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UAO Winner of the 2009 MIDI Award for Community Programming Series

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Wayne Hubbard

Mid American Cable Telecommunications Association (MCTA) honors Urban American Outdoors (UAO) as the winner of the 2009 MIDI Award for Community Programming Series, for their presentation of “Buffalo Soldier Tribute.” UAO will receive the coveted First place awarded for excellence in programming at the annual meeting September 23, 2009 in Metropolitan Kansas City.UAO’s winning show “Buffalo Soldier Tribute” honored the many contributions African American “Buffalo” Soldiers made while in the US army. Wayne Hubbard host and producer (pictured above) stated, “It is always great to be recognized for the work we do but it is even more special to have been able to tell such a great historical story about brave people who defended our nation and have direct ties to Ft Leavenworth.”
Kansas City based Urban American Outdoors (UAO) produced by Urban American Productions is a television program created by businessman Wayne Hubbard and Candice Price. Aired weekly on Time Warner Cable’s Metro Sports, UAO is a reality sports adventure depicting the outdoor sporting lifestyle from an African American perspective. Urban American Outdoors also enjoys both a national and international audience since its 2008 debut in Europe. The show has mass crossover appeal reaching the traditional outdoors market and the under served communities. The award winning show not only shares the enjoyment of being outdoors, it also educates and entertains.
For more information call 913-334-5177 or e-mail UAO at  You can also visit their web site at

Michael Vick: Right Owner, Right Coach, Right Team, WRONG CITY!

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PhiladelphiaEaglesLogoVick Reinstated Football

By Harold Bell

August 19, 2009

Football players and real sports fans across America are wondering why would Michael Vick chose the worst sports city in America to try to re-start his NFL career.

Philadelphia is called “The City of Brotherly Love.” It is anything but a city that loves brothers!

Racial profiling among the city’s police department is on par with the LAPD and NYPD and the Prince George’ County Police Department in the state of Maryland.

Michael Vick’s first appearance in a home game in a Philadelphia Eagle football uniform will set American sports back 52 years.  Remember 1947 and Jackie Robinson?

Don’t be surprised to see a black dog instead of a black cat released on the field of play.  The number ONE played song on radio in cities that the Eagles visit will be “Who Let The Dogs Out.”

Vick and his family will need an armed escort to and from games.  The best advice his legal team could give him would be:  “Tell your family and friends to stay home and watch the games on television.”

Vick’s #7 jersey was the biggest seller in the NFL before his dog conviction.  It has sold out in Philly but don’t be surprised to see his jersey being used to start “Barn Fires” at Eagle pep rallies and tailgate parties.  Racial tensions will run high in the city during the season.

When the “Race Card in America,” is played it is clear that there are no ‘Good Sports.’

When a man serves 18 months in jail for making a “stupid” mistake and lost $113 million dollars in salary and says ‘I am sorry’ who are we to say in America You don’t deserve a second chance?” How many times must Michael Vick say I am sorry?”

Baltimore Raven LB Ray Lewis got away with murder in Atlanta and WR Donté Stallworth of the Cleveland Browns was suspended indefinitely by the NFL in June 2009 after pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter charges.  Stallworth has been subsequently suspended for the 2009 season without pay.

Brendan Haywood of the NBA’s Washington Wizard’s said it best.  “When is a dog’s life worth more than a human life?”

The reason Michael Vick chose the Eagle was, the owner wanted him, the coach wanted and last but not least, the first string quarterback Donovan McNabb wanted him.

The city is another story.  Philadelphia sports fans are known nationally to be the worst in America.  Their sports history speaks for itself.  Ask the guy who played Santa Claus.  While he was being parachuted into the stadium, his arrival was met with a barraged of snowballs from every corner of the stadium.

How can Washington Redskins fans ever forget that their NFL Hall of Fame mascot Chief Zee was almost killed when he was attacked after a game in Philly in 1983?  He has not been back since and refuses to even fly over the city. Zee said, “I would not put it pass them to shoot planes down.”

