Stay Up-To-Date with The President-Elect


Watch President-Elect Obama’s weekly radio, get the latest transition news and learn about the Obama – Biden administration’s agenda at the official transition web site You can even apply for a job with the Obama administration.


Barack Obama’s television approval ratings are through the roof.

The 60 Minutes television broadcast featuring the president-elect and wife Michelle Obama, yielded 24.5 million viewers according to the Nielsen rating system. CBS said the audience was the newsmagazine’s biggest since January 1999. The show dominated every major demographic group, even kids 12-17. You can watch the 60 Minutes sit down interview with Barack and Michelle Obama from our video library on this blog.


2 Responses to “Stay Up-To-Date with The President-Elect”

  1. Barack Obama and his family are what this country needs right now!

  2. The Obama administration is going to change the world for the better. I have so much confidence in what we can do as a truly United country and world. With so many supporters around the world, change with a new perspective can only be positive. GO OBAMA!! YES WE CAN!! CHANGE IS WHAT WE NEED AND WHAT WE’LL HAVE! PRAY FOR PEACE!

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