruction, which now come from the hands of Black women more often than at the hands of some invisible white racist.

Like most hateful Black women who hate Black men, there is no blame for Black women in any of your missives. They are blameless, while you lay all of the blame at the feet of Black men.

You lied about Black men not looking Black women’s way, when my own surveys reveal the opposite:  Black women, in many cases, won’t even return a greeting of a Black man. In many cities, Black women don’t even greet EACH OTHER!!

You refuse to deal with the Black women who seek out thugs, who exchange sex for money, drugs, trinkets and trash, who, as single mothers, do everything possible to force men (including fathers, grandfathers and uncles) from the lives of Black children, based on their disdain for the fathers they CHOSE.

Many Black men will readily point to and chastise the sorry Black men who do abandon their families, but hateful blaming Black women like you refuse to acknowledge the Black women who contribute to single motherhood.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, otherwise, we would have to pretend that Black women are being raped by Black men whenever they find themselves pregnant. But we know they are willingly having sex and some of them are having sex with men they shouldn’t even be having conversations with.

There is responsibility on both sides.

We have many sicknesses in our community on both sides. But the latest and greatest sickness is among Black women who believe that only Black men are destroying our community.

I would deal with your other myths directly, but they are so ignorant that I can’t even respect them. Additionally, I know you don’t want the truth, you simply want to blame someone else for your responsibility and delivering facts and data will not stop your spreading of hatred and lies.

Any person who has taken Psychology 101 recognizes your pathology. You have been rejected, misused and/or abused by the men you CHOSE to allow in your life. Instead of taking any of the blame, you instead choose to indict all Black men for crimes you believe were committed against you. Internally, you find foundation for their rejection and so begin to hate yourself. Your self-hatred is then projected to the world and foisted upon the shoulders of Black men, who are now standing up and refusing to become the benevolent thug/whipping boy many women search for.

We just won’t put the cape on for women like you anymore, because to fly to your rescue means to destroy ourselves and young Black men.

          You revealed your pathology with your words: “When I see a black man who looks like he can afford to do the giving, instead of the taking, he’s with someone who doesn’t look like me, and I’m pretty darn cute.”

          That isn’t research or evidence. That is simply stark insight into your demented, narcissistic mind. You believe that everything is about you and you take it personally. And, then, you try to make it universal as though the crimes you perceive are committed by all men against all women, when really, its all in your twisted mind.

You have destroyed your hope, squandered your potential for happiness and want someone else to accept blame. You have done this as an individual and desire to make it a community event.

But you can not, because while you are loud and abrasive, your number is thankfully small.

          My happiness comes from the certain knowledge that you do not represent all Black women. In fact, while your kind is loud, I hold the belief that most Black women still have faith in Black men.

And, I harbor hope that Black men and Black women will be able to embrace truth and work together to move beyond this place of wrath and tears and avoid the looming horror of the shade that awaits us if too many think and act as you do.

No one is coming to save your kind, Peggy. Frankly, you don’t deserve to be saved. You refuse to save yourself or the Black children you claim to love and not even Superman (the white man you love so much) will fly to your rescue.

To be honest, so-called women such as yourself are so irreparably damaged and destructive that the greatest contribution you could make to the race is to kill yourself or at the very least willingly spay yourself and sequester yourself from Black humanity.

That is the only way you will stop spreading your hatred and lies about Black men whom you claim to love.

I’m certain you will take this as “evidence” of the Black man’s hatred for Black women, but this is all about ignorant, self-hating so-called Black women such as yourself.

Please take it personally.

Darryl James

A Black man who has loved.

38 Responses to “Letter to a Demon Named Peggy (And to Other Black Women Who Hate Us)”

  1. Your message is very passionate. I sincerely applaud your efforts to respond to Peggy’s message. Unfortunately, I have not read her message, so I can not comment on its content. However, I will say to you BLACK MAN, your name calling and personal attacks are immature. Please, understand your eloquence and statistical data is commended. Keep in mind that it is sometimes possible to make a point without degrading someone else; this depicts YOUR character as a MAN. When you know the truth insults are never necessary. I am a Lover of Black Man, but I will say that I have been disappointed by them many times in my life. Reading this message is one of those times.