It has been proven that most Philadelphia sports fans are not as smart as a “fifth grader.”

Philadelphia is the worst among major cities in America when it comes to college educated adults, less then 21% are college graduates.

They are definitely not playing with a full deck.

The Eagles were the first team in professional sports in America to have an on-site jail for rowdy and drunken fans.

Despite the first black President in the history of the country, race relations are in a sad state.  Before Barack Obama, U. S. Presidents usually received on average of 3,000 death threats a month.  Obama receives 12,000 threats monthly.  In Philadelphia there is a possibility that Vick death threats might just surpass the President’s.

The Southern Poverty Law Center which has a long history of waging legal battles on behalf of civil rights warned, “There is a rise of violent and well armed White Militias.  They are driven by the recession and hatred of Obama.”

The center concluded, “There are at least 50 new militia groups in the nation over the past two years.  They are mostly located in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and the deep south.”

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) added, “You are seeing the bubbling right now.  You are seeing people buying into what they’re saying.  It’s primed to grow.”

In the meantime, CBS News carried a lengthy report on the groups last week which concluded, “The right-wing extremists, historically motivated by a distrust of government, are now especially angry about the election of America’s first African-American President.”

Last week during one of those public forums on Health Care, a woman yelled “We must take back America.” My question, “Take it back from whom?”

Dog fighting in America is American as Apple PieMichael Vick didn’t bring dog fighting to America.  It was here when his ancestors got off the ship.  It is still a thriving business today.

Thanks to the overkill in media and its double standards, the Vick conviction opened up “Pandora’s box.”

I was watching the popular “America’s Got Talent” show on NBC television last week.  The show is one of my favorites.  The show has moved into the semi-final round.

The winner will receive one million dollars and will headline a show in Las Vegas.  What happened next really confirmed my fears that Vick is in real trouble in Philly.

The host is Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey’s husband), Judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.

A national television audience voted the first four contestants into the semi-finals.  The last two contestants for this segment was a man and dog act against a talented brother that sang and played a mean piano.  Their fate would lie in the hands of the judges instead of the national television audience.

The man and dog’s performance was mainly the dog running through the owner’s legs chasing Frisbees.  The dog missed 7 out of 10 Frisbees thanks to his trainer.  He tossed the Frisbee as if he was drunk.  The brother’s performance was flawless.

Sharon Osbourne was asked to vote first, but she claimed she was in such a dilemma.  She begged David Hasselhoff to vote first instead and he voted for the man and dog act.

Piers Morgan could not believe his ears and he said, “If this man does not win this competition the show is a joke.” He voted for the brother and Sharon voted for the dog.  Piers sat in stunned silence and disbelief.  This was a sign of the times and a warning to Vick to watch his back in Philly.  It is definitely dogs over black men.

This whole issue of White America and dogs cannot be laid at the feet of all white folks.  There are some blacks in America that are just as dangerous.

In media there are Juan Williams, Roland Martin, Armstrong Williams, Tavis Smiley, James Brown, Eugene Robinson and the NABJ (The National Association of Black Journalist).

In the case of Michael Vick, these brothers and sisters are sounding more like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan and last but definitely least “Mr. Pitiful” himself, Michael Steele.  He is Chairman of the Republican Party (Designated go-fer).

For example; there was an e-mail exchange between Jamie Zalac who is the media liaison for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Barbara Ciara, a black television reporter on WTKR News Channel TV3 in Norfolk Virginia.  Ms. Ciara carries the titles, President of the National Association of Black Journalist and Vice-President of Unity Journalist of Color.

In the exchange Ms. Zalac thanks Ms. Ciara for contacting her about the despicable acts of Michael Vick as it relates to dogs in America and asking for a statement from the group.

Ms. Zalac tells her new friend that PETA and millions of decent football fans around the world are disappointed that the Philadelphia Eagles chose to sign a man who hung dogs from a tree!  I wonder who took the world wide poll, Rush Limbaugh?

