Glenn Beck’s Black Founder’s Episode

By Nadra Enzi

I watched Glenn Beck’s special on the Black Founding Fathers last Friday.

While neither conservative or liberal I nonetheless entertain all discussions.

What I saw was a right wing, white wash complete with an attentive much more Black than usual audience.

This isn’t said with glee nor malice. Ironically, Beck’s conclusions about some major issues parallel my own. Different philosophies can arrive at the same conclusions upon occasion.

Even controlling for his being a middle aged White conservative with a well known agenda I still couldn’t cut him slack for that episode.

The Left’s critique of Black conservatives was on painful display as audience members sat through a skilled warping of their own history to suit a nationalism that still considers them subordinates.

I still hope against hope that the editing process was to blame.

Beck may be the color blind true believer he claims but the spin was at warp factor nine on this one!

Beck even had a Black professor on stage to complete the cast.

An otherwise illuminating episode about the American Revolution’s little known Black contributors morphed into yet another tired tirade against against the evils of progressivism.

The icing on the cake was his thesis that progressives wrote Black patriots out of the history books to ” make America look bad. ”

While the progressive tendency is to treat Black folks like dependent pets Beck overlooks the conservative urge to cage most of us like we’re rabid dogs deserving only policing and stricture.

Coming from the Conservative South I hate to tell Beck but it wasn’t hippies running the show there. His fellow conservatives there and nationally bleached; warped and outright deleted Black contributions in order to maintain a permanent servant class.

Having grown up under Jim Crow-Lite I know such attempted brain washing all too well.

If Beck wants to say he represents our generation’s more racially advanced Right this broadcast didn’t show it. While not a surly supremacist like Pat Buchannan, Becks’ earnest entreaties may lure supporters desperate for access to the Right’s inner sanctum.

I’m no fan of the Left with its crisp Klan sheets stamped ” D” for Democrat neatly tucked into paternal back pockets.

I’m also don’t embrace rigid conservatives whose ” R” label alternates between Republican and racist depending upon the speaker.

Neither ideology has moral superiority in my eyes. Both have dirty hands when it comes to my people.

That audience should have known better.

Beck’s objective was to gloss over conservative and liberal historic revisionism in order to focus solely upon liberal academic prejudice. The conservatives of that time up to this one are too comfortable with racism to be overlooked.

Modern liberal racists can at least create the illusion of inclusion while most conservatives can’t feel comfortable around any Black who doesn’t spout their line chapter and verse, i.e very few.

Nominally considered right of center I’ve interacted with numerous Black conservatives. While there’s a need for them, they’ve yet to sufficiently impact their own communities.

Being an Amen corner on Glenn Beck falls short of working in the community to address issues from the perspective they claim is so revolutionary.

I guess being on national TV is as intoxicating as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s warning to Malcolm X cautioned.

I even know some folks who were there and only hope informed commentary was left on the cutting room floor. Even watching the after show yielded nothing.

Otherwise the stereotype about Black conservatives wasn’t disproven by that episode.

Black America needs representation on that side of the aisle but it can’t only be for window dressing and definitely not acceptance.

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development.


10 Responses to “Glenn Beck’s Black Founder’s Episode”

  1. You make blanket statements about conservative white men. Then you said something interesting…

    “Otherwise the stereotype about Black conservatives wasn’t disproven by that episode.”

    How is it that it’s ok to stereotype black conservatives, and white ones for that matter, yet at every turn i’m told stereotyping at all is horribly wrong?

    Your claims are largely based on rhetorical fallacies such as an appeal to authority when you say such things as “Having grown up under Jim Crow-Lite I know such attempted brain washing all too well.” This is simply asserting you know something without presenting evidence of it. Who are you to me? why should you be credible in my eyes?

    Too many of your assertions are silly and spiteful. You lightly veil your own prejudice and racism by criticizing both sides as you see the, yet cannot accept discussing the founders as anything other than racist.
    Your biggest mistake is to pay too much attention to the D and R. (another fallacy of false choice used with the R)

    Conservatives see individuals and progressives see groups. When you argue that Republicans or conservatives are racist and Dems are not you are seeing only groups. And I would say through a warped lens. You forget that the majority of Democrats wanted to keep institutional racism (the truly evil form of racism). You cannot bring yourself to look at the truth of history if it doesn’t conform to your ideology.

    If you mean by “my people” that you are first black and an individual second then you are a fool. that kind of self identiy is how people are controled. This kind of identity is so widespread in the black community that those black conservatives you speak of as ineffective are so because any one who disagrees with the black leaders and their definition of what it means to be black is cannibalized (metephorically)

    I challange you to validate just half of your arguements without using rhetorical devices. I submit it’s impossible.

  2. I watched the Glenn Beck episode on Friday ready to ridicule Beck. What I found though was very interesting and educational. I saw the black audience and thought at first what a joke, but then I remebered Nancy Pelosi walking down the courtyard with the members of the black caucus, so really not much of a difference there. As a black man, I usually vote democrat, but after this educational experience, I am interested in learning more. I can’t believe that there were even blacks people involved in our founding, and I am actually offended I never was taught this stuff before as it should be part of my black history. I am going to start listening to beck a little more, b/c I am obviously being misled by the media when it comes to him. I was a big critic, but now I may become a supporter. Congrats Mr. Beck, you may have transformed a liberal.