    Finally, according to your comments, Peggy has been hurt and disappointed by BLACK MAN, too. Be honest with yourself, there are areas in the BLACK MAN’s life that need to be addressed, as well as there are many times when BLACK WOMEN need to look at themselves.

    Darryl James, you feed into her (Peggy) insecurities by reducing her to something less than a woman. Do you not think, your venomous response, may on some level support her claims?

  2. Peggy’s insecurities are her own. As long as Black women try (as Tina is doing here) to make thier fate the responibility of someone else (e.g., any Black Man); they and along with our entire community are doomed. Darryl’s commments may be a little harsh, but the bottom line is that Peggy (and anyone else that plays the blame game) put herself in the line of fire when she made her ridiculous statements.

  3. Mr. Carl,

    I was merely pointing out, as you did, that Darryl’s comments were HARSH and NOT necessary in order to make his point. Since, you do not know me please; refrain from making generalizations about me when you are clearly clueless.

    Who is blaming whom? I don’t think, I wrote anything pointing blame at anyone.

    Sir, I was hoping that as a MAN with a mother, sisters, aunts and grandmothers that you and/or Darryl and all BLACK MEN (when applicable) would try to exercise some restraint when making a point to anyone, especially a woman; naming calling and mud slinging is usually a sign of insecurities and foolery on both sides- PEGGY and DARRYL. The blog sounded almost like a man who hates black women or women in general; however, since, I did not know either of you, I will not direct this statement at either of you. Since, I am a lover of BLACK MEN and ALL MEN, name calling and mud slinging in my communication with any man is not and has never been my MODUS OPERANDI. Respect, is always my first approach even when respect is not given or deserved.

    Have a nice day, sir.

  4. I agree that his tone, and his venomous insults were immature, But many of his points resenated with me personally and his statistical data unavoidable. Our sisters NEED to realize this point once and for all. Black men are not your enemy. You may make a bad choice in “A” man but thats him. For every ignorant brother out there, theres hundreds of good ones. The problem is, those hundreds may not be your flavor. Theres something about that negative man that attracts you. Which speaks to some inner issues you must have within you. He’s ugly he aint makin enough money he dont drive a clean enough ride he’s boring. Just a short list of the most common reasons sisters write off those hundreds I was just speaking of.

    Now I’m a pretty attractive brother, that’s what I’m told by the majority of females I encounter, so this is not my soapbox. I’m still aware that good brothers are being passed up.

    Sisters make up your minds. What is your idea of a good brother? Cause the majority of this crap yawl are picking ain’t what’s up at all. I still love you, and don’t think a white girl can hold a candle to a sistas natural beauty. But don’t let your beauty make monsters out of your minds.

  5. D.Anthony Fox Says:

    I am a black man and I agree with you! there is no need to disprect a women ever! I love my sisters and will protect them at ever point even if i disagree with them. Both black men and black women need to look in the mirror at them selves to better them selves. I LOVE BLACK WOMEN AND I SAY IT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i will check any man wdo disrepects them in front of me.

  6. I think that Darryl was very clear in not directing his invective towards ALL Sisters, just those who subscribe to the mental sickness that he described. As a lover of Black women myself, I find that the biggest complainers are usually the ones who will collude in a hot minute with a white man to bring down a Brother, especially if any small benefit accrues to her as a result. Such soulless creatures have no right at all to decry their lack of access to a good Brother. Karma bites hard, the smart money says that they wouldn’t be able to hold on to one anyway.

  7. Wow I have never seen so many brothers commenting in one place lol

    Anyway as a black woman, I can and won’t ever blame a black man for what’s wrong with us women. I will admit I used to but it was a wasted effort. Instead I started to check myself, and the men I date. I have been with an equal amount of good men and an equal amount of bad ones. It’s all about the flava. Most good men I dated don’t seem to have the same swagger or air about them. It’s in my nature to need to feel secure with a man. Them good ones were too much of a push over at times. The bad ones always had the “I’m too sexy” complex like every woman wanted them and that didn’t help me either. Again I don’t blame any man. I now take a look at myself and think about what qualities I want in a true good black man, he might not be the Shamar Moore or have a ton of money, but he will be kind hearted, sweet, affectionate and loving as well as be a strong man and taking care of his family which is what matters now the most.