Where were Ms. Zalac and PETA and her parents when black men and women were being hung from trees all over America from one decade to another?  Where was she when law-enforcement blew up a whole city block in Philadelphia killing innocent women and children while looking for a cop killer?  Where was she when the city bulldozed an entire city block to destroy any evidence to hide this despicable act?

Where was she when white cops in New York City were frequently using black men as target practice?  Where were Ms. Zalac and Ms. Ciara when a young black man named Ronnie White was denied his right to a judge and jury here in Prince George’s County, Maryland last year?  He was accused in the hit and run death of a police officer.  He was found in his jail cell dead of a broken neck.  No one has been brought to justice and the cover-up continues.

This hideous act took place in the shadows of the Nation’s Capitol and PETA Headquarters in downtown Washington, DC.  There was no outcry from PETA or the NABJ!

Then there is the cheerleading e-mail from Bob Butler a reporter at KCBS Radio in San Francisco.  His credentials read, Vice-President of Broadcast for the NABJ, President, Bay Area Black Journalist.

Mr. Butler’s e-mail read “You go Barbara.” I had to go back track and double check the e-mails to make sure I had not missed any earth shattering developments that Ms. Ciara had uncovered, like a formula for preventing teenage pregnancy among black girls in our community or breaking news of the first black owner of a NFL team!  No such luck.

Mr. Butler thought congratulations were in order because on Aug 13, 2009, at 7:42 PM, Ciara, Barbara wrote:

NABJ Family,

“At this hour, PETA (homebased in Norfolk) has not issued a statement regarding the signing of Michael Vick. However, I would like to note that I along with NABJ member Jummy Olabanji broke the story of Vick’s contract with Philly at 7:25 on WTKR Newchannel 3 a full hour and five minutes before anyone else.  We got it first– and we got it right.”

Ms. Ciara, I will be sure to nominate you and your station for the next Emmy Award.

You really must have some slow news days in Norfolk.  When I was an on air personality I broke community and sports stories days before the Washington Post.  It got so bad George Solomon the sports editor assigned his reporters to tune into my show “Inside Sports” for breaking news.

This dog charade took a turn for the worst when CBS Sports and NFL Host James Brown sat down last Sunday with Michael Vick on “60 Minutes.” If you missed the Vick interview with James Brown you can watch it here.

Last Sunday was also a bad day for Tiger Woods and Michael Vick fans on CBS (I am sure the ratings went through the roof).

For the first time in his professional golf career Tiger Woods lost a tournament going into the final round leading the field.  The number one golfer in the world lost to Y. E. Yang ranked 155.

Since the death of Ed Bradley60 Minutes” has yet to find another black man capable of filling the void left by Bradley.  He was in my opinion “The Black Walter Cronkite” of television news.

Ed, like Mr. Cronkite had an air of honesty and integrity, something rarely found in the news media today.  You could carry what they said to the bank.

James Brown was like a bump on a log during his one-on-one interview with Michael Vick. He sat there like he had no idea what it was like to be black in America.  The whole interview was well rehearsed.  Former NFL coach Tony Dungy, who was assigned by the league to be Vick’s mentor was the only believable voice during that entire segment.

The “race card” never came up during the entire interview.  It was like it never existed.  It was obvious they were told not to mention race as being a factor for all the hate being shown toward this young man.

What was the purpose of showing Vicks’s legal team (Billy Martin, et al) without them uttering one word?

The bottom line is this: Instead of Michael Vick being a spokesperson for PETA he should be going around visiting schools, playgrounds and youth facilities in our cities talking to black youth.

We have issues to deal with such as black-on-black murder and a high drop out rate.  Over half of minority students in America are dropping out of school.  The youth facilities and prisons are busting at the seams with minorities.  Black youth are “fouling out” of the game of life at record rates.

Here’s my advice to Michael Vick.  Save a child’s life and let PETA and the National Association of Black Journalist save the dogs.

