Obama Vows To Press On With His “Personal Responsibility” Message

Barack Obama speaking at the 2008 NAACP Convention urged blacks to take more responsibility for improving their lives, despite being criticized by some blacks for speaking out.

“Now, I know there’s some who’ve been saying I’ve been too tough, talking about responsibility,” Obama told the NAACP, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. “I’m here to report, I’m not going to stop talking about it.”

Jesse Jackson and others have criticized Obama for discussing the problem of absent fathers in many black families and urging black men to become more involved in their children’s lives. In his public speeches Obama often talks about his own experience being raised by a white single mother and his grandparents after his black Kenyan father left the family when he was two years old. Obama received a standing ovation from the NAACP crowd for his “personal responsibility” speech.

Some people who visit this blog feel that Obama does not fully appreciate the struggles of the older generation of civil rights leaders such as Jesse Jackson and that is what Jackson so crudely and clumsily was trying to say in his comments caught on the “hot mic.”

What do you think?


2 Responses to “Obama Vows To Press On With His “Personal Responsibility” Message”

  1. bro onelove Says:

    I agree with Obama on this subject it’s time well over due that someone of his standing give such a speech on us black people having to take reponsibility for our families and careless actions.. Black on black violence it’s terrible, painful to see a mother crying her eyes out due the death of her young black son a life just wasted because of petty passion and silly bravado bullshit over nothing,, Jesse needs to understand there is new blood on the block and time has CHANGE these are subjects we need to debate on in public regardless who hears it.

  2. Unfortunately, the division among African-Americans is something that will either casue us to wake-up or be defeated. Now that we have the opportunity to be represented by a man of African descent in the office of President of the United States, many are jockeying for position to be included in the “to the victor goes the spoils game.” If you recall, before the jump to the other side by the older black supporters of Clinton, they felt threatened by a newcomer who broke down the barriers that they were trying to, for decades. Although, they were allowed to meet at the table, but not really having an effective voice, when the Republicans and those oppositional Democrats had thumbed their noses at the Black Caucus for so long, many gave up fighting and decided to just go along and accept the peanuts that were thrown at them. President Clinton had the Black Establishment under control. There are many who benefited from pork and lobby. Even the faith-based initiative under Bush was simply a tool of pacification, while many of the beneficiaries have fleeced their own church communities without using those dollars for their intended purpose. Mr. Jackson was right about his reason for saying that, following Bushes idea is wrong! However, he could have kept his murmerings to himself. Politics are dirty, despite the smiles and frowns that we see and hear about in the media. Nevertheless, if Obama does not come to grips with the pain of the past that has been inflicted on so many, he will miss his true opportunity and its divine purpose. He must not doublespeak, nor flip flop on issues. He also, must act like a real man and stand up for righteousness and not give into the immoral left, because if he claims to be a Christian, then sides with evil, it only shows that he is a hypocrite just like those who preceeded him. He must not disrespect the elderly Black Men of this country regardless! If so, he will be chastised more by his own! It was their fathers and grandfathers who built this nation and slaved away for no wages for 12 generations. So, he would be treading on thin ice if he says anything else to disrepect black men period, regardless if most of us are poor! Many are still denied opportunity and are disenfranchised, Obama earned his stripes, but there are still “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”, while living in sqalid circumstance and are dealing with the pain inflicted upon them by the white ruling class the best they know how; and this is something that none of us can deny. There are many brothers, besides Jesse that know what is best for this country and our people and how to make things better! If Obama does not tap into this vast depository he will be just another pawn and used as a symbolic token with no real power and authority.

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