The Royals of Comedy (Dick Gregory and Franklin Ajaye)

By Lawrence “eL-Train” Evans

The district will experience comedic royalty this Friday, September 19th, 2008. Who’s coming you ask? Steve Harvey? D.L. Hughley? Cedric the Entertainer? No…none of the aforementioned, self-proclaimed kings of comedy will be in town. Constitution Hall will be the hosting stage for the ground breaking Dick Gregory, influential Paul Mooney and the witty Franklyn Ajaye. Some may be well aware of who they are while others may not be familiar.

Often referred to as comics of an older generation, many of the younger groups may find themselves at a loss for describing who these gentlemen are. These are comedians who others revere (including Queens and Kings of Comedy). It is upon their backs that the Mo Niques, Damon Wayans’, Sommores, Steve Harveys and Richard Pryors stand. (Did he just say Richard Pryor? YES!) From crossing over, selflessly being a humanitarian or being a principal writer for some of the funniest moments in media history, they have all forded their own individual path and will tell a story (or more) Friday, September 19th.

I had a chance to sit down with two of the three comedians, the legendary Dick Gregory and Franklin Ajaye.

Click here to read our exclusive interview with Dick Gregory and Franklin Ajaye.


2 Responses to “The Royals of Comedy (Dick Gregory and Franklin Ajaye)”

  1. it’s the fly.. bzzzzz..

    lol i just got finished watchin carwash.. i love that movie.

  2. Many people think that Rooney knows nothing at all.
    ” Whatever the name of the section they are just that, funny comics. We showed him the laptop with the videos, he goes browsing the videos as everyone else is doing their own thing when he freaks.

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