Black Media Outlets Hope To See an Increase in Advertising Revenue During Presidential Race

TV Week has an article by Ira Teinowitz on their web site that explores the hopes of black media outlets that the Barack Obama campaign will spend more money with them. Tenowitz correctly points out that the Obama campaign has done relatively little spending with media and programming aimed at African Americans.

According to the article, an Obama spokesman said African American media has been “a high priority to the campaign, and will continue to be in the remaining months.” He said the campaign is not in a position to disclose its strategy for use of the media going forward.

Here’s what I say. Talk is cheap. I judge people (and organizations) by their behavior. So far Obama has not had to spend money with black media outlets. During the primary season, black radio appeared to be so happy to get an interview with Barack Obama that most of the outlets would give him FREE air time.

For the folks in charge of media in the Obama camp exploiting this relationship made smart business sense. Maybe they didn’t view it this way at the time, but FREE radio air time during a hotly contested political primary campaign is worth money. The money you saved can be devoted to further your lead or catching up to your opponent.

Think about all of the local and syndicated radio programs that gave Barack Obama FREE air time. How much money do you think his campaign saved? Advantage Obama!

Click below to read the TV Week article by Ira Teinowiz:


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