Sarah Palin: Beyond The Pale

Black folks are needed on both sides of the aisle in a predominately two-party system. Those in the Republican ranks need to mobilize against the Sarah Palin coronation before it’s too late. Cynical strategists feel she demonstrates that any White person regardless of denseness equals the current president. Racial overtones are readily apparent and would be funny were stakes not so high. Her brand of vapid conservatism, complete with crib notes on her palms, should frighten any Republican who’s ever argued America is a meritocracy. If this is the best the Far Right can offer, let’s disband the GOP and begin anew. How does Caucasian Conservative Party sound? Perhaps everyone else can join a Rainbow Republican Party? Black Republicans had better find their lost voices. Even the handful of party faithful among us hasn’t joined Palin’s parade. Her involvement with the recent Tea Party convention alone should spur immediate action, from chairman Steele forward. This august assemblage even applauded reinstating literacy tests!?!

She’s the last gasp of a mindset that cannot accept even a symbolic loss to Black people. The Obama election wasn’t a wild  ” Black Power ” revolt from a bad 60s B-movie. It proved the majority population will vote outside race when necessary. The Bush recession made Obama’s color secondary to promised economic relief. Governor Palin is an ethnic escapist dream where simple rural girls best slick urban intellectuals. The fact presiding over a convenience store seems beyond her is lost in transmission. This strategy all but assures the Republican Party being America’s ” non-Black ” party. That’s their right but it hands a large portion of the country over to Democrats with a bright blue bow atop it.

Smaller government. Lower taxes. Individual rights. Music to my ears. Striking up the band to play ” Hail To The Chief ” honoring a possible Sarah Palin White House victory is simply beyond the pale.

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development. and


5 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Beyond The Pale”

  1. davisoftheapes1 Says:

    “She’s the last gasp of a mindset that cannot accept even a symbolic loss to Black people.” Bullshit. I don’t give a galvanized buzzard copulation that Obama is black. I object to liberalism. I object to people taking my money and giving it to those who “choose” not to work, commit crime and grow fat off the national tit. (differentiated from those who “cannot.”) I’m white. I didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. I don’t feel the need to bow, scrape, grovel and go belly up because God chose to make me white. I’m not an illegal alien. I don’t know what to do about the horrific economic conditions in Mexico. But, I believe there should be some Mexican Patrick Henry’s, Nathan Hales’ and George Washingtons who ought to rise up and change their situation from within. It gripes my ass that illegal aliens can receive more government assistance than old folks living on a fixed income and have paid into Social Security and pension plans their whole lives. It really gripes my ass that as an employee, I’m subject to drug testing and welfare recipients are not. No matter how often people like you, Bill Maher, David Letterman, Whoopi, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman etc accuse her of being ignorant, it’s just not true. And, I think that chicks like Andrea Dworkin, Rosie, Nancy Pelosi, Andrea Mitchell and others who are so homely that they have to bribe the dogs to play with them, are bitter because she is a stone cold babe. I thought the cover of NewsWeek looked damn good.

  2. I agree on crime prevention, illegal immigration and not demonzing White folks en masse.I also agree that attractiveness is a powerful female virtue. However, a national candidate and spokesperson who didn’t know Africa was a continent; has notes on the palms of her hands; endorses a Tea Party movement applauding literacy tests and generally sounding clueless in all appearances does women; so-called minorities nor the GOP any service. That’s all. Former Secretary of State Rice and numerous other infinitely more capable women could be approached for this role. It seems the lows some seek to stir up conservative discontent knows no bounds. I didn’t vote for Obama but at least know he has the intellect for the job.

  3. davisoftheapes1 Says:

    Well, now, Heck, Captain. Let’s look at a couple of things. Sarah Palin said she could practically see Russia from her back yard. She was speaking figuratively. Tina Fey made the quote an infamous gaffe on SNL. Sarah had notes written on her hand? I fail to see the significance of that being “unwise.” Instead, I see it as adapting and improvising. There are those on the other side who have stumbled. The President mispronounced “corpsman” three times in a speech the other day by failing to make the “p” silent. Big deal? No. But, GW Bush sure wasn’t cut any slack on his pronunciation of nuclear. Barak stated that he had campaigned in all 57 states. Joe Biden said in a speech that he could remember gathering around the old black and white TV back in the 20’s and they had not been invented yet. Hilary said when she disembarked from the plane in Bosnia, she had to duck and run thru a hail of gunfire. The video record of her flitting from the plane didn’t bear her statement out. We could go on and on with Mark Sanford, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards and oh, by the way, is Bill still smoking cigars? He had a very unique method of “coating his Macanudo.” Here’s my point. All of us, should think long and speak slowly. Hindsight is 20/20. I say again that Sarah Palin is NOT a dummy. Mon Dieu. Should I even start on Senator Al Franken?

  4. davisoftheapes1 Says:

    Hey Cpt. I asked this question on my own blog and didn’t get an answer. Perhaps you could enlighten me. Do you know why there have been pics of the President standing with his hands folded in front of him during the National Anthem during campaign speeches and/or other functions?

  5. Davis:

    I know whether the President places his hand over his heart during the Pledge and/or National Anthem recitals drew some flak during the election cycle. Personally, as a brother who didn’t vote for Obama, I could care less if he does nor not. The rabid crowds who attacked Black school children attempting to integrate government schools funded by their parents taxes performed the Pledge and observed the National Anthem but these rituals didn’t help decency. Policy is more my interest than public displays of patriotism. Thanks for your feedback.

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