Black Relationships — An Animated View

These avatars, courtesy of “xtranormal,” can talk and bring out points for discussion about relationships without the emotions that are often attached to the human dialogue.  Alternative methods to generate “critical conversations” should not be frowned upon, they should be welcomed.


3 Responses to “Black Relationships — An Animated View”

  1. RE: Revenge of the Sucessfull Black Man: Shallow man ignores eligible black women b/c he is trying to get with a shallow hottie. He gets upset when shallow hottie won’t look past his looks to recognize his inner strengths, yet this is exactly what he failed to do with the other sisters. Karma is real and I’m tired of these bitter complaints on both sides.

    You attract your reflection; shallow man attracted shallow woman. That’s what he gets. You got to stay in your lane. If you want to be with someone for shallow reasons you have to offer shallow desires. You can’t be shallow then ask someone to love you for the person you are inside.

    If you really want to be loved for the person you are inside you should be able to love someone for the person they are inside. You get what you give.

  2. I love these videos. They are very good conversation starters from a general male perspective… So I hope people don’t take them too lighthearted, they make a serious point…

  3. Lots of truth in these…and lots of laughs.

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