Michael Is A “Vick-tim”

Michael Vick

By Raynard Jackson

Michael Vick has become the “Vick-tim” of his own choices and at the same time a victim of America’s hypocrisy.

Vick (the Vick-tim) put himself in the position where he had to do time in prison.  He was always made to feel above the law from his days at Virginia Tech.  This led to his arrogance to the point where he felt he did not have to listen to anyone.

But at the same time, Vick has become the victim of our hypocrisy.  Putting aside all legal considerations, I am appalled at how people are outraged that he killed a few dogs.  But these same people don’t lift a voice at all the teenagers who have been killed in Chicago this year alone!

Even those who feel Vick has served his time feel compelled to preface their statements with, “I love dogs or what Vick did was wrong.”  I am tired of everyone trying to be politically correct (PC).

Let me make my point CLEAR, I don’t give a damn about these dogs!  What does this say about our country that we get more upset over dogs than we do over human life?

Roger Goodell has conditionally reinstated Vick to the N.F.L. (with all kinds of stipulations), but it seems like everyone is piling on.  Vick served nearly two years in jail, lost multiple millions of dollars in endorsement deals, and filed for bankruptcy.  How much more should one person have to pay back to society?

Now, juxtapose that with Dante Stallworth, a receiver with the Cleveland Browns.  Earlier this year he pleaded guilty to DUI and second degree manslaughter.  He was sentenced to 30 days in jail (only served 24 because of good behavior), 1,000 hours of community service, 8 years of probation, 2 years of house arrest, and life-time suspension of his driver’s license.  And he killed a human!

There were no protests in the street, no picketing of N.F.L. headquarters, or no boycotting of advertisers.  So, do you honestly think a damn dog is more valuable than a human life?

Stallworth has been indefinitely suspended from football, but probably will be allowed to play after one year if he stays clear of further legal issues.

Again, Vick put himself in the position he is in and has no one to blame but himself.  But, he has become the poster child and a convenient target for America’s hypocrisy.  Even the murder of the couple in Florida who adopted all the handicapped kids, didn’t cause the level of outrage as Vick killing a few dogs.

Vick has suffered enough and deserves a second chance.  Whether you agree with his actions are not, he has paid his debt to society and should not be required to work with the Humane Society or any other group unless he chooses to.  He is doing all these things strictly to get back into football.  Martha Stewart is back on TV (insider trading), Oliver North (lying to Congress about Iran Contra) is back on the radio, and Marv Albert (rape) is back in broadcasting.  You never hear any mention of their crimes anymore.  They have been allowed to get back into their professional fields and make lots of money without the public being constantly reminded of their past transgressions.  I think Vick deserves the same treatment.

My whole point is proportionality and fairness.  Again, legal considerations aside, how do you justify putting Vick through all the BS he is going through over a few dogs?  The justice view is that Vick put himself in this situation; the fairness view is that he is a victim of America’s hypocrisy!

RaynardJackson Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-based political consulting/government affairs firm.   You can listen to his radio show every Saturday evening from 7-9:00 p.m.  Go to www.ustalknetwork.com to register and then click on host, and then click on his photo to join his group.


19 Responses to “Michael Is A “Vick-tim””

  1. Excuse me buddy. Your logic is a bit whack because some of us who feel empathy for dogs somehow deserve condemnation for black children getting killed in Chicago. Ain’t you the intellectual giant!

    Well Michael Vick is a monster. And if the NFL reinstates him, then I’m done with the NFL. The guy who kills dogs is suffering from the *same* moral deficiency as the guy who kills another human. You clearly don’t see the relationship. And *that* is what’s wrong with our society.

    I don’t really expect you to allow this comment to be posted, because it’ll hurt your dainty ego. So go ahead and hide it. I’ll consider it a personal note.

    • Well, u r the ONLY person I have ever seen to equate human life with animal life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a shame u don’t get this upset over human life….

