Tiger Woods–“I’m Sorry”

By Gary A. Johnson

In his first public appearance since admitting he cheated on his wife Tiger Woods, portrayed by the media as the once invincible athlete of golf made a public apology today in a carefully orchestrated media production.  This was not a press conference.  Woods answered no questions and had one camera feed.  Reading from a lengthy prepared statement in a room of handpicked supporters, Woods acknowledged that he cheated and steered away from his values in part due to money, fame and a sense of entitlement.  Woods further acknowledged that his behavior was selfish and that he believed that the rules that govern the rest of us did not apply to him.

“I was unfaithful, I had affairs, I cheated. What I did was not acceptable and I am the only person to blame,” said Woods.  OK, Tiger says he made a mistake.  14 mistresses?  Mistake?  Whew.  It seems that Tiger went out of his way to defend his way regarding rumors that she kicked his ass.  He also asked the media to leave him alone.  Ain’t gonna happen Hoss.  You can forget that.

In some ways, what we saw was a remarkable performance by Tiger Woods.  Personally, I could care less about Tiger’s situation.  Further, I can’t understand why the major television networks interrupted their regular programming for this staged media event. The only reason this post is on the blog is because I was convinced by my team that there was some “interest” in the story.  We’ll see.

In his statement, Woods said all the right things, but as I’ve said for years, talk is cheap–show me that you “get it” through your consistent behavior.

Enough of Tiger.  What do you think?  Do you care?

Gary Johnson is the Founder & Publisher of Black Men In America.com a popular online magazine on the Internet and the Black Men In America.com Blog. Gary is also the author of the new book“25 Things That Really Matter In Life.”


4 Responses to “Tiger Woods–“I’m Sorry””

  1. I think my reaction to the entire situation says more about me than it does either Mr. Woods and his extra-marital affairs. It points to my values, my beliefs, my since of justice, my need for vengence and revenge, my history and pain points and even my fears. I do not feel violated by what he did. I’m not married to him. He didn’t do anything to me nor do his actions impact me in any way. So, if I’m talking about it and spending time processing it I have to wonder why I’m investing energy. Curiosty? Is it my job? What? Why? On my scale of events, this has low priority for hurtful, horrible things. In fact, through my eyes, it’s around a 2. Do I need this man’s blood? No. Do I think he’s a villan? No. Do these actions invalidate all the good things he’s done and is doing? Does that mean he didn’t have the affairs? No. Does the number of women he had affairs with change the impact? Had it have been 13 and not the now-known 14 would that have been better? What number iis the tipping point?

    I think this provides a distraction for people where they don’t have to focus on their own crap. It also gives some people a stick to beat up Mr. Woods — and some people have been looking for something to be a negative about him. So, does he have to be superhuman? I thought his statement was fine. I heard one guy on TV said he OWES the public answers because the police and ambulance came to his home on Thanksgiving night and taxes help pay their salaries so he has to tell us. What??! So now, anyone who uses public services can expect microphones shoved in their faces, those of their children and parents? Humm.

    Here’s my bottom line: Tiger. You got caught, man. Work it out with your wife if you can. If you can’t, end it amicably and keep your relationship with your children. Next time, choose women who know how to keep your relationship private. They’re out there. Live your life ’cause I’m living mine and doing exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it. Be cautious and live. When you’re ready, go back to golf. Enjoy. Make some more millions. Live. Some people are angry because you’re the best. Others are doubly mad ’cause you’re the best and you’re Black, and on and on and on. Pray for them and live your life. I’m done.

  2. I refuse to watch or read Tigers statement. He owes me NO apology!

  3. Gary,

    It is nothing complicated about Racism, we make it complicated because we don’t want to talk about it. We rather sweep it under the rug like it does not exist. Those of us who sit around talking about they are color blind—-are really blind.

    For example; I asked in my column if someone could give me a definition of Tiger’s made up WORD of “Caliban” as it related to the race of his father.

    The first response is from a reader by the name of Tom who does not define the word. He in turn lectures me like I just got off the boat. He refers me to a column written several years ago by sports columnist Terrence Moore of the Atlanta Constitution.

    Tom says something to the affect “SEVERAL RESPECTED BLACK COLUMNIST had already called tiger out and BR WRITERS are wasting your time. Your opinions are useless because Tiger ain’t listening.”

    This guy sounded like he was wearing Tiger’s ears!

    Terrence Moore in the meantime admonishes Tiger and his father in his column and on the Ophra Winfrey Show. He reminds them that one drop of black blood in America makes you black! It was a great column but Terrence never defines Caliban and what has to do with being black in America?

    The reader Tom goes on to tell me how he hired the the first black reporter at some rinky dink newspaper 40 years ago. Evidently, he thinks that makes him the Marcus Garvey of white media.

    The thing that bothered me was after my response to Tom and how BR EDITORS took sides and deleted my post and left his up.

    Evidently, they resented me giving Tom a much needed Black History lesson, as it related to being black in America. This is something he will never know unless he has walked in my shoes.

    When the BR EDITORS deleted my post I got the feeling they were telling me “You can’t talk back to that white man like that!”

    There needs to be some serious dialogue on racism in media and I suggest that sites like BR be a vehicle to lead those discussions. Media and pro sports are the last plantations in America.

    For example; During the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday last month, Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s MIKE & MIKE in the morning referred to Dr.King as the Rev. Martin Luther COON King. MIKE & MIKE is heard nationally, but RESPECTED BLACK COLUMNIST LIKE Terrence Moore, Michael Wibon, Dave Aldridge, Stephen A. Smith, Kevin Blackistone suddenly became deaf, dumb and blind. Their silence was deafening.

    Check this double standard out, Tony Korhisner Wilbon’s partner on ESPN’s PTI was suspended for two weeks because he made fun of sportscaster Hanna Storm’s clothing (female and white) and her breast on their PTI show. Mike Greenberg is still on the air! BR something is wrong with this picture.

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