Black Individualism: Leading Ourselves At All Costs!

I’m an Individualist. Picture a big black “I” on my chest.

Not a Conservative despite sharing alot of ideological resonance. Nor always Libertarian though it closely matches many core principles. Individual sovereignty is my main premise. Would-be slave masters need not attempt beachheads between these ears. Rigid policy checklists are tossed aside in favor of

independently conceived conclusions. We need more Black individualists. Too often secular and religious hucksters seek dominance over our thoughts. The historic temptation to control Black people is still seductive in this century. I’m always on guard against those offering leadership to supplant my own self-guidance.

“Thyself: The Newsletter of Black Individualism” was the 1990s brainchild of Sylvester Frazier. I was its regular contributor and together we championed Black people leading themselves to the exclusion of big faces in high places and others hungry for followers. I was able to get none other than fellow Savannahian US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to send a congratulatory note which was printed. I don’t know where Sylvester is today but he deserves special recognition for advocating self-governance. Sadly, such advocacy is nearly unheard of in public debate. While human beings are communal creatures, the Black Individualist proposition offers the community more self-loving, self-directed folks than present. These more self-loving, self-directed folks can provide vital counter balance to customs and conduct undermining Black America daily.

Black individualism has one all important priority: leading ourselves at all costs. We know painfully well that those who don’t lead themselves are often mislead by others. As a lifestyle lived by millions Black individualism ulitmately means less crime; fewer broken homes; more productivity and more dignity.

Doesn’t sound like a bad trade off to me. All we have to do is lead ourselves at all costs!

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development. and

He is a regular contributor to


2 Responses to “Black Individualism: Leading Ourselves At All Costs!”

  1. Great self-description! Is there a way for me to get copies of “Thyself?”

  2. Michael Knight Says:

    I’ve always liked the idea of Individualism; I wouldn’t mind getting a copy of Thyself.

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