Harold Bell Harold Bell is the Godfather of Sports Talk radio and television. Throughout the mid-sixties, seventies and eighties, Harold embarked upon a relatively new medium–sports talk radio with classic interviews with athletes and sports celebrities.  The show and format became wildly popular and the rest as they say is history.

Can I Burn A Copy Of Your DVD?

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(Or, How The ” I Got The Hook-up Mentality” Is Killing Black Independent Filmmakers)


By Janks Morton

August 19, 2009

This evening I finally decided to set aside an evening to blog.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy expressing myself through this venue; it’s just this one little obstacle I have to get over every time I sit down to hunt and peck at the keyboard (yep, never took a typing class)–I HATE WRITING! No exceptions, no quorums, lots of complaints, but at this stage in life, I’ve come to accept it as  just one of those things.

Over the past couple of years my posts have devolved from social, artistic and political commentary, to a “cut, copy and paste” of interesting articles followed by some pretty weak one line zingers. And good lord help me since I’ve discovered re-tweeting on twitter.  My seldom written and overreaching diatribes have been pretty much non-existent.  Not to say I haven’t been busy shooting off at the mouth in pretty much any forum that would have me, but enough of the rambling and on to the story…

So this past weekend I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine some of you may know. Lamar Tyler of is also an up and coming filmmaker and between his website and the film, is becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Check out a sample of his work.

(I’m going to have to really keep my eye on him, his movie “Happily Ever After “just passed my film on  My competitive streak is kicking in and I will win!) Well Saturday morning, early in the conversation, he proudly announced on the phone, “Man, we just passed 10,000 fans on our Facebook fan page today!” Point for celebration correct? Maybe.  In a very cynical tone my follow-up question to this moment of reserved jubilee  was. “So how’s the DVD sales going?’  After a downturn of his emotions and a slight pause, Lamar said “…..well” at this juncture…” I interjected and saved him from having to express his frustrations and finished his sentence with “Yeah, you know how we do…”And therein lies the premise of this blog and the ongoing saga of the trials and tribulations of independent filmmaking.

The back story and underlying support for this blazing generalization of “you know how we do” are two fold, and while I have a lifetime of experience and perceptions to assert this negative stereotype, I will reference two recent incidents to make my point.

Incident #1:  After a stirring and heart-felt presentation at a very large mega church in Prince George’s County Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC), a fine and upstanding member of the highly visible law enforcement division, walks up to me with the following statement. “Brother (I immediately begin to wonder if I paid those 4 parking tickets), I just wanted to say that your documentary and presentation is one of the most important messages I have ever seen, and the DVD would be a valuable resource for the young men we work with.”  (Whew!) The officer continued and asked:  “Would you mind if I burned a couple of copies for some of my team members so they can use them at their respective facilities?” Hopefully you can hear the sound of tires screeching in my head, or that scratching noise old record needles use to make.  And while the proper english, and professional demeanor of this gentleman was impressive, the logic seemed to escape me.

Fortunately I no longer swear in public because in my mind something along the lines of “Motherf%#@, don’t yawl arrest people for that stuff ?” (Feel free to insert your curse word of preference anywhere in the previous sentence).  Considering we were in church and he was carrying a firearm, I simply replied:  “C’mon brother, I ain’t got Sony pictures behind me, it’s just me, so can you….”  As I was speaking I could see the look of, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” coming across his face as to have an epiphany and close the conversation with “Oh dag, my bad.”

Incident #2:  This past weekend at another church another heart-felt, passionate member began to speak.  This was right after I was trying to compose myself.  (My session on the topic of  forgiveness almost always brings me to tears.) Now I just delivered an inspiring message to about 100 members and had one of the best home cooked sausage eggs and home fry deals I’ve had since I’ve been on tour.  I don’t want to give a “purchase product” lecture after just had a free meal, a free movie screening and a free sermon. During the Q&A segment, a brother stands up in front of everyone and says:  “Brother, I love what you have put together here.  I got this (so and so)  hook up in Chicago, with these brothers that are doing (such and such).  Can I burn a copy of this to send to them to help you out?

