Black Folks We’d Like To Remove From Black History

Flava Flav                                              Omarosa

I ran across this article a few days ago on the web site “The”  After reading this article, a few other folks came to mind.  Check it out:

Would you remove anyone from Black History?  If so, who and why?


2 Responses to “Black Folks We’d Like To Remove From Black History”

  1. The black people who refuse to
    Stand for something. Jelly-backs
    Of the black race. Any black coward
    Who do not appreciate what black
    Ancestors sacrificed on the behalf
    Of New Blacks. This will inclde
    So many of us. Now, that’s a sad

  2. Jeff the Interpreter Says:

    First let’s delineate the difference between “historical” and “hysterical.” Some people will always rank as a historical figure, even if their deeds were a detriment to society. Idi Amin is historical even though the carnage and brutality is epic. Ben Carson is historic even though we only talk about him once a year.

    Then there is the hysterical. Hysterical figures don’t need to do much more than be an attraction of curiosity. These figures neither add nor subtract from the grand scheme of things. They just exist to be the sideshow of the main event of life. So we can spend all day deciding who is in which camp, the historical or the hysterical. I prefer to live my life so that I am focused on the historical and not distracted by the hysterical.


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