The John Rivera Story

John Rivera

John V. Rivera is a new millennium renaissance man, a father, broadcast engineer, inventor, author, photographer, educator, chef, and President of JonJen Creations, LLC. His career in television began at NBC in 1981 at a time when the broadcast industry landscape began to change dramatically with the advent and development of new digital technologies.  Rivera held several positions at NBC over his 22 years with the company, including but not limited to: technical maintenance and repair, Studio Camera Operator for key productions (NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, Saturday Night Live, the Olympics), Senior Videotape Engineer, Editor, Video Engineer, and Technical Director.

Rivera was constantly challenged to learn, design, and implement new technologies. His ability to adapt and envision new ways of doing things kept John on the cutting edge. Along with his engineering duties, Rivera became involved in NBC Diversity Initiatives. He served as the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians (NABET) first chairperson of the Diversity Council.

It became clear to Rivera that while NBC was growing in the technical areas it was failing to grow and cultivate a culturally diverse, technically skilled workforce. As Chairperson of the Diversity Council, John developed diversity building initiatives presenting several actions to senior management and external organizations including The NAACP, EEOC, and the United States Congress.  Rivera was also responsible for representing employees who came to the Council for help.

Before resigning from NBC in 2002, Rivera filed multiple federal discrimination law suits against NBC and the General Electric Corporation. After defeating summary judgment and clearing all the cases for trial, all the law suites were settled out of court thus removing many of the old discriminatory policies that existed in broadcasting for more than 50 years.

In September of 2002, Rivera relocated to Florida, and became a rescue diver, inventor, student, author, and ultimately an educator. Picking up where he left off 20 years earlier at Boston College, Rivera studied criminal justice and law, all the while refining his inventions and taking them through the patent process.

Rivera is the President and CEO of Sebastian Charter Junior High School in Sebastian, Florida.  The Junior High School is an “A” Plus ranked school, housed in portable trailers with no permanent structure for the last 10 years.  To remedy this situation John has developed and produced a Latin Festival to raise funds to aid in the construction of a permanent building.

Today Rivera has launched a line of cooking devices designed with his cultural heritage in mind. For generations, the preparation of tostones, a twice-fried green plantain and a staple in Latin households, have been prepared in a tedious process one tostone at a time.  Rivera’s Tostonera is the first plantain press that can produce several tostones and plantain cups at the same time. Rivera wrote a cookbook, “The Pleasures of Plantains: Plantain Cuisine” and also took culinary classes under the tutelage of executive chef Dario Marquez to accompany his invention. After years of preparation the Rivera’s Tostonera is poised to be a must have in every Caribbean kitchen.

The Original Trio™ – Executive Chef is a restaurant quality Tostonera. This model is a double-sided press constructed on high density FDA approved plastic. The unit is solid and durable. This unit has been restaurant tested and performed excellently under extreme conditions and high volume. The hinge is made of stainless steel and is rust resistant. It is dishwasher safe. Rivera’s Tostoneras™ are the only tostoneras in the world that press three distinct shapes: chips, cups, and slices. Perfect for any restaurant or experienced chef.

To learn more about the Tostonera click here to visit the official  Riveras Tostonera web site and buy your Tostonera NOW while supplies last.  You can also purchase John Rivera’s Cookbook, “The Pleasure of Plantains.”


8 Responses to “The John Rivera Story”

  1. DonClark Williams Says:

    Since when did journalism mean allowing the subject write his own story. If you want the real John Rivera story you should contact me.

  2. Hi John,
    Remember me at NBC,, Bill Sanis??
    Was great to hear of your accomplishments

    When I left NBC.. Taught Tennis, finished school and got an MBA,
    worked for WXTV,,Harris Corps, and spent a few years at ABC
    I teach Graduate IT classes at SPC, also adjunct Professor at UCC teaching TV Production courses.
    hope you get this!

  3. JOHN is fern could you contact me .i found you by mistake well not really ..but hey i like what your doing ,tostonens man yummy .you forgot about the plantin field you planted:) …

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