Michael Jackson Dead At 50

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is dead.  The sensationally gifted singer and dancer who emerged from childhood stardom to become the entertainment world’s most influential singer and dancer was 50 years old.

The circumstances of his death were not immediately clear.  According to media reports Jackson was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 25, 2009.

In addition to his talent and fame, Jackson had enormous legal and financial troubles.

As the tributes pour I clearly understand Jackson’s iconic status in American popular culture.  He was more than just a singer.  He made monumental business moves that catapulted him to the star the likes of which we will probably never see again in our lifetime.  Michael Jackson was a mega star on numerous fronts.  I get all of that.  What I don’t get are some of the people being shown on television who are not able to function since the news of his death.  People who apparently cannot function and go to work, people camping out all night at the hospital, Neverland Ranch, the Apollo Theater and Michael’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  What does that say about those people?  What does that say about me?  What does that say about Michael Jackson?

On Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on Friday, June 26, 2009, the House of Representatives held a moment of silence for Jackson.  Many people seem to be temporarily paralyzed by Jackson’s death.  It appears that almost every corner of the world has been affected by Jackson’s death.  I guess that speaks to his “reach” and his ability to connect with people.

I am the same age as Michael Jackson. I saw him perform several times as the lead singer of The Jackson 5 and as a solo artist.  He was magic when he performed on stage.  Much will be made of Michael Jackson’s death for years and years to come.  For now people are choosing to pay tribute to a troubled man who grew larger than life.  His controversies have been placed on the back burner as people choose to remember the show-stopping entertainer.  I guess that’s the way it should be (at least for now).

What are your memories of Michael Jackson?  How would you characterize the life of Michael Jackson?

This article was written by G. A. Johnson.

7 Responses to “Michael Jackson Dead At 50”

  1. christina Says:

    Michael Jackson…so much to say about this man. He was a GREAT insperation and I will NEVER forget him, I remember when I first heard Thriller, wow. What a great artist. He was a truly gifted man, and cared for his fans greatly. He was a great father to his 3 kids, and he needed the father of the year award without a doubt. It has yet to hit me that the king is truly dead. My prayers and blessings are to his family, and god bless michael and his kids. May he rest in peace in the hands of God.
    “Long live the King of Pop”

  2. Well im only 15 but i cried my eyes out when i was aware of michaels passing he is an inperation for me he never felt loke people excepted him and i had once felt the same michael is a role modle the best person i could ask for and yet so many people wnt to talk about him and make funny jokes well those who did can go fuck them selfs becaus u will never be as great as michael.

  3. Yasmine Lebbe Says:

    This was written and sent out on…
    Datum: Freitag, 26. Juni 2009, 6:42

    Berlin, Germany

    A Red Rose turned pale, died of a broken heart.
    We will remember the time Michael! Love you!

    A small tribute to Michael Jackson, a Genius, brilliant and unique. A red rose turned pale, died of a broken heart. All he ever wanted was to give love.

    ” and to – Make the world a better place for you and for me….”

    The media simply tore him apart, spat on his life-long battle with a terrible skin cancer, lied all the way. What slander, what injustice. Greater than Obama – Michael Jackson. May G-D bless him and give his soul rest and peace. What a tragedy, what a life! What a man.

    No words can say what the media did to him, but the truth will surface and his phenomena will live on. The first to revolutionise the world in good works with vast sums of private money- started Aid to Africa long before Bono or Bob Geldorf. Changed the face of modern performing arts, wrote biographical lyrics that made people think. He was truly the loneliest, saddest and gentlest man in the limelight that I have experienced in show business . Revolutionized the mind set of millions of people worldwide when it came to vital issues – and probably paved the rise for Black America and Africa out of intellectual bondage. ”

    Under deep hypnotism he told Uri Geller that he had never abused a child in his life, he would never do that, for he loved children too much for that. Wrote his song called “Childhood” as an insight into his misery and suffering. Loved from Brazil to China from Russia to India and throughout all Africa – amazing that all TV Stations have been reporting about him for the past 12 hrs non-stop, esp. BBC and CNN. Non-stop streaming on Germany’s Deluxe TV .

    Doesn’t often happen that public figures move me. Never thought that he would impact the world with his death more than with his life. I had a bright Pink Rose that was given to me by a friend of mine, Petra, on Sunday. This rose turned cream the day before yesterday after it had blossomed. I was surprised by this unusual transfiguration. Yesterday my hand knocked the crystal vase and it broke, some of the rose petals fell to the ground. I told my Rabbi about what had happened, said I was worried about the “Family Member” that had died, wondering who it was. I took it as a sign. Last night I was zapping thru the TV and at 10 GMT tuned into CNN , and during the course of last night it became clear that his skin was portrayed by the rose petals. This morning there was a ladybird on my kitchen floor, first time ever, and I picked it up and laid it on the cream coloured rose. But it got really upset and so I took it in to the palm of my hand and gently let it fly out of the kitchen window.

    Fly to eternal life and freedom in G-d’s Kingdom , Michael.

    Just too speechless for words!! There is a life after death, may he rest in the arms of our Lord Yeshua HaMelech HaMaschiach and be comforted by G-D Our Heavenly Father. May he R I P! Shalom Michael!

    With Love


  4. i think that michael was really misunderstood by people. Media changed his life it was really cruel. He wasn’t happy in this world specially in the last years. i hope now he is happy and in peace in the other world.
    He did many great things for people all over the world, he made us happy and excited by his songs,dances and every move of his body.He was more than a singer.
    Every singers and entertainers on the world admit in their heart that they can’t compete with michael not only in dance but in talent and relation with people.
    Whatever media says is not important because we love michael from the bottom of our heart.
    R.I.P Michael jackson

  5. i love michael jackson as he’s like a family to me… it’s a black day when he died… it’s a great loss… GREATEST PERFORMER EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

  6. I really love Michael Jackson. I miss him so much. I will never forget him. He is always in my heart. R. I. P Michael. Michael you were, are and always be great and KING OF POP for us.

  7. excellent post,but i have some difficulty in understanding the final paragraph, can you please describe a bit further?

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