The Racist Violence Policy Center

By Kenn Blanchard

Being a law abiding gun owner today is almost as tough as it was after slavery.  Not only do you have people and organizations that blame firearms for society’s ills but some groups like the Violence Policy Center (supposedly a national non-profit educational foundation) thinks that Black Men In America should be denied access to guns for their own safety.  In the article based on 2007 statistics from Pennsylvania cites data “from the FBI–and ranks the 50 states according to their black homicide victimization rates.”

The blogs that supported this Violence Policy Center study and gained my ire actually said white people would be better off if people of color didn’t have firearms. Wow, let me check the calendar. This is 2010 is it not?

In 1870, many states had laws called the Black Codes that prevented people of color from owning anything for self defense.  It is 90% of the reason our great grandmothers didn’t want us to have a gun in the house.  She didn’t want to lose us to the law.  This maternal instinct to save the black man has been passed down.  While some things have changed some things are still the same.  We didn’t have rights then and rarely stand up for them today.

Anyone without a historical background about the origins of gun control would fall for this covert attempt to persuade people to act. Violence of any kind is wrong. Violence from any group is wrong. Violence occurs from more factors than race or ethnicity. Violence festers where there is no hope, education, and substance addictions. Victims of violence come in all colors. Just like the racist that promote disarmament of free people through the tears of mothers that have lost their children to the streets.

I am so glad the number of free-thinking, freedom loving people is growing. This could be a scary thought if these jokers were in charge of anything. This group should be dismantled, and stripped for its disinformation; fear mongering and hate based political agenda wrapped so neatly in politically incorrect monologues.

Since 1991, I’ve been a trainer, and advocate for the right of self defense and self reliance.  Now I have a growing podcast called The Urban Shooter where I have a blast entertaining and sharing my knowledge of these things for free on the internet.  Check it out on

You can also read more of Kenn’s articles on Black Men In

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