How Many African Americans Participate In Outdoors Activities?

By Candice Price

One very perplexing question today would be how many black people actually engage in some sort of outdoor activity.  These outdoor sports would include hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, camping, etc. The question is very pertinent because of the millions of dollars that is used to purchase these expenditures that go along with theses sports that are not being talked about it. Everyday reports go out about what is being spent and by whom, but when it comes to black people and outdoors nobody says a word because after all the prevailing thought is that black folks don’t do the outdoors thing.

So today we would like to ask the question just how many people do you know does or have done some sort of activity in outdoors? Just think about it for a second. Did you or do you have a friend or relative that is involved in outdoors? The majority of people are going to smile and answer the question by saying; I do know somebody directly that does this. It may even bring back happy memories about this particular person. You may say things like I remember granddaddy Big Jim would bring home all that wild stuff and throw it up on the kitchen counter and Mother Dear would sometimes holler a little but we would end up having a good hot meal. Or it could be Uncle Buddy stays out on that water all day. You might even talk about your crazy cousin that has that real good job and he has that big old RV that he sleeps in, in front of his perfectly good house. The bottom line is that most of us know somebody who does the outdoors or belongs to a group that engages in some form it.

We really want to know who is out there because it is important to represent. We believe that the numbers are in the millions and we also believe we are spending multimillions of dollars in this arena. If we can find out and substantiate our true numbers, this can help us create new jobs in an industry that says we don’t exist.  The market will eventually have to respond to the realities. Outdoors world is a very important component to our everyday life because it deals underneath the surface with all of our Natural Resources, meaning the land, the water that we drink and the air that we breathe. All the basics to our very survival, so the outdoor sports are on the outer realm but underneath is our life source so becoming engaged is essential for all of our future.

So the question is,”Do you know someone who engages or has engaged in the outdoor sports?” Let us know by email at or Facebook Urban American Outdoors. We are very interested in the outcome and we will keep you abreast of our findings, we are quite sure that the numbers will be huge.

Candice Price is the Executive Producer “Urban American Outdoors” located at, the first multicultural reality sports adventures show.  Over the past several years under the tutelage of Wayne Hubbard, Candice is becoming an authentic urban outdoors woman, who now has knowledge and lives the urban outdoors lifestyle.


8 Responses to “How Many African Americans Participate In Outdoors Activities?”

  1. I may get in trouble for saying this. But most black folks I know mostly don’t do outdoor activities like most white people. I live not far from a lake where we take our boat. I was only black person at the lake on a boat. Very few blacks at the lake were on dock fishing.

    We sometimes go hunting & again mostly whites were present. Even at the gun range I did not see any blacks (except for myself). I don’t know the true reason for this.

    Most blacks I know don’t even know how to swim. Yrs ago some blacks were playing in what was thought to be a shallow creek. They must of gone too far out & drowned. Not a single 1 knew how to swim.

    As a general whole, blacks should be involved in outdoor activities. My specualtion is that blacks tend to shy away from rural settings that involve outdoor life. Blacks tend to stay in city areas that removes them from nature.

  2. I was wondering Arlenearmy, what region do you live in because that would depend on the visibility of seeing blacks outdoors. There are many active outdoor sports associations across the country in which Black people belong. We have people who ski, scuba dive, cycle, hunt and fish and believe me the numbers are in the millions. Our problem is that there is no Media presence. If you don’t see it on TV it must not exist. Media is one of the heaviest influencers we have on our mind. That is why what we do with our show Urban American Outdoors is important to help give Outdoors a diverse voice and to help break some of these stereotypes of Do Blacks Do Outdoors.

    • fred sims Says:

      I camp , hike , hunt ,fly kites ,rock climb and play in the in the snow. My kids do aw well. Some of thier friends ask them are they tyring to be “white”.Example several years ago I coached a high school fencing team as did a friend of mine also black. Our teams held a duel meet at a local rec center. We had a total of 20 black teens in thier white fencing gear.A brother off the street came in and said “ain’t no niggers zorro”He felt it was his duty to remind us that we were no better than him. I yelled back at you right “nigger don’t do anything, black folks do everything”Many of us hold those self limiting attudes and that’s just what they do limit us.

      • A lot of this boils down to the lack of exposure and miseducation. If they don’t see it on TV then it is fiction. Positive Media Images is very important to counter this deadbrain syndrome and that’s why we cover stories such as yours to show the world that we do it all and do it well!

  3. interesting question.

  4. I recently got into Archery. After retirement from the military, I have always romanticized about this weapon. I have after all fired many modern weapons. I recently moved to Ohio from California and visited a store name Cabela’s in West Virginia. Of the three times I was there, the last two visits were uncomfortable. I felt the stares and the lack of service was incredible. I was the only black person in the store. African Americans should enjoy the outdoors but of course, the media has a huge negative influence on the minds of the inexperienced.

    • Dude it’s Cabela’s.The company is connected at the hip to the NRA. Online or on the phone they are ok and they have some good stuff at good prices but they are still in that racist mindset.It might be a simple lack of exposure after all it’s West Virginia.

  5. Nic D. Walker Says:

    Black americans enjoy the outdoors just as much as any other group in this country. In fact we as a people hunt more days per season than any other group, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The information is available on their web-site under reports or studies. As a blackman who loves the outdoors, I understand the frustrations and I am determined to discredit the myths. Blacks do hunt 74% of the nation’s black hunters are out of the South Eastern part of the country, 14% are out of the Mid-West the remaining, 12% are scatterd throuhout other parts of the

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