The Debates Are Over–Now What?

The presidential debates are over. The debates probably did more for those “undecided” voters. How do both campaigns use what they saw from their candidates to close the deal?

Who do you think won the final debate?


8 Responses to “The Debates Are Over–Now What?”

  1. Don’t think either made much headway. McCain was stronger on the economy then expected and Obama stronger on foreign policy then expected. Fundamental differences were clear. But if you think Obama is going to run circles around McCain think again…he is much sharper then people give him credit for….he’s not Bush

  2. McCain won on:
    Substance, passion, understanding, leadership, experience, reforming spending, and reminded me about what we need now – someone who has results in bringing both sides of the isle together.

    Obama reminded me of Bush the way he polarizes.

    Obama is more like Bush – he does not bring both sides of the isle together.

    This day we need someone who will champion reform in Washington, who will keep us strong overseas, and will move forward on alternative energy (neither impressed me on that last one though. Still talking in generalities)

  3. Well, Ladies and Gentleman
    I was enthusiastic as the day was coming to see this event, however that was greatly toned down as the debate went on. Barack Obama did not do a bad job at all at the debate. John McCain did do what was necessary to shore up the supportive republican base and voters he has already. So where does that leave things with me in my perspective/opinion?

    America today is country of people (mostly white) that do not know what to do in these days and times that the country is going through now. I personally see a bunch of [as I term] chicken littles “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. So what do you do with the white folks like this? This is America a place with a population of people who not know if they want to advance into the future or continue in the past, for fear of taking a chance with Senator Barack Obama as our next President of the United States of America. Kinda goes along with that saying of- “$#!+ or go blind” thing. So people the future is for those to do the intelligent thinking and have Senator Barack Obama (the distinguished gentleman form Illinois) as the next President, or the majority of idiots(as I see them) will stay amassed to go and vote for John Wayne McCain. He and the republican party are doing a good job (as he did in the debate) to shore up that support and vote really good. This means to me that Barack Obama has got to still find a way to get more convincing to more people than he already has in his corner. He has got to do even better than he did in the debate. Come on people, you all know how it is for the black people of this country. If we are high jumping in a track meet for this job of President we have got clear 8′ or better. Barack Obama does not need to convince me and a whole lot of people in this country that he should be our next President. We have a majority of idiots that are going to vote McCain/Palin regardless of how much dumb $#!+ comes out their mouths. So ladies and Gentlemen in my opinion Obama won the debate, but he has to do an even better job for the rest of the election race ahead. I am not trying to be hard on my brother Barack Obama, he plays as a gentleman with great sportsmanship, intelligence and skill, but America wants to see smash mouth football with this. I will say it like this since I am using sports metaphor in my statement here. He has to do as Tiger Woods does for the success of his golfing career. He can do nothing less than bring his “A game” with him for every step of the way before this election day-this year. I believe in the power of prayer and I am personally making prayers for my Brother Barack Obama to be successful and find a way to become our next President of the United States of America. He can do this and we who like and support and will vote for him can do this for him too. Thank you all for listening to me here and allowing my two cents worth. Heaven help us all in this country.

  4. I hope people are getting my point in my statement before this one. I am sorry for mistakes made gramattically in my previous statement. Peace,blessings be with us all my brothers and sisters. Mr. Bromont

  5. Still Struggling Says:

    Let’s be real . We all know who won the debte . “Barrack ” did . I do agree with Mr. Bromont , this will not be an easy race. Barrack must bring his “A game ” everyday. Although this may seem like a real stuff race now the real struggle will be ahead of him when he wins>

  6. Did anyone see the McCain, and Palin rallies today? They both resembled the whipping up of a modern day lynch mob against Obama? It was reported on MSNBC today that in one rally McCain asked who Obama really is…someone in the crowd replied that he is a “terrorist”. In Palin’s rally, after she lied about Obama associating with a terrorist…someone in the crowd yelled “kill him”. McCain and Palin are playing a very dangerous game that could get Barack killed. I believe they know that. I hope they will be held responsible for their irresponsible and reckless smear campaign. I hope the Secret Service is investigating these incidents!

  7. Mr. Bromont Says:

    A good day to all Ladies and Gentleman, who are my brothers and sisters.

    Well, we have made it through round two of the Obama/McCain debates and there was some better hits in my view that Senator Obama brought up that are key things to me. We are now worried, concern and howling or hollering about the economy. Senator Obama brought it up very well how the money spent on this Iraq war could have been here for America, and maybe there would not be the economic crisis the country is in and going through now. Billion dollar spending for a war that never should have been. A second point that was observed and brought up by question from the audience. “Do you think that health care is a commodity?” In my opinion Senator Obama’s response should have been. “Health care is a necessity.” It is a shame that such a rich and powerful nation chose to be a glorified war mongering country. Senator Obama is eloquent and intellectual in these debates and that is all good to me and fine example for positive African American male role model, but can the brother break it down better for the layman people who he is trying to get votes from. This to me can put some comfort to those who might vote for him but are not sure about doing so. I am only a high school educated person and a example of a lot of America. Keep it simple and very clear to a lot of America and Senator Obama may get more support and votes for himself. I am proud of him and what he has done. Style and good sportsmanship along with his leadership qualities are the things I see and like about the distinguished gentleman from Illinois. Bring on round three, as far as I am concerned Senator Obama has won both of these previous rounds. Thank you all for allowing my two cents worth.

  8. Mr. Bromont Says:


    Imagine if you can, you were listening to an old Howard Cosell broadcast of ALI vs FRAISER. You saw style and substance with grace under fire from Senator Obama. This is being posted after the General Colin Powell endorsement.



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