Black Tea Party Members Deny Racism Claims; Bash Obama

Kevin Jackson of the Black Conservative Coalition

Black members of the tea party movement on Wednesday denied accusations that the group’s activists are racist, saying they oppose President Barack Obama strictly because of his policies.

The members met at a Washington news conference in the wake of allegations about its leadership, heightened by the recent split with a Tea Party Express leader who had posted a letter on his blog written from “Colored People” to Abraham Lincoln. The post suggested that black people would choose slavery over having to do real work.

The black members said the racism that has been attributed to the tea party movement came from outsiders who infiltrated the groups to discredit their work and it should be rejected.

“These people do not oppose Barack Obama because of his skin color. They oppose him because of his policies,” Lloyd Marcus, a spokesman for the group, told the Associated Press.

The NAACP last month approved a resolution condemning racism within the tea party movement and called on activists to “repudiate the racist element and activities” within the political movement. At the news conference, several members had harsh words for Obama and the Democrats.

“Democrats have re-enslaved America,” said Kevin Jackson, president of the Black Conservative Coalition. He said tea party activists, if successful, would reduce the size of government and set in motion another Emancipation Proclamation, the document that President Abraham Lincoln signed that effectively ended slavery.

“This time, even the white folks get freed,” said Jackson, who also accused Obama of viewing fellow blacks as “mongrels.”

Democratic National Committee spokesman Hari Sevugan declined to respond to the tea party leaders’ criticism. The White House also declined to comment.

Other tea party speakers called Democrats white supremacists and elitists. Conservative Moms for America leader Mary Baker said Democrats were pushing “anti-God politics.” “Destroy America. That’s what the D in Democrat Party means,” she said.

Alan Keyes, who unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate against Obama in 2004, said the president “got elected on a virulent form of racism” by exploiting his race during the 2008 campaign.

The Tea Party Express, one of dozens of libertarian-leaning and anti-tax groups, organized the meeting with reporters to denounce racism and then accused its opponents of using allegations of racism to censor dissent.

This article was sourced from EUR Web.


3 Responses to “Black Tea Party Members Deny Racism Claims; Bash Obama”

  1. It’s uneccesary to get angry at blacks who are stuck on denying things that often effect only blacks doesn’t exists, when most people know the truth. They forget bigotry was prepertrated by common white folks, not politicians who provoked it.

  2. Bigotry always had and always will exist. Fortunately our Constitution provides equality for all as does the bible. Yes, like freedom from the tyranny of England people here had to take a stand against the tyranny of ignorance that some held. Thank God our constitution and the teachings of Christianity, both support the notion that, all men and women are equal regardless of race or other factors.

    Remove the Constitution and or Christianity from the equation and you’ll see the return of bigotry against the black population and against women return in force. America has been a light in regard to the equality of all individuals to the world and has shed light on much the darkness of other nations. If her light goes out the world will be engulfed in darkness.

  3. Initially the TParty Express denounces racism; then they turn around and accuse others of racism. Let’s hope this form of insanity isn’t contagious.

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