      • Life is life, animals are more innocent than we will ever be, people who torture animals are psychologically unstable, which makes them unsafe, Its not okay because he is an overpaid football player. His legacy will be animal torturer/murderer. Facebook and animal lovers will ensure that.

  2. Your response definitely needs to be posted. It clearly indicates the depth of your igorance. We all love dogs, but there is no comparison when it comes to a human life and dogs’ life–unless you are a dog!

    It is your kind that brought dog fighting to America not Michael Vick.

    Much like your Sgt. Crowley, Michael Vick’s act was stupid!

    Your response definitely proves “That it is best to be thought a fool then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

  3. He was always made to feel above the law from his days at Virginia Tech. This led to his arrogance to the point where he felt he did not have to listen to anyone.

    Insert Harvard where it says Virginia Tech and guess who comes to mind?

    :Let me make my point CLEAR, I don’t give a damn about these dogs! What does this say about our country that we get more upset over dogs than we do over human life?

    What does this say about your country (I’m Canadian) that you get more upset over the arrest of a Harvard professor on disorderly conduct charges than you do over the loss of human life?

    :Again, Vick put himself in the position he is in and has no one to blame but himself. But, he has become the poster child and a convenient target for America’s hypocrisy. Even the murder of the couple in Florida who adopted all the handicapped kids, didn’t cause the level of outrage as Vick killing a few dogs.

    Again, Henry Louis Gates largely put himself in the position he is in and has few to blame but himself. . . Even the murder of the couple in Florida who adopted all the handicapped kids, didn’t cause the level of outrage as Gates’ arrest on disorderly conduct charges.

  4. Raynard:

    It is about integrity. I agree enough with the Dogs already when people suffer in a recession. But enough of the young people throwing away their lives on corruption and expecting an entitled “second chance”. Everyone doesn’t get the chance Michael Vick got and I have seen little contrition. He is a poster child for everything that is wrong with America and Professional Sports.

  5. Raynard:

    The cruelty and indifference means that he will be working on humans next if not reformed the pschological profile of those indifferent to animal cruelty means they feel little looking on while humans blood is spilled. That is the character issue and consider. Not everyone gets a second chance to throw away what is holy to dogs.

  6. Mike Whitaker Says:

    Dontae Stallworth made a terrible, tragic mistake. He used extremely poor judgement but what he did happened in an instant, was not intentional nor premeditated. Socialized people can care for both human life and animal life. You dont have choose either or. They are also able to examine the intent and nature of the deeds.
    The nature of what Vick did intentionally did for many years was cruel, inhumane, torturous, anti-social behavior against defenseless victims. His was not a one time mistake. Regardless of your personal opinion of dogs, what he did touched a deep nerve with millions of people.
    Although he paid his legal debt to society, that does not preclude him from being scorned by the public. He doesn’t have a constitutional right to be liked. He’s been given his second chance in the league. He will earn millions of dollars. He’s hardly a victim. Had he not been given that second chance, then he’d be a cause worthy of your time and effort. He’s been treatly fairly and justly by those who determine his fate, namely the courts and the NFL.
    Whether what he did to the dogs bothers you personally or not, it was the hiddeous nature of Vick’s crime that has caused many people to hate him, not the color of his skin.
    He’s been black a long time and he didnt have people, excuse the term, doggin him like this until he got his kicks by electrocuting, hanging, and drowning man’s best friend.
    There are therapy dogs trained to bring joy to sick children in hospitals, guide dogs that are the eyes for blind people walk, they give the lonely and elderly company and friendship. They are loving part of millions of families. If you were blind would you dismiss the torture of them as “just killing a few dogs”.
    I’m sure you have better causes to further and write about than some people waiving mean old signs at a millionaire football player. You know, like those kids you mentioned getting killed in Chicago. Rally around them, they need your voice and concern, not a backup QB that doesn’t give a damn about them or you.

  7. Shame on YOU.

  8. the man should get another chance , he paid for what he did a million times over ,if he had taken a mans life he wouldn’t have went to jail at all.

