Wake Up People: Feedback From A Devoted Site Visitor

Dear Black Men In America.com:

I recently read your newsletter which consists of 2 separate adverstisements of “Raising Him Alone” with Black Women on the cover.  I think this is disgraceful coming from “Black Men.”  While the world is steadily finding every excuse to degrade black woman in particular, it is equally degrading for our own men to promote this idiocracy and plain old “stupidity.”

It would be more beneficial for the black community to see books representing black men that are being good fathers and supporting their BLACK WOMEN.  There are plenty of healthy and wealthy black families in America today that can be put forth as an example.  It is appalling that black men are helping the oppressors to promote this sick bastardized lifestyle having babies out of wedlock or promoting that it is okay for black women to continue having babies by these sorry ass black men that will not stay around to take care of them.

The more books and programs that created, the more our people will continue to be deaf, blind and STUPID to this disgraceful act.  Black people are the only race that continues this practice way into adulthood without caring that a family unit does not exist.  The black race is already stuck in 3rd dimensional thinking and are still enslaved in their minds after the slavemaster has long gone.  I am an American Black Woman that was raised with common sense, morals and self respect.  I will not have a baby unless I am married to a man that is a loving friend, partner and husband that has a deep sense of self, a strong identity, loves himself, loves me and loves his family – not to mention doesn’t mind being in his BLACK skin and is a man that takes pride in his work.

Today, that is a rarity because brothers the majority of brothers are very lost and confused – successful or not.  Sadly speaking, they will continue to stay lost if the black women does not begin to love and respect herself more and demand more of tthe black man. Action speaks louder than words and the more I continue to see black people voluntarily destroy our dignity by promoting destruction, the more I will know our people are sleep and are the walking dead. White people are even aware that their forefathers have created a “Frankenstein” generation that has lost all sense of self respect, dignity and pride.  Our ancestors would be disgraced if they knew what some of us are allowing black people to become.

Back to my main point, I did not appreciate seeing this type of information coming from Black Men in America.com.  Raise up your vibrations and promote material that will bring out the best in our people.  Try promoting the values of our First Family in the White House or the last Oprah Episode on your website representing Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith whom “O” referred to as the First Family of Hollywood – A mother a father and children.  Include information that will send a definitive message to black men and women that it is NOT okay to continue this ignorant barbaric act and begin to take responsibility.  The more books and programs that are advertised to promote “bastards”, the more the ignorant fools will keep doing it.  I understand that circumstances do occur where this happens beyond our control, however it is also subliminal programming that is being promoted by Hollywood as we speak – the baby mama syndrome.  Even the sitcoms play this out by having black men refer to attractive black women as – “she would be a good baby mama”  instead of looking at her as a future wife.  The future wife has been replaced by Kim Kardashian and party.   This is not a stab against interracial couples, but an eye-opener to black people that this is not a game.  This is war.

One last point, there is a a high school in Jamaica Queens (Springfield Gardens) that has a day care center inside for young mothers. This is a DISGRACE and a sign of POOR parenting in black neighborhoods.  You will never see this ignorance in a white neighborhood.  White parents would not allow such ignorant peasantry to exist in their neighborhoods. White parents do not and will not promote this low class way of living, while blacks find it be be alright.  Why is it okay for black parents to neglect raising their kids and allow a school system to promote young girls having sex and babies when they should be focused on school.  Back in my day, most young black girls were still virgins while in high school!  If networks like yourself that can reach the masses and carry influence do not get involved to stop this type of “created genocide” of black people then our race is doomed.

Yes, this is genocide because this high school is a dump, filled with idiots and metal detectors.  Think about it – why would you have babies in a school that has metal detectors in the first place.  These young girls are getting pregnant by low life young men that have nothing to offer them. They are not even in school. Then they bring bastards into the world and will live off of government programs and our tax dollars to raise more kids that will not get a job or be productive in society. Then they can go to your site and find books on how to raise them alone and think it is alright.  The government is already two steps ahead building more and more prisons to put these unborn children in – particularly the black boys.  Why not be a part of the “change” and stop promoting these types of books that will encourage grown ass black women to continue making these embarrassing mistakes just because there are programs or creative ways to “Raise Him Alone.”

