I Said No: One Woman’s Tale Of Rap And Rape

By Shellie R. Warren

Several years ago, I was raped by an ex-boyfriend. Believe me, I wasn’t always this comfortable in saying it, mostly because what seemed like such a black-and-white issue, for so long, was gray. I mean, I know what I was taught. If I say “no” to someone, under any circumstances, and they continue to force themselves on me, it’s rape. But this guy was someone that I used to have really passionate feelings for, and while we were together, the sex was always consensual. So, it was hard for me to understand how 1) a man who claimed to care for me could force himself upon me and 2) I could be confused about what that force was. This story is a parallel between a physical date rape that I experienced and the audible abuse that I hear in rap music.

Click below to read the entire article: http://live.orato.com/podium/2008/08/14/i-said-no-one-woman-039-s-tale-rap-and-rape

Shellie R. Warren is the author of the book “Inside of Me.” She’s also a regular contributor to Black Men In America.com. A gifted woman wise beyond her years, BMIA.com Founder Gary Johnson describes her in the following way: “Shellie Warren is to writing what Mary J. Blige is to song.”


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