By Harold Bell

Courtland Milloy’s column in the Washington Post on December 1, 2010 hit black men without balls right between the eyes.  The column titled “The Great Placator Needs To Throw Some Elbows.”

These were his thoughts on President Barack Obama after he was hit in the mouth during a pick-up basketball game and needed 12 stitches to close the cut.  It happened on the grounds of the White House.  These are some of the same thoughts that have been whispered in the black community for the past year!

There is no true black man in America that I know who wants to see President Obama fail but they are wondering when does he say, “Enough is enough?”

President Obama for some reason does not see that black folks are the only ones who are playing fair in this Game Called Life or at least trying to play fair!

Despite the acts of recently exposed thieves and liars, like Bishop Eddie Long, censured Congressman Charlie “Cry Baby”  Rangle, PG County Executive Jack Johnson, DC City Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. (Ward 5), former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty and the list goes on and on and will be growing and growing.

The New Game in America now defines ‘Right as being Wrong, a Lie is now the Truth and Heroes are slighted while Thieves are honored and pitied.

A black writer for the Washington Post was seen and heard on television after the arrest of Jack Johnson saying “His arrest was like a death in the family.”  Whose family?  I am still trying to figure that one out!

In the meantime, Santa Claus will be coming to town (PG & DC) and he will be dressed as the FBI!  It has been a rat race and it looks like some rats are no longer winning.

The FBI and the Department of Justice have not forgotten Ronnie White!

Several weeks ago another black leader took the same kind of hit from the man on the streets and in newspapers columns and radio talk shows around the country.  The man being hit was Washington Redskin quarterback Donovan McNabb.

McNabb has been a top flight quarterback in the NFL for 12 years.  He won 5 NFC Conference Championships in Philadelphia and took his team to one Super Bowl as an Eagle player.

It was a surprise when he was traded to the Redskins in the off season.  In a game with two minutes left on the clock and still winnable, his new coach Mike Shanahan benched him and replaced him with a player who had not taken a snap from center all year!

Shanahan was asked to explain his actions after the game. He said the replacement QB gave them a better chance to win!

The coach was then asked to explain himself further.  He said “McNabb had not grasped the two minute offense and his cardio-vascular conditioning was in doubt!”

The more he tried to explain this major blunder, the more he sounded more like a dam fool and racist than a winning Super Bowl Coach.

There are many in the black community who think the column written by Courtland Milloy could easily have been written about Donovan McNabb.

Milloy thought that President Obama should have shown some type of anger by now because of the disrespect he has had to tolerate from members of his own party, Republicans and Tea Party wannabees!

President Obama’s rescuing, banks, the auto industry, big business and signing off on a cost of living increase for senior citizens and recently approved a pay freeze for federal employees.  This did not endear him with hard working Americans both black and white.

There has been no freeze put on gas prices, the cost of food, rents raised, medicare and prescription medicine have all gone through the roof but who cares—not our President!

What ever happen to loyalty to the people who had your back and swept you into the office?

Loyalty has become a lost art in the black community.

For example; former DC Mayor, drug abuser, jailbird, “The Bitch Sit Me Up” and Mayor for life Marion Barry has proposed a bill to eliminate all blacks off of welfare in 5 years!

This is the same Marion Barry that black folks in the poorest part of the city  (Anacostia) gave him a ticker tape parade and welcome home party on his return from jail.  They voted him back into office as the Mayor and now City Councilman.  Is this his way of saying thanks to folks who had your back and now you tell them to kiss your jackass?

There are more white folks on welfare than there are blacks.  Barry sounds like he needs to pee-pee into a bottle to me!

Disrespect comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.  The members of the sports media has showered the same type of disrespect on McNabb, for example; Sally Jenkins a sports columnist for the Washington Post took the liberty to lay the blame for losing at the doorsteps of the quarterback.

I will bet she wrote the same type of column blaming former Redskin quarterback Jason Campbell.

My question, how and when did Ms. Jenkins and her kind become an expert on what it takes to win a game in the NFL on any given Sunday?  Has she ever taken a snap from center, ran a down and out or dropped back into pass protection?

I find it amazing how these talking and writing heads are experts and have never played the game!  I would bet if McNabb asked Ms. Jenkins to run a post pattern she would run to 15th L Street NW to the Washington Post.