  3. I’m an American who is black and after that episode, I am in love with Beck! You must have watched that show with a very thick lens of skepticism, because I saw people coming together to learn something that we should have learned in school. As I read your post, at first I thought, “dang, he must have been really hurt growing up”. But the more I read, the more I realized you weren’t really watching the show. You have your own racist conclusions about Beck and you don’t want to lose them. SHAME on you for presenting your post as an even and fair evaluation! You don’t even understand what the Progressive Agenda is in America – so how can you speak on it? I recommend you watch the show again (and many others) and take notes on how open, honest, and respectful every person was about the information being shared. There is no wisdom and truth in your conclusions and you should be ashamed!

  4. I would ask you to research who started the civil rights movement in the late 1800’s and then who continued to try to block it until legistlation was passed. I would like you to tell me what Democrat/Progressive administration so despised blacks that he segregated my Army and bathrooms and federal workers. I would ask you to find out what party Martin Luther King was before the Kennedy’s bailed him out of Jim Crow jail. You see sir, I’m not a staunch Republican, but I am conservative and I have no stake in your people remaining poor and denpendant on tax dollars for survival. You are one of us, whether you want to be or not you helped us found this nation. Your people have been exploited from before the nations founding right up until today but the expolitation started with your own countrymen and was stopped by a Republican president and millions of Union soldiers including blacks. Since Woodrow Wilson’s progressive tyranny you have been reenslaved and I want you broken out of those chains to make the wonderful contributions you are completely capable of….other than rap music and sports! You are being played brother and I hate it. I ranted a little there but I feel Glenn Beck is trying to enlighten not just blacks but all of us. The books have been cooked by racist academics and socialist/progressives for years or true history would be taught. I’ll leave it alone, but man we have potential if we could only live the founders dream. I’m not foolish, I know racists are among us, many black and many white but most are not. If you noticed I will not call you anything with a hyphen in the middle because we sir, are American. God Bless you.

  5. Fernando Says:

    You seem to leave this piece of history out of your argument:

    “In the 1870s, white Democrats gradually returned to power in southern states, sometimes as a result of elections in which paramilitary groups intimidated opponents, attacking blacks or preventing them from voting.” -Wikipedia on Jim Crow laws.

  6. I smiled as I read the comments. Beck is doing his job. As a middle-aged white libertarian, I am extremely upset about the whitewashing that’s been done to our history. The left, who controls the educational process through the unions, shivers in their sandals at the thought of real history getting mass attention. From the role blacks and women played in our founding and the Civil War, to the demonstrable problems created by Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and the rest of the progressives, Beck is doing our nation a great service.

    Non liberals are not against progressive social action. We ARE very much against using government to force or coerce it. Social change is done across the bar, dinner table, and job site. Government intervention only causes animosity between the ‘races’.

  7. Nadra Enzi:

    I think you need to do some more historical research on who began the Jim Crowe laws and the politics around segregation.
    I’ve pasted this from Wikipedia under search “Jim Crowe”
    The white, Democratic Party Redeemer government that followed the troop withdrawal legislated Jim Crow laws segregating black people from the state’s white population.

    Historically Democrats voted for and supported segregation.
    And in what era did many of these segregation laws become legalized?
    Pasted from Wikipedia: In some cases, progressive measures to reduce election fraud acted against black and poor white voters who were illiterate. While the separation of African Americans from the general population was becoming legalized and formalized in the Progressive Era (1890s–1920s)

    And which Democratic President pushed to separate blacks and whites in the workplaces and other areas?

    Pasted from Wikipedia: Woodrow Wilson, a southern Democrat and the first southern-born president of the postwar period, appointed southerners to his cabinet. Some quickly began to press for segregated work places, although Washington, DC and federal offices had been integrated since after the Civil War

    So Nadra, maybe you should be more thankful toward Conservatives who voted on many occasions for desegregation.

  8. What he did was give a black history lesson for white people. Blacks are well aware of our history in this country. I didn’t need to watch Glenn Beck to tell me things I already know about African-American history.

  9. Facts to support any of your claims are noticeably absent. Not a surprise. This is typical in the constant veiled attempts to seem centrist while bashing Conservative America. The Jim Crow south was a product of Democrats, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was nearly derailed by, you guessed it, Democrats. Conservatives stand for the same thing the original Republicans like Abraham Lincoln stood for, liberty. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Singling out people because of race, color or creed is not liberty. America’s left is always so anxious to single people out and categorize them. Beck and Conservatives like myself are sick of the constant need for categorization. In this episode you’re referencing, Beck’s goal was to demonstrate something very important. Not only that these men and women existed, in the event you didn’t know, but that the “intellectual” left have been strategically erasing these people from our texts for a sinister and specific purpose. To tell black America they’ve never belonged and they need the American Democratic party to have any skin in the game and a voice. That without the Democratic party black America is incapable of maximizing its own potential. Now that’s what I call racism and just as it always has, it’s coming from the left, not the right.

  10. BeeferKeefer Says:

    Blacks have been used as pawns by the progressive left throughout history. First as slave owners, then kept down via other nefarious means such as the Jim Crow laws, segregation, and finally creating the victimhood and entitlement mentality that ensures generational poverty and welfare.

    The conservative white folks you exhibit such distain for are the same types of folks that preached out against slavery during the 18th and 19th centuries, running the Underground Railroad, John Brown, etc.

    You sir need to leave the plantation.

    Then, and only then, will you be allowing MLK’s dream and vision to take fruition within you.

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