    Any of yall single? lol im joking.

    OK I’m not… call me!

  8. When truth speaks…lies BOW.

    Mr. James; a LOT of bowing going on TODAY!!!

  9. I always hear people when they say that I am harsh. I think you can
    kiss my ass when you start calling me immature.

    Here’s the problem: People such as Peggy think that they can call
    Black men names and tell LIES, and then others want to pretend that the
    liars are deserving of respect. My maturity shows when I decide who gets
    my respect. I think that it is quite immature to pretend that
    everyone deserves respect. It is mature to demonstrate discernment and
    frankly, respect would be valued more if it weren’t tossed to anyone,
    whether they deserve it or not.

    Truth—There are Black women spreading hate and lies about Black men.
    Damn them! If you stand with them, damn you as well.

    If people were to say that Darryl James was lying, I would pay attention, but to claim that I shouldn’t name call is silly and childish.

    Grow up—people call names all the time, particularly when it is deserved.

    I won’t take back anything because Peggy is a damned demon and we should all hate her if we claim to love each other.

    Darryl James

  10. Darryl James has never had any interest in constructive discourse with black women and never will. He’s filled with piss and vinegar and is clearly bothered that black women no longer have to suffer with men like him who make it abundantly clear they “cannot” love or care about black women or their children. I say good riddance and thanks for highlighting this warped side of men like you. Find non-black women to continue worshiping since no one does it better than black men. Don’t let the door hit you…

  11. Thank you (darryl) for posting a response to my comments. Your comments were predictable-I could have written it for you.

    I am typing this message to you without anger or resentment; I even have a smile on my face. I smile; because I can only wonder what you are like during a face to face discussion. I bet you are a screamer and a door slammer, too. LOL! BTW, you don’t have the power to DAMN anyone, unless you are GOD himself. Sir, you are not.

    With that being said, I’ve learned in life that if I can not respect or be civil to someone, then I keep my interaction brief and my communication even more brief.

    Have a nice life, Mr. darryl james.

  12. The Observationist Says:

    I do not like to see our people bashing one another like we do not understand what it means to love without hypocrisy. The main reason why we are at odds with one another is because most are gripped with the wrong kind of fear, the “fear of man.” We have been told for so long that we could’nt do this and we could’nt do that, when in actuality prior to the push for integration, we did for ourselves. The main problem is one of economics and when people become convinced that they cannot accomplish dreams and goals than there goes the neighborhood and its unity. When black men and women exchange the evils of the larger culture for their own the downward spiral of the good and simple life begins. People, return to God and learn about his ways and apply them in your life and stop running with the world because it is “passing away.” You should fear God and him alone and let him become your confidence, then he will set your paths straight. Stop fornicating, having oral sex and thinking upon your flesh so much. Deaden your body members as the bible says and concentrate on whatever is chaste and virtuous. It is that simple! If you mind the flesh, you will reap corruption from it. Act like men and love your families as you would want to be loved. Return to civility and then God will grant the desires of your heart! Stop hating!

  13. PREACH, PREACH. There are certain types of black women who blame black men for their issues. For one, no one forced you to have unprotected sex with a man that has 4 baby mamas and no job. No one forced you to “shack up” with a man for 10 years and have 3 children and then you are upset when he does not want to marry you, he is reluctant to marry you, because you set the stage for him to be the family man, minus the wedding ring. It is not the black man’s fault when you think that your MBA or PhD, and executive career, make you believe that you can come home and be the boss over everything and wear the pants. Furthermore, it is not the black man’s fault that you think that being submissive means being weak. It is not the black man’s fault, when you diss him in high school, or college, because he working at McDonald’s and driving a 1997 Honda Accord, and now he is on Wall Street and he now has a grudge against anyone like you. You let your pride get in the way of you cooking his meals, running his bath water, giving him massages, and the best sex ever in the bedroom. It is not the black man’s fault when you talk trash and talk negatively about black men in front of young black males.