I remember when one of his players asked baseball manager Lou Pinella, after a series of dumb questions by reporters following a tough lost “what are the requirements to be a sports reporter in America?  Pinella smiled and said “A valid driver’s license.”  Meet Sally Jenkins and 90 percent of her colleagues.

For some reason black men in American are under the impression that it is not a good thing to show anger.  It is believed that anger shows weakness and anger derails the thought process in so-called leadership.

If you show anger you are than faced with the designated tag “Trouble Maker.”

The sad part of Courtland’s column was when he had to write “It’s bad enough that there are so few black men in public life who can be thought of as feared and respected-except for athletes such as, LeBron James.”

Its the truth and at the same time a low-blow to those black men that Ebony Magazine picks among their 100 most important blacks in America every year.  It is really nothing more than a “Dog & Pony Show.”

But according to the December issue of GQ Magazine U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder is as big and bad as they come.  He stands for something and does not fall for anything.  Holder’s run ins with Chief of Staff Raul Emanuel are made for supermarket tabloids.

Rapper Kanye West will kick himself when he reads Eric Holder’s take on the George Bush White House.

West called Bush a racist and said he didn’t care about blacks after his slow re-actions to hurricane Katrina. .  He recently apologized.

Holder’s recollections of Bush’s dismantling of the Civil Rights Division in the Department of Justice was criminal.  Bush does have a serious problem with black folks.

There are blacks in the sports media who are scare of their own shadows.  They see and hear wrong and say nothing.

When radio bad boy Don Imus called the Rutgers women’s basketball team a bunch of nappy headed hoes several years ago everybody was up in arms.  This was a “safe issue” to be black, loud and proud because there were even white folks calling Imus out.

In February 2010 “The Good Old Boy” Mike Greenberg co-host of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the morning called the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, ‘Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Coon King.’  The silence by blacks in sports media was deafening.

This was done during Black History Month 2010.  The only one to call him out in public was one of the biggest frauds in sports media—John Thompson.

Bill Rhoden is a sports columnist for the New York Times and the author of a book titled “Million Dollar Slaves.”  The book chronicled the play for pay high price black athletes in professional sports.

In his book Rhoden was the kettle calling the pot black, the biggest plantation in America is a newsroom at deadline!

When former NFL QBs Doug Williams and Shack Harris asked Rhoden to be a member of their Board of Directors for their new Hall of Fame, his editor said “No way.”

I must have missed Rhoden’s column condemning Greenberg for calling Dr. King out of his name!  If I missed it I would appreciate someone e-mailing it to me so that I can apologize to Bill Rhoden.

I am looking forward to Black History Month 2011 to hear if Mike Greenberg got Dr. King’s name right!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger a national radio talk show host resigned under pressure recently after using the word nigger repeatedly.  This was done while discussing a problem with a black woman who called her for advice.

Just like Imus there was another talk show waiting for her on XM Satilite Radio.  Now she says, “It is great to be somewhere where I am free to say whatever I want.”  As my “Good Friend” Don King would say, ‘Only in America.’

When I hear that someone in our community is called an “Angry black man” I think back to the interview on 60 Minutes with the CEO and Founder of the Dance Theatre of Harlem.

When the interviewer Morley Safer questioned him about his response about black folks not supporting each other, Safer said, you sound like you are angry.”

The CEO looked him straight in his eyes and said “You show me a black man or woman in America who is not angry and I will show you a black man and woman who both need to see a psychiatrist.”

I could not have said it better myself!

I remember a caller dialing into my sports talk show back in the day and complaining about me mixing sports and politics, I told him then as is now they are one of the same!

Below is the link to the column written by Courtland Milloy

HB Program Notes: A Christmas present for the followers of “The Original Inside Sports.” The show will be seen and heard on WWW/WPGR.TV World Wide Web via the Internet the day after Christmas (Monday December 26th) 7 pm.

Harold Bell is the Godfather of Sports Talk radio and television. Throughout the mid-sixties, seventies and eighties, Harold embarked upon a relatively new medium–sports talk radio with classic interviews with athletes and sports celebrities.  The show and format became wildly popular. Who better than Harold Bell to put together classic interviews with his legendary celebrity friends.


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