I stopped and looked out into the audience.  The audience members looked at me.  I grinned, tilted my head with a “deer stuck in the headlights look,” and replied “Are you kidding me?” Once again, good fortune prevailed.  The audience was amused, and the gentleman made sure to come after the program and apologize profusely about his error, and of course I replied, “It’s cool, you know how we do…”

So back to my conversation with Lamar. Several days prior I realized that between all the YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook and other web outlets, I have over 500,000 views of my videos, and God only knows how many hits to the BlackPlanet, Washington Post, CNN and all that other stuff out there. “Man if I could just get 10% of these fans to buy the DVD I would be straight!” stresses Lamar. My final reply was “Man, if I just had one dollar from just the views on the PSA it would be over.  I would be set.”

“But you know cuz, it’s just the way it is. you know how we do…” I continued. Black people, you gotta love ‘em, but we missed the memo that seems to be circulating amongst a lot of other groups throughout this country. I hate to play the whole slavery card, and the subsequent socialization process of making something out of nothing, however on the topic of the intrinsic value of supportive commercewe seem to miss connecting all the dots. “I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about this for a very long time but it’s such a touchy subject and a very fine line to walk, I think it could tick more people off than inspire” was how I finished the conversation with Lamar.

So at this juncture I’ll do what it is I always do, provide a couple of case studies for your amusment. Exhibit A.  that dog gone Jeff Foxworthy (or the Caucasian version of the chittlin circuit). This dude basically drops these series of stand up comdeianic self deprecating, culture denigrating narratives, that are so uniquely, well, redneck, I have difficulty following the humor most times.  It took me two whole days to catch this joke about matching salad bowls and cool whip containers, but I digress. My point, self-described rednecks ate that stuff up, and the intrinsic value of supportive commerce we began to kick in. In other words, they began to support their own through purchases, word of mouth and other mechanisms. The other examples I would defer to would be Van Halen, Master P, and MC Hammer, but want to use them as a point of differentiation because they are musical entertainment (one of the few durable goods you’re allowed to consume, entirely, prior to purchase).  Point being, that these acts probably were supported by as little as 20,000 followers at the time of their “big record deals” and commanded high percentages and millions at the table.

I’ll closed out with my other, not so favorite Tyler (Perry), and how long he was on the scene as a playwright in the church circuit before he got any type of nod from Lionsgate. Both Lamar and I use a documentary style format to advance socio-political-spiritual ideologues, i.e. restoration of black families, or positive images of healthy black marriages, and while it may not be as dramatic as say, a grown man in a dress going to another family reunion, with the latest gospel track kicking at the climax, our works are actually capturing the heart, mind and souls of what is happening today in our community, and hopefully, about a 100 years from now, these films can truly be looked upon as documenting what the deal really was from our own lenses.

So what’s all the fuss about? What’s to stop us from continuing along our respective paths?

Let me give you insight to the world many of independent filmmakers live. Tim Alexander, Eric McKay, Andrea Wiley and a whole slew of “up and comers” are doing some things absolutely groundbreaking, totally unheard of, and by Hollywood’s standards, a little bit crazy.

What we do is pay for our own stuff. No backers, no financing, no grants, no foundations, just us. I think the challenge is making the general public understand what goes on behind the scenes to take on these efforts. The blood,the sweat and the tears I have seen most of us go through in order to deliver a quality product to market. I’ve seen 2nd mortgages, foreclosures, pawning of cameras, bankruptcies, and a slew of financial worries, to make most thankful for their 9 to 5’s. Hell I’ve even had to start plucking more gray hairs monthly because of these endeavors. And please let us NOT begin the narrative of early morning chest pains that jump up until that first cup of coffee.

