“Clean Mic: Laughing Until It Hurts” by Will Gorham


Have you ever thought a ethnic joke went a bit too far in a comedy club and found yourself looking around to see if you were the only one embarrassed? The explosion of comedy as a form of entertainment in today’s quick paced, Internet savvy world has opened doors for many comedians. It has also perpetuated stereotypes beyond back room parlors and locker rooms.

Cean Mic is an entertaining, thought provoking journey into the realities facing ethnic comedians performing in American comedy clubs. This funny, behind the scenes portrait reveals the complexities of performing for a 24 hour, entertainment hungry society which often encourages stereotypes in stand up comedy.

The film follows Washington, DC and New York City comedians as they attempt to perform clean comedy in an unclean world. Saturday Night Live veteran Dean Edwards and Don Imus Co-host Karith Foster keep the jokes coming with their non-traditional take on Urban Comedy.

Social comedy icons Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney reflect on their own personal observations and experiences in stand up comedy. They also discuss the influence of negative Hollywood stereotypes and its effect on legendary ethnic comedians from Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor to the more recent recent Dave Chappelle phenomenon.

This is the movie trailer for the highly anticipated “no hold-barred” stand up comedy documentary starring Dick Gregory, Paul Mooney, Saturday Night Live alum Dean Edwards and Don Imus co-host Karith Foster. Mooney and Gregory discuss stereotypes in comedy, Hollywood and much more.

Send an e-mail to cleanmic@yahoo.com to register for the “Clean Mic” Festival and College ScreeningPaul Mooney, Dick Gregory and Franklin Ajaye Comedy Concert scheduled for September 19, 2008 in Washington, D.C. updates and information on the

One Response to ““Clean Mic: Laughing Until It Hurts” by Will Gorham”

  1. As I am just reading this review 9/15/2011, I’d like to know if this documentary is for sale. Any info. would be most appreciated.

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