Michelle Obama: The “Fist Bump” That Rocked The World

The date was June 3, 2008. The place was St. Paul, MN. The mainstream media are still all a buzz about the now famous Michelle Obama “fist bump” also known as a “fist pound.” Hey America, this is nothing new in the black community.  C’mon in.  This Is How We Do It!

When I saw Michelle give Barack some “dap” (dignity and pride) I had to take a double take.  I loved it! This certainly appears to be a true loving and supporting relationship.

Barack Obama told NBC News correspondent Brian Williams that the fist pound “captured what I love about my wife — there’s an irreverence about her and sense that for all the hoopla, that I’m her husband and sometimes we’ll do silly things.”

Make no mistake, Michelle and Barack are changing some aspects of today’s popular culture. Watch and see how many other folks start “dapping” and “pounding” after watching that magic moment.  You don’t believe me?  TIME Magazine has a feature called “A Brief History of the Fist Bump.”

What do you think of Michelle Obama’s fist bump?

Gary Johnson is the Founder & Publisher of Black Men In America.com, a popular online magazine on the Internet and the Black Men In America.com Blog. Gary is also the author of the new book “25 Things That Really Matter In Life.”


5 Responses to “Michelle Obama: The “Fist Bump” That Rocked The World”

  1. This is Jeff B. from Clinton, MD. You wanna know what I think? ABSO-FRIGGIN’-LUTELY FANTASTIC! Let nobody worry about his allegiance to the Black community, let nobody question his loyalty to the issues of the Black race. Tell Tavis to chill the f*ck out. Let all the naysayers go to H-E-double-hockey-sticks!

    As long as we got Michele, a strong black woman, we gonna see an entirely different First Lady, that’s lady with a capital “L.” Worldwide, the headlines are like reading the tea leaves and they like what they see. Check her eye gaze, her focus was a serious gut check that said: I got your back.”

    I could go on but I’m tearing up. (Sniff, Sniff)

  2. Gary, we like your site a great deal and reference this post in our recent piece on the fist bump. Keep up the good work. Best—SemiObama.

  3. That’s us!
    I was a very “AIGHT!” moment. lol.

    Just seeing them (especially when he is elected) will strengthen Black Love. Now watch how many interracial films Hollywood film exec hierarchy (not so much all of the actors) will pump out to counter that. They don’t like seeing us together.

    NEXT UP…Tyler Perry. ‘A family that Preys’.

  4. Regardless of what people say about Barack’s “Blackness”, make no mistake, Barack Obama is a Black man happily married to a Black woman. Regarding Michelle Obama, make no mistake, she’s a sistah too. Michelle is an educated sistah, but a sistah none the less. As if the level of one’s education somehow dilutes their “Blackness”. I think Michelle and Barack are absolutely beautiful together as man and white. They make me feel good about being married, being Black, being a man, being American.

    People like to generalize and say what “Black” is, or what “white” is. I’d image that Barack is his own “Black”. This is America, and I’m sure that Barack knows as well as anyone else…We in America like to label EVERYTHING. We just like to know what we’re dealing with in regards to people and their ethnicities. When we find out that our coworker is actually Thai and not Filipino, we could care less, but we needed to know.

    Barack has said that he is Black (like he actually needed to say that), and that he identifies himself as such, but that he was raised by his white mother and grandmother. Fine, Barack seems to understand that “race” and ethnicity (as it applies to him at least) can for the most part be summed up with three words…I…Am…Black.

    I’m sure that just when Michelle and Barack gave each other a pound, just as many people (Blacks in particular) that were happy to see them do it, there were equally as many people that winced and said to themselves, “Oh!…I hope no one saw that…but I know everyone just did…and I’m a little embarrassed…why can’t they (the Obama’s) just act…’normal’…nothing positive can come from this”.

    What’s to be implied by asking him what he “is”? Is there something wrong with being Black? Is there something wrong with being White? Is there something wrong with being a mixture of both? Is there something wrong with having a white mother and an African father, but identifying yourself as BLACK. When Barack Obama looks in the mirror, I don’t doubt that he sees a Black man looking back at him. It’s no dis against white people to say that the Black gene is (I’m no genealogist – so just let me finish), as it applies to external physical features will be the dominant gene when Black/white children are produced. It’s not a 100% fact, but generally…Black man, white woman, Black baby. White man, Black woman, Black baby. Black man, Black woman, Black baby. White man, white woman, white baby. (as heard in a sound bit from an unknown speaker in a Public Enemy song).

    When I look at Barack I see a Black man too. Does that mean that he would automatically get my vote…NO. Does that mean that once elected, that he’s going to mess up on the most important job in the world…NO. By nature I’m mistrustful and skeptical about “change” – even for the better. Barack Obama had to earn my trust, and especially my vote. I had never voted before and wasn’t about to throw it away just because the man looks like me (no really though, I’m way more handsome – just ask my wife and my momma). Is he perfect or the new messiah…No, but he sure as hell can’t do any worse than the last (or current – depending on when you read this) President. If Barack just breaks even, he’ll be a huge success.

    White America shouldn’t fear a Black President. What’s good for Black American is good for white Americans. We are all one body, one system. If the foot becomes infected, the whole body needs to be concerned about it. It may not affect the head at first, but after enough time has passed without treating the infections, the whole body can die.

    I’m still amazed at how some people (not “you people) don’t realize that America spoke when its people voted Barack Obama to be the next President. He won, and by A LOT, it wasn’t even freaken close. If the number of votes needed was 370 instead of 270, he still would have won! The democratic process works, as it “usually does, and this time the Presidents name is Barack Obama, a Black man. Yet people are still shocked at the very notion of a Black man being in the most powerful position in the world. I mean I’m shocked too, but for all the right reasons. I don’t focus on the “negatives”, as all I see are positives. I’m not stupid or blind, but all things considered, this can and should be seen as a win-win situation for America (as it applies to the AMERICAN notions of the constitution, the law, the bill of rights, human rights, blind justice, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) This country (and this post 9/11 world for that matter) is so messed up that no one person could completely turn it around overnight, let alone just 4 years. But in that short time, here’s what I think will turn around over night; generally speaking, everyone can take two giant steps forward towards progress.

    My Black people, those that complain about the white man with his foot on their necks, can’t use that excuse anymore. Racism won’t vanish just because there’s a brotha in the White house, but one can’t say that the white man is holding the Black man down when the President is himself Black. So now the brotha that’s sitting around on the corner (not far from where he crew up, and will probably die if he doesn’t get his stuff straight) has no choice but to see the light (tinted light – The Color Purple), and see that the light is being held by someone that looks just like him, then (hopefully) he will waaaakkke uuuuppp (Spike Lee’s movie – School Days)! When the Black man finally wakes up and sees that life’s hurtles were meant to be jumped over, everyone can take a giant leap.

    Once again, what’s good for Black Americans is good for white Americans, especially when we are all really just…Americans.

  5. Was surfing the web for black latex gloves (don’t ask) and came across this post. Anyway – interesting post. Am going to forward to my husband who. thanks

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