    Set standards, and live by those standards. Stop allowing for superficial means, become a determinant of self-worth. Put Jehovah, our God, first, and pray for that man that you are looking for-single women. Single women-I am a single woman myself, and I know how tough it can be sometimes, especially when you see other couples, I already prayed to God, and I told him exactly what I wanted in a man, you do the same, and stop listening to these bitter women.

    Black men I love you, and I will always stick by you. My African Kings, I will stick by you always.

    Michelle-Proud Black Sista
    Age 28

  14. Brother Darryl and Sister Michelle (that was my slave name before ) you two have got the points I want to address. First, Sister Michelle you have hit the nail on the head-PUT GOD FIRST IN YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL HAVE THAT BLACK WIFE/HUSBAND THAT IS THE BEST FOR YOU! Pray for your husband Sisters! It is only God who knows that best man for you and He will send him with signs to say so and you don’t need to be looking which one! Brother Darryl forgive-LOVE, God’s LOVE means you are forgiving of this sister and that you are AFRICAN in behavior (cause we don’t know how to be in Amerikkkan culture) and guide and correct this sister lovingly like your own sister cause we BLACK people must begin to act like FAMILY! Sisters,we have to be more loving and respectful to our BLACK men, but of course that means we must begin to LOVE OUR BEAUTIFUL BLACK SELVES FIRST! Self-hatred is what all this is about and slavery did a job on us up until today in our anti-Black behavior towards each other!

    Your Sister who 30 years ago went BACK TO AFRICA to raise 4 of my 5 children as Yorubas in Yorubaland, Nigeria (from Lawrence, Kansas. You dig?)

    Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade
    AT yeyeolade.wordpress.com

  15. I feel sorry for the black men of today. Most of you are lost, and clearly hate your ownselves. Black women have now become the blame for your downfalls. Why blame us because we expect more out of you. We are tired of stuggling. When will we be able to breath. We have stood by you since slavery. If you asked me The only thing that should have came over on those slave ships, should have been woman amd children, because the black men should have died trying to save us from the slave master. We are still by your side today trying to hold you down, even though you turn to other women of other races. Wake up brothers! There is nothing more stronger than a black woman, and nobody elese is going to put up with your foolishness.

  16. It never ceases to amaze me how some narrow-minded, slave mentality having sistas can find their way to any forum where Black men are discussing real issues and spread their crap. Some of ya’ll need to just go to essence.com or the NOW website.

  17. Kill Whitey.

  18. Here’s my comment:

    To Diane, Tina, LucyLu, and, of course, Peggy if she’s reading it amazes me what hatred can do to one’s heart. Sometimes hatred can cloud one’s judgment demonstrated by you “ladies.”

    Why is it when a Black man speaks up on the problems of Black women, some Black women “pop-up and cry haters?”

    I never read what Peggy wrote, but Tina, I know you mean well, but you have to look at it from another angle, Black men are hurting too. We really are.

    Diane, your response is just hatred wrapped in ignorance with a side of asinine. You also helped to prove his point and are either unable or unwilling to see that Black women need to be held accountable as well. What makes them blameless? Why shouldn’t they be held accountable as well, and what have you done to help the problems plaguing both sexes?

    LucyLu, have you even asked yourself why the Black men you speak of are lost and full of self-hatred? More likely, you haven’t. You prefer to think that Black men got this way because they want to. The rest of your comment makes no sense especially the “slave ship” part and the other parts, again, only proves Darryl’s point.

    So you “ladies”, think Black women who PURPOSELY get pregnant, sleep around, have abortions, chase thugs and gangstas, dress less, show off their booties on the world wide web and music videos, abuse children, and who the hell knows what else are BLAMELESS? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you are insane.

    I’m guessing none of you have done any research or listened to the words of educated AND enlightened Black men and women who knows what’s really going on. Instead you prefer lies, deceit, ignorance and anger to fuel your hatred of the Black male gender while at the same time ramble about it on websites like this one, stick up for the Black women who are also lost, and DO NOTHING to help them, Black men or Black children but sit in front of a computer and complain.

