Don’t Get Mad, Get Strategic: The Intrinsic Value of Commerce

This blog (along with others) has been promoting CNN Presents: Black in America. This two-night special is part two of three, two-hour documentaries anchored by CNN special correspondent Soledad O’Brien. (CNN’s examination of Black America is part of a four-month on-air and digital initiative).

This special reportedly takes a look into the lives of Black Americans by adding some new voices and perspectives to the discussion. This blog along with a core group of syndicated bloggers have deliberately and strategically come together to present alternative views to “get things done.”

Many of us complain about the negative images that bombard us from “black owned and black interest” media outlets in addition to the negative images promoted by the mass media. We bitch and we moan. How many of those who complain do anything of substance beyond complaining?

Well there may be a solution. Some bloggers and black media entrepreneurs are suggesting a new way of raising our collective voices to ensure that the we don’t get mad and stay mad. We must be “strategic!”

Many of us have been conditioned to react to what we won’t tolerate and we’ve forgotten how to support what we want. The most valuable commodity we posses is time, and what we do with our time is critical as it relates to this effort by Soledad O’Brien and her team at CNN.

To disprove the all too often myth by advertisers that Blacks inherently do not understand the intrinsic value of commerce and won’t support the positive and that our “I got the hook-up” mentality will not translate into bottom-line sales numbers), the “New Jack” bloggers and black media entrepreneurs propose the following:

1) Watch or TIVO or DVR the show.

2) Buy the product or service of the first advertiser on the first day of each show. THE NEXT DAY (as long as it isn’t TOYOTA, a little pricey), demonstrating what Bomani Armah has deemed a BUYCOTT.

Remember that whole Black Boycott thing a few months ago? What were the tangible and measurable results from that idiotic and 60’s throwback proposition?

In the 21st century you demonstrate your power and influence through consorted economic acquisition.

Are you still with us?

This sends a message to CNN, the advertisers, the sponsors and the corporations that we watch, we buy and we support those things that reflect our ideals, hopes and struggles in this country.


Black Media Power Brokers-Coming To A Media Outlet Near You

Click here to preview the CNN television special “Black in America” (The Black Woman and Family) — June 23, 2007.

Click here to preview the CNN television special “Black In America” — (The Black Man) June24, 2007.

Thanks to Janks Morton and Bomani Armah for the thought spark.


2 Responses to “Don’t Get Mad, Get Strategic: The Intrinsic Value of Commerce”

  1. I have programed our DVR to recorded this I’ll be in school on Thursday. I’m truly wondering why we discount each other so. I would like to meet and talk to all the brothers and sisters that are involved in technology and new media. The reason being is because I’m in new media myself I produce two podcasts “Gospel Jazz podcast” and “The Jazz Suite” these podcasts are only the beginning I’m current ly in school for Graphic Design and would like to produce powerful creative for the internet, but I cannot do this alone I would like to meet brothers & Sisters who have a like mindset on technology and new media.

  2. dbrowsers Says:

    Today our brothers and sisters are faced with a choice; Either live or die with this wicked system that we all have come to be so fond of. Despite the many attempts to make progress, some of us, continually, are fraught with obstacles that seem impassible and give in
    to despair and defeat. With the plummeting economy and continued destruction of the social fabric of the Black Community, all across the country, due to forces beyond our control and self sabotagery, it is time that we move from a party culture to a more righteous nation. When I look at America, that is mostly what some of our people are continually caught up in, especially our young. The life of the “party, party, party” is killing our people. Many of us think that that is the only way we can survive due to the barriers and restrictions placed upon us politically. You must remember, it was White America that told us that “sex sells”, thus our children are confused and are selling out.

    For most of us, it is a constant struggle and many are suffering in silence, because we want better, but the collective will of the larger culture who controls how resources are allocated is not there for us. So the masses medicate on something to bear the pain. You know how politics are played. Does the ruling class truly want to share? Look at our economy and how it is structured. Can we really say that they have played fair even when we have gone to their schools, worshipped in their churches, paid our taxes and tried to participate without prejudice, only to drive back home to our ghettos, barrios and suburbs wishing that things would change for the better. This sadness is handed down to our children and grips some of us with fear. So what, they enact laws to oppress us still, they can’t kill a spirit, but the soul will come back to life in due season. We need to re-educate ourselves people and return to God!

    Americans are delusional, struck with a sad case of racism that is exacerbated by alcoholism, sorcery (drugs and narcotics) and tobacco lung, coupled with selfishness and greed, which all is cultivated into a competitive and strife driven mentality that makes any reasonable chance of collective advancement impossible. As I observe the current conditions facing Black America, I can only think about how well intentioned some speak and hope that somehow we all can get it together and make this nation that we all call home, a more enjoyable place economically for those of us who want to do business and succeed without being knocked down, ripped off, slandered, blackballed, scapegoated and denied support and justice from a system that is crumbling as we speak. Our community is in dire straights, you know it, I know it and they know it. They have us fighting ourselves while promising an American Dream as the world turns upside down. And those that they allow to succeed are intoxicated and romantically enjoy a strange fruit that blinds the minds eyes while distorting the reality of truth. So they dumbdown the people and keep them in check with weapons of all sorts. Life is not valued by the few who control, nor is this gift appreciated by the masses, because we have been too busy trying to be like them. And because of this, our unity has been divided, loyalty is not valued, and integrity has completely gone out the window.

    However, shining through our blinds, a ray of hope, is extended still, by a God who exacts exclusive devotion. One who loves and cares about us all. He is merciful and is willing to accept all those whom despite having departed from his way a chance to return to civility. That invitation is open! The message is sobering, but of profound importance, because the scene of this world is changing and trying to hold on to its promise is futile, but the righteous life brings true honor, rich reward and glory. God said, he would not allow the righteous to be begging for bread, but he would cause a famine to go throughout the land and maybe it would recall some of the people to their senses and they would wake-up to sobriety and recognize the error of their ways. The true prize that we were told to keep our eye on, is a gift, not by men, but from Jehovah God, who knows when we weep and how compromisingly we have been taught to speak. Soon, he will dry up the tears, after he reclaims and delivers his lost sheep. A change is coming! Wake up everybody and with one another, be at peace.

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