President Obama and Black Male Starvation

At some point during this Bush-Obama non-economy I just went on automatic pilot, like many others. Friends tease me about being a survivalist but it was just dress rehearsal for this calamity. While always knowing how empty rhetoric about opportunity and prosperity was in zip codes like mine, when the door slams shut this soundly for so long it really brings truth home. Starvation became a daily personal companion. I took in someone who was evicted and shared what little I had with him. Black male starvation particularly seems a dominant feature of this cycle. I didn’t know electing one Black president man meant millions of others had to go hungry. Guess his Black voters missed the fine print. So here we are no closer to jobs or contracts than under Dubya. It seems Black men en masse are being punished by the free market because, ironically, a majority of White people put Obama in the White House. I guess the market is only free so long as one of us isn’t living inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?  That’s why his victory has always rung so hollow because brothers always get lost in the shuffle. This time it’s even worse than usual, which is pretty bad.

Obviously he isn’t the author of this crisis but I wonder does he think about us while dining at state dinners? Do the homeboys even rate a second thought as five star meals are served? Does the president realize many brothers either eat  canned food ( heating contingent upon ability to pay electric bills; rent; mortgage, etc. )  or try to hustle up a McChicken sandwich at the neighborhood McDonald’s? This non-economy has all but relegated Black men in cities like my home town to refugee status, only nobody is coming to the rescue. Worn out after countless job searches for non-existent employment; burned out by endless proposals ignored, unemployed; underemployed and self-employed Black men are going under for the last time in droves and I honestly wonder if the Brother-in-Chief cares? A McCain Administration with this attitude would face politically selective rioting in the streets.

My stomach and those of Black men locked out of jobs and contracts aren’t politically choosy. I didn’t vote for him so I have the empty pleasure of seeing my suspicions come to pass. Mr. President, Black men are starving more under your watch than during those of any reactionary predecessor from either party. We didn’t starve like this from Nixon’s ” benign neglect ” or Reaganomics. The first Bush term actually saw income tax rebate checks which he thereafter vaporized along with the Clinton budget surplus funding them.

If Black male starvation isn’t a national priority just let us know- at least some of us will still be around to hear it.

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development. and


4 Responses to “President Obama and Black Male Starvation”

  1. I sympathize with the disappointment and dismayed the author feels, it is true that a lot of people expected change especially our African American people. Obama has done nothing so far but politics, just when we thought it is the time of change.

  2. Masterfitness Says:

    Guy, give me a break! I think you want the president to do things for blacks(like yourself) just because he is black. Why is it irrelevant what G.W Bush did in his 8 years in office. Americans have still not giving this man a fair chance to get things done. Instead people a busy finding fault with him. A Republican once told me “If you can’t find work where you are, then you need to move! In many cases their are jobs, but if my not be a job you like. It takes time to fix things. Please give the President a chance and don’t feel that he is not trying because he is. It is sad when someone like the president cares about people the people don’t care for him.

  3. Do you really think bush gave arat’s ass about black folks.You think the tea baggers give a damn about anyone not white?

  4. Ole Skool Says:

    Black males need to support each other with alliances geared specifically to fund our own causes like endangered black males. We are always reacting negatively towards each other instead of sharing proactive ideas on how to engage young black males with programs that enhance their growth and maybe the President will support a serious iniative geared to serving the plight of the young black male. By the way, your negative commentaries do not provide any sort of solution. We as African American males specifically, need to be more solution driven instead of voicing judgemental opinions that have no substance.

    Ol Skool

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