    If Black women who are suffering need help, there’s a movement to save them, but when Black men are suffering we end up demonizing them and sweep them under the rug hoping they would rot and die.

    There are many Black men in this Earth who love Black women, and there are many Black women who love Black men. But there are haters on BOTH sides, and hatred will no nothing to solve this problem.

    Why is it okay for Black women to tell Black men that they need to do better, but when Black men tell Black women they need to do better also, there’s a problem? Why?

    I’ve yet to hear a logical explanation from those kinds of women. All I get is name-calling, curse words and an order to find myself a white woman because, according to them, I’m too weak to be with a strong Black woman.

    I’ve encountered several Black women in my life that has done me wrong. Some pretended to act like they like me, but in reality they were trying to embarrass me in front of their female and male friends and in the end got with men who ended up playing them. Some used me for money by making up sad stories about why they needed it like paying off tickets, flying to see their dying grandmothers, or eviction. Some said that I deserved to be alone because I was too nice, that I wasn’t a thug or gangsta, or that I didn’t make enough money. Then, there’s some that simply ignored me or bit my head off If I so much as spoke to them. A few thought I was retarded because I didn’t “sound” like a Black man and used slang.

    Yet, I’m to blame, huh?

    I also met some Black women who helped me with my pain. Some of them talked to me as a person. Some of them agree with men like Darryl and are ashamed of Black women who hate Black men and themselves.

    I still feel hurt by what those evil Black women have done and said, but I thank the Black women who have been and are great, respectable people towards brothas and sistas.

    I love Black women; I think most of them are genuine, loving, intelligent, strong Black women. I know there have been and still are Brothas that have done sistas wrong, but I’m not one of those brothers and neither are many of us out there.

    Tina, Diane, LucyLu, and Peggy, you four need to wake up and start loving and stop hating. In the end the hatred will destroy you.

  19. You know….I thought I was going to read this and enjoy it.
    And then I saw the term “feminazi” …

    I can’t even put into words the offensiveness that word contains, but I’m sure you can imagine. When a beautiful term that describes that a women is equal and capable is used to denounce women…it’s atrocious.

    And if the women says she likes black men and then complains about them….maybe she just wants to be heard. Perception is reality. Listen to woman maybe she just isn’t articulating her point well enough, or lacks the education to do so. But there is always…always…a reason to sentiments that involve “I love you, but…”

    Don’t assume that because a woman is passionate, that it means she is ignorant or too angry. We can you love and still hate the things you do.

  20. Truthful and yet harmful, because no one male or female desrves degradation… Especially if the ultimate plan is to build up (africanamerican) our families. Only after this, is it possible to build up our communities. It all starts in the household. No man wants to fight a war in society only to come home and fight another war. We all have faults, no one is exempt from that one. Try working out our differences with an open mind and just an ounce of commpassion for one another and most of our problems will shrink down to something that can and will be laughed at.

  21. The fact that you degrade this woman Peggy with such venemous and derogatory remarks seems to give more creedance to whatever this lady may have said. and to devote an entire page on degrading this person with such filthy, fowl remarks merely reveals that she must have touched a raw nerve. Such derogatory and filthy language directed toward any Black female speaks volumes about ones true character…Perhaps you do Hate Black women, because when you degrade one, you are degrading us all.

    An intelligent Black man should be able to express his thoughts and feelings without degrading others with immature, derogatory, juvenile sadistic remarks. One would hope that we have all surpassed the 5th grade level in our ability to exercise our freedom of speech without resulting to elementary grade level name calling.

    As you alledge, you are so secure in your “Sexuality” whatever that is supposed to mean??? then I am sure that you won’t take offense to any of the comments made here! today.

    As far the other comments made, Black women don’t hate Black men, they have remained steadfast in their support of Black men throughout much they’ve endured over time. When our young Black men are killed, murdered, we all suffer inside because you are a part of us. There maybe many Black women who are fed up with the way they’ve been treated by Black men over the years, but underneath it all, I believe with sincerity that Black women will always have love above all others for her Black man!

    However, you would be that one exception. Telling other bloggers to “Kiss your Black Ass” shows just how little you respect Black women in general and merely reveals your inherent hatred of Black women in general!