My point, you may ask again? You gotta love my people to do what we do. We all have always heard the clarion call of support our own. From the Black Buying Boycott day (still ticked at whoever came up with that idea, zero units sold for 2 days on AMAZON) to the Black Shopping Network, to the “I’m down for supporting Black products, Brother (fist raised) ” I meet no matter what city I’m in. The challenge is that more often than not, our attitudes just don’t seem to translate into actions when it comes to specific independent efforts outside of music. I know probably one of the greatest spoken word poets ever in Taalam Acey.

If talent equated to compensation for your efforts, this man would make Donald Trump look poor. Gary Johnson, of and author of book 25 Things That Really Matter In Life,” an inspiring book, should be part of your daily read for like a year. And finally Lamar Tyler with his 10,000 fans on FaceBook. What do we all have in common? All struggling to keep the electricity on, thinking about disconnecting the phone lines because of that HELOC loan that slipped behind, or dang, “If I could just manage to get 20 of the 100 people at this event to understand if they loved this so much, and you want to see more of it, you kind of have to buy something to support it.”

I know this is touchy with us, and I KNOW HOW WE DO, with that being said, I wanted to give anyone out their some direction around this whole deal; in the Jerry McGuire diatribe of “help me, help you”. This is a tough line to walk, I don’t want to instill guilt to manipulate. I don’t want to appear to be grumpy and definitely don’t want to seem like we’re begging. With that being said, here’s a stab at a specific course of action that will ensure that this art form doesn’t turn into, well, MC HAMMER, here today, gone tomorrow, and back in 20 years.

In bullet points, and summary:

  1. While you may see us on CNN, CSPAN or any MSN outlet, I have never met an independent (non-major studio associated) artist who is just out right looted.
  2. Most of us out here are self-financed in debt up to our necks and struggling to continue to advance this medium.
  3. We love what we do, and if everything was right with the world we would do it for free.
  4. We all are probably as guilty as the next guy of the “hook a brother up mentality,” by lifting free cable, downloading from Napster, or coping a bootleg at the barbershop. (Now I’m feeling guilty ~ sorry all of you 80’s stars like D-Train)
  5. I know right is right and wrong is wrong, and this instance, we need a “do the right thing mentality”. To sustain the lifeline of an emerging and necessary outlet, help us break the stranglehold that studios, networks and MSM have about the necks of the black community, this includes you Blacks Embarrassing Themselves.
  6. Please support your local independent filmmakers by more than kind words on a twitter entry. While we love and appreciate the encouragement, really hook a brother up, BUY the dag gone movie. And if you’re feeling super generous, send a dollar! Really it’s a simple best bit of encouragement we can get.
  7. And instead of burning a copy for your boys, please insists that your friends get their own.
  8. And if you really want to help us out, send out one of those emails that says “if you don’t forward this to all of your email friends, you’ll have seven years bad luck, and your dog is going to get measles.

Thanks, we love you, and truly appreciate the hook-up.


About the Author: Janks Morton is an award winning and critically acclaimed filmmaker responsible for bringing us “What Black Men Think,” and Men II Boys, two of the most talked about documentaries of the past two decades.

Letter From “Uncle Charlie” Wilson About Prostate Cancer

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By Charlie Wilson

August 15, 2009

This is Charlie, Last Name Wilson and I’m reaching out to our community about prostate cancer.  September is Prostate Cancer Month and a perfect time for me to share some much needed information about this disease.

During a regular checkup last year, at the insistence of my wife, I was encouraged to take a PSA test.  Much to my surprise, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Because it was an early diagnosis, I was able to research various treatments and select the one that was right for me.  Brachytherapy was the treatment we chose.  Today, I am cancer free.

During my research on the disease, I learned that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and that 1 in 3 African American men will be diagnosed.  These numbers were astounding to me.  That’s why I have joined with the Prostate Cancer Foundation to educate the African American community on how important it is that our men get annual physical exams.

Prostate cancer is not just a man’s disease, it’s a disease that effects our entire family.  That’s why it is equally important for me to reach out to the women in our community.  I’m asking the ladies to please take control and persuade your husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers and

significant others to get yearly checkups which include a PSA test.  My wife took control.  Her insistence paid off and helped save my life.  I encourage all women in the African American community to do the same.

