CNN’s Look At Black America

There’s a lot of buzz about CNN Presents: Black in America. July’s two-night special is part two of three, two-hour documentaries anchored by CNN special correspondent Soledad O’Brien. CNN’s examination of Black America is part of a four-month on-air and digital initiative.

This special reportedly takes a look into the lives of Black Americans by adding some new voices and perspectives to the discussion.

“As we developed this series, it was critical to go beyond what viewers believe and already know to introduce them to the real people behind the headlines that we report every day on our assignments,’ O’Brien said.

Click here to preview the CNN television special “Black in America” (The Black Woman and Family) — June 23, 2007.

Click here to preview the CNN television special “Black In America” — (The Black Man) June24, 2007.


2 Responses to “CNN’s Look At Black America”

  1. Buddhist Perspective on Black America

    As African American Buddhists gear up for what promises to be another pounding of “Black America as Christian Nation,” I again ponder a historical issue I raised my book Black Buddha.

    Both slaveholders and abolitionists argued their positions based on the bible. Whether a slave remained in bondage or was “freed” their only faith choice was Christianity. The dominant religion in the black community has no origin other than this.

    From then until today a black person who choses any faith practice or lifestyle not sanctioned by the black Church is considered to have “strayed” not only from the church but the interests and survivability of the black community itself.

    To be black and Buddhist is to be seen by some as one who shows contempt for the African American covenant with Christianity, the legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement. In black America every Sunday from 10am to 2pm being Buddhist and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or polyamorous is to be considered misguided at the very least and in extreme cases a navel-watching race traitor.

    There are some exceptions such as when spending money in black businesses or being courted for the vote. But where does the child of a black Buddhist family fit into the Christian solution for Black America? How does the Buddhist parent explain the chant, “One nation under God,” to their child in a so called secular non-denominational school?

    How can the potential of a black Christian president provide so much hope for America yet a duly elected black Buddhist Congressman remain relatively unnoticed?

    Can CNN handle the responsibility of inclusion and objectivity around issues important to the black Buddhist community?

    I’ll be blogging daily on each installment of this series (July 23 & 24):

  2. Shaun Reed Says:

    My family and I including our sons just finished listening to T. J. Holmes say although he’s been called the N word it did not affect him and he’s seen very little racism. He said the only incident that stood out in his mind was when a white gentleman asked him how did he get the car he was driving, asked further if he was a professional athlete. Is he kidding? This is from someone who has no identify with the community. If being called the N. word did not affect TJ then it’s more than fair to say he’s out of touch with Black America. He also read an email from someone saying to the affect that racism does not matter or that there is no racism and that blacks whine but we should shut our mouth and endure like other ethnic groups. This young man is clearly out of touch with his own communiity. His bosses should also tell him not to refer to Sen. Obama as “That Guy” as he did this am and has made curt remarks of this nature continously. Soledad did a Masterful job of dealing with the Black In America Situation, we don’t need someone who clearly does not understand the community to tear down her work. Clearly there is racism and many of us experiences it frequently and many times in suttle ways. To deny that racism exists as this young man suggest, is once again attempting Racism in the closet and a closed matter as it had been before. CNN had the courage to put this issue on the air which is commendable, don’t attempt to block the progress that this Broadcast is generating.

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