Black men would never promote this type of sickness when it comes to white women.  Black men have a tendacy to play the happy father role when they are with white women and walk proudly with their mixed up families – promoting more confusion.  Black people need to wake up and become more conscious and see the big picture.  There is a war against our people going on in the big scheme of things and this type of low vibrational thinking is only helping your oppressors to KILL YOU.  Having money or fame does not make you exempt.  It takes responsibility from a generation of people to make change within a race or ethnic group.  All other nationalities take care of each other except blacks.  We are the only race that will voluntarily make asses of ourselves and let ourselves and others tear us down.

Wake Up!


L. T.

Share your thoughts.  Tell us what you think.


8 Responses to “Wake Up People: Feedback From A Devoted Site Visitor”

  1. You’re so correct, but seem to fail to recognize that Gov’t policies had a lot to do with the breakdown of the family. If you want a good
    male role model -even for today – look to Booker T. Washington. He was all a out personL responsibility, character, and economic independence.
    Sadly, Mr. Obama is falling short on espousing some of these.

  2. All I can say to this young woman’s post is blah, blah, blah, blah!!! That is what I get when reading this. She speaks about how the aforementioned article demoralized our men, but then she went on to demoralize our black men. I see no difference in her opinion than the opinion of others who demoralize and degrade us as a people. I’m afraid the woman she looks at in the mirror is not the person that is portrayed here in this article. I’ll utilize the words of others as my benediction. she better “check herself” before she “wrecks herself”.

    • Yes, I completely concur! This black women’s comments were nothing, but the same old tired nonsense that black women spout, again, again, and again! Sadly, anytime a BW has an opportunity to demoralize black men then it’s “game on”! Nothing, but Black women’s predictable “double standards”.

  3. David Miller Says:

    All too often we demonize and play the game for the social issues in our community. At the end of the day a plethora of viable solutions implemented by Black and Brown people are needed to deal with the pathologies in our community. Any keen observer of the challenges which impact our community will find alarming rates of fatherlessness, poor and failing schools, astronomical crime rates and a host of other issues.

    While our work may not appeal to you it is saving lives and reconnecting families. Over the past several years we have made well documented strides to support and enhance positive Black male development. For example, we currently have several young males who attend Morehouse, Howard & and Princeton Universities. We have worked with them and their families. Additionally, while we are doing a great deal of work with mothers I have spent the past 20 years working with fathers across the country. Part of this body of work is starting reading groups for Black men who are incarcerated at two correctional facilities in Maryland.

    Finally, I am always disturbed by our willingness to attack each other when we don’t agree. For the record, I’m married to a Black woman, I have three wonderful children, I own and operate a Black business and I spend a great deal of my income in communities of color. I find my personal and professional lifestyle to be part of the solution.

    **Find a way to get involved in a potential solution. Don’t waste your energy! Our communities are in trouble!

  4. Single Black Mom Says:

    As a single Black mother of two sons, I was pleased to learn about the Raising Him Alone movement. Contrary to the depiction of single Black mothers in the woman’s post, I love the Lord, myself, my kids, my life, and I have a 6-figure income. Have I made mistakes? Sure. But life goes on. We live and we grow and we make better choices moving forward. I thank God for the vision of men who understand that single mothers raising boys need help – be that pointers, resources, how to understand what they’re going through…whatever. Our boys need you Black men! Mom can not be the only image our young sons see. And she can’t be the only one to show him love. That is if we want to turn this trend around.

  5. I think she has many valid points. Especially about the mixed up families. I live in Cincinnati and I am stunned at how many black men are with white women. They have lots of kids and 98% of the time the women has bleached blonde hair.
    The black community needs to have some open painful conversations.
    This sends a lot of messages. Among them that whites are superior so I want to have children with them. That blonde and blue eyed are superior or a status symbol.
    It also confirms the stereotypes of black men chasing ” de white women.”
    Whites will not be in charge much longer in this country. Politically Correct will die with them. Hispanics will be the dominate group. They will not be as kind. There is not much time to get the house in order.

  6. You are surrounded Says:

    If we wanted you all to die, it would have been done already. Sleeping with a white woman has been the black man’s revenge for the past 40 years. The sad part is that revenge only breeds revenge… …

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