    • Are you dumb? He can never pay for what he has done, unless we can hang him from a tree and electrocute and then kill him. People that torture animals are sick in the head and need to be in a mental institution. Or maybe you would like him to babysit your kids.

  9. Alyssia Says:

    Organized Dog Fighting like Slavery: specifically the African Slave Trade was a force of mentality it was planned, written into law and concluded with the cotton gin. We were thought of like Pitt bulls. Trapped Tortured and beaten down – told work mate and kill each other.
    People Like Michael Vick ( the wealthy and the poor man ) have no value for living beings: dogs too are alive breed are born and die and HURT, bleed like human beings. How easy is it for him to say I am sorry ( after getting caught!!) Dogs are d-o-m-e-s-t-i-c that is why WE ( humans care for them ) Dogs are domesticated and do not wake up each day to say to their human companions “Gee can I be in a dog fight oh that is OK if I die you can get another one”. People who participate in dog fighting have little value for living beings that are helpless including children ( who are ALSO at the mercy of adults and participate in dog fighting events. ) Studies have proven that once children are inculcated into the world of organized dog fighting their perspective about violence, the law, community and how to be compassionate toward and show tolerance to other living things changes – for the worst. Today Dog fighting tomorrow what? End dog fighting now and stop people like Vick from benefiting and given the opportunity to say I am sorry on a BET Television show!

  10. A life is a life. If you think human life is somehow more valuable than the life of an innocent, you’re so fundamentally flawed as a human being that there is no redemption for you. I hope, hope, hope that hell is as Dante envisioned it in _The Inferno_ because if it is, Vick will be electrocuted, hanged, drowned, and generally tortured for eternity. Those of you who think what he did was okay? You get to be placed right outside of the gates of hell with the other do-nothings, condemned to pursue a banner (representing) self-interest for eternity while being stung by hornets and wasps and having your blood drunk by maggots.

  11. Raynard, stop wasting your career writing about a torturer/ murderer. He is scum and always will be. Murder is murder no matter what kind of creature. A dog is always a dog, but humans are not always human. Anyone that can torture animals the way he did has to be mentally unstable. He made plenty of money, why the need to fight and torture innocent animals. Money, I don’t think so.

  12. You seem to have an unhealthy fascination with Vick. “Man”? Funny, he sounded like a whiny baby last week when his hand got “bruised”. Too bad he wasn’t wrapped in foil and tripped into a puddle with the nice car battery in the middle of it…Now THAT would have been entertainment.

  13. I got to say, our country has come down to money, the more you have, the more you’re right. I love people, and I love dogs ! If anyone was to hurt my kids or grandkids, watchout ! But because dogs don’t have the luxury of having a gun permit, or pretty much any rights in our country, it’s up to the human’s with compassion, a brain, and heart, to watch over them, to make sure they all live a SAFE, and in a loving forever home ! Since it was humans who made them our companion pets to begin with ! Dog-fighting, and bull-baiting has never been legal in the United States, for those who seem to think it was (us) who brought it into our country ! It became illegal in England in 1935 ! To think a person who has it all, all the money in the world, but still gets off on the torture and killing of dogs, is a pure sickness. And you watch, only time will you regret this monster was ever let out ! No one in their right mind can participate in this kind of cruelty, it takes a pretty messed up individual. After personally meeting one of the lucky survivor dogs from that monsters dog-fighting killing field, you can see the sadness still in the eyes. Knowing the horrors this dog saw, and went thru, are really disturbing to think that people just don’t get it ! Knowing that scientists have proven that canines share emotions in their brain chemistry, the same as humans ! PAIN, SADNESS, HAPPINESS ! Knowing this dog now is in a forever, loving, caring home, with other canine friends, and cats, is the best thing a dog could ever want, or deserve ! As they all do ! Why don’t you idiot’s just fight yourselves for money, and then just kill the loser human ? You think we’d miss you, the human’s with a heart, a real heart ? Why don’t you read the book, The Lost Dogs… ? I will continue my fight for all dogs rights, and people, we’re multiplying by the tens of thousands, everyday !!!!!

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