    Maybe you should re-examinie your own as you put it “SEXUALITY”

    • His points do hold some truth, though i may not agree with him entiely, he still has to be given the credit for his effort to bring into the light one of the most damaging issues that blocks our growth as a family, a race, and a nation… For you to personally attact his SEXUALITY is just as bad as his attacts…so ask yourself–Where does that leave US? You may relpy to me personally!!! dlane35@yahoo.com

  22. Perhaps Daryl needs to look within himself as he truly seems to hate black women from his comments.

    Whether or not this Daryl is really a closet Homosexual or Not doesn’t give him the right to disrespect Black women.

    • His points do hold some truth, though i may not agree with him entiely, he still has to be given the credit for his effort to bring into the light one of the most damaging issues that blocks our growth as a family, a race, and a nation… For you to personally attact his SEXUALITY is just as bad as his attacts……..we need more building and less tearing each other down….

  23. trfrlife Says:

    You are a seriously angry, sad young man. It seems that you were abused in some way by an African American woman as a child, which is a tragedy, but rather than making a career out of attacking an entire race of women, you should get help.

    Your ideas about black women, buried in your “responses” to random letters are truly sick and frightening. I am sorry for whatever happened to fill you with such hatred. I hope that you fine a way to heal.

  24. People like Daryl are needed to state the truth sure he was a bit “sharp” but it’s needed to show how awful black women are now I’m a black kind person in short i’m like Will
    a person who is treated like dirt by my own sistas let me ask you is it wrong to love black women? because apperently I thought so I had nothing but love and respect fot black women will stated best that GOOD black men are shunned and looked down upon becaue we’re educated and speak clearly looking at black women now I finally lost my love paitence and respect for them that’s right after 18 years of thing(i’m 25 now)I currently cannot stand black women and now respect daryl’s comments about that witch peggy all black women are upset the’re going the age of dinosaurs and cannot be saved (who’d waste their time!!) why waste your time fighting loosing battles with a lousy ignorant black woman like this peggy and all black women
    hell I’d go so far to say FUCK BLACK WOMEN!!!!!!!!

    • Dear psycho,

      You’re obviously gay, insecure, and hate Black women.

      I’m not gay, by any stretch of the imagination, and have devoted the last 22 years of my life trying to honor the legacy of a Black man.

      You need help.

      • Also, your article picture pose, hard pressed effort to impress folks with your language and you stunted growth development, coming across as a spoiled, immature and shallow child is glaringly obvious.

        P.S. – Even if I were gay, I would not harbor the vitriolic HATRED you have for Black Women, especially considering that a Black woman gave birth to you, and obviously women played a critical role in rearing you, UNFORTUNATELY OT SEEMS.

        And even if I were gay, I have been close and good friends with Gay people on both sides of the aisle, especially as I could care less who you’re sleeping with, but NEVER, have I known or heard of Gay Black Women hating on men the way you do, obviously from what you probably think of as your Master’s thesis in this sick and pathetic article you spewed out.

        Never, have I heard Gay women, especially Gay Black Women spew such venomous
        hatred out towards a male/Man of any sexual orientation.

        You need help. Your article response was crying out for help.

        But, nice pose in your cute picture used in your master’s thesis on what real VITRIOLIC HATRED towards Black Women is all about.

  25. we are a new company for lasercutting.

  26. ultimate demon review…

    […]Letter to a Demon Named Peggy (And to Other Black Women Who Hate Us) « Black Men In America[…]…

  27. Yes, you is “Sick Boss.”

  28. Poor exemplary example of all the dastardly things you claim, in your attempt to sound SANE, INTELLIGENT, and LIKE A “REAL” MAN.


  29. Peggy Seats Says:

    Strike a pose!

  30. Sorry for you, demonically possessed little boy. Says:

    Poor thing.

  31. Mother Nature Says:







  32. Peggy Seats Says:

    Nice AND SUPER LONG, thesis on insanity.

    Poor insecure thing.

  33. Guess who didn't come to dinner? Says:

    How do you spell LOVE Darryl?

    Did you know that a Black woman gave your “IGNANT, SELF LOATHING BUTT birth?



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