Enclosed are some “Tips for Prostate Cancer Awareness” that I have compiled, together with the Prostate Cancer Foundation.”  I want my brothers to live long, meaningful and healthy lives.

For more information please visit my website, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation at

Your attention to this important health issue is appreciated.


Charlie Wilson


Charlie Wilson’s Tips for Prostate Cancer Awareness

Understand prostate cancer and talk about it; share what you know with friends and family.

Know your family history and share it with your relatives, sons and grandsons.

Create a family health history document to share at family reunions and holiday celebrations.

Eat a diet low in fat, carbohydrates and processed sugars.

Do not char meats.  Charring creates carcinogens that collect in the prostate and interfere with DNA repair.  Marinate and flip meats on the grill frequently to minimize charring.  Better yet, try stir-frying meats.

Exercise regularly.

Take control of your health and get regular checkups.  Talk to your doctor about a baseline screening (PSA and DRE) when you are 40; develop a schedule of subsequent screenings based on your medical history.

If you don’t have insurance, do your research to learn about free clinics in your community.

Visit for more information or

CW Hats

You can also order “Uncle Charlie” Fedora Hats featuring Charlie’s initials “CW” on the right side and a dazzling pattern on the left-all made up of brilliant, shimmering silver gems. Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes. Grab one for every outfit! A portion of the proceeds benefit the Prostate Cancer FoundationClick here to go to Uncle Charlie’s store.

The Health Debate: Democrats Will Lose in 2010 Without Public Option

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By Brandon Whitney

There are senators, and blue dogs, who are under the false impression that they won in the last two elections. They didn’t. In 2006 a failure to successfully run the government and a flock of chickens coming home to roost, such as Iraq, immigrant bashing, etc. lead to the Republicans losing, Democrats just happened to be the candidates running against them. In 2008, the Dems rode the Obama wave into office. The only thing that can truly lead to a Democratic majority of any significant amount of time is the passing of a health care bill that insures all Americans without catering to parasitic health care companies.

Blue dogs are dumb. I don’t say that to be shocking, and I know it makes me seem a bit less classy to put it in those terms, but they are being extremely dense. Many of them are from conservative districts and receive funding from insurance companies. That being the case they feel that they have to cave to the demands of these two demographics in order to be reelected. What they don’t realize is that they putting the nails in their own political coffins. Conservatives are not going to vote for them no matter what they do as long as they have a “D” next to their name. Progressives might vote for them if they have no alternative, but disappointment will repress their votes. All the blue dogs are doing is putting themselves at a further disadvantage.

Finally, Obama is being a little too much like Abraham Lincoln. Old Abe compromised a lot. And while he was probably one of our greatest presidents, he made some mistakes in attempting to be too conciliatory. Obama has to be more aggressive against members of his own party who are attempting to thwart the will of the people. By this I mean he needs to threaten them with political sanctions and let them know he will campaign against them in primaries. He also needs to highlight how extreme the Right is in this battle and his refusal to bow to the will of the corporate elite. Otherwise we will not get health care and if the Dems can’t get it done when they have a majority in two branches of government, why should we vote for them.

brandon-head Brandon Whitney is the creator of a blog that focuses on issues that affect the African American community. He is also a frequent guest on News and Notes’ Blogger Roundtable. Brandon has political experience as an Outreach Director for the Democratic Party and is passionate about being a positive force in his community regarding African American issues.  He is also a frequent guest on News and Notes’ Blogger Roundtable. You can read more of Brandon’s work at Homeland Colors.


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From the producer of the award winning documentary “What Black Men Think” and “Men II Boys ,” comes the next installment in the ground breaking series. “Reconciliation” will be a series of free online webisodes demonstrating the ability of two parents to finally make the correct sacrifices for the benefit of their children in order to bring closure, redemption and reclamation to a generation scourged by the division in the modern era Black family.

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