10 Brothers Who Didn’t Do Us Any Favors In 2010

From Left to Right:  Ron Christie, Bishop Eddie Long, LeBron James and Michael Steele

As the year 2010 comes to an end, we decided to take a quick look backwards to see what lessons we learned from 2010.  As a result, we stumbled on 10 brother who did not do the community any favors.  Some of these brothers continued to portray black men in a negative fashion, while others put their foot in their mouth and made excuses for their objectionable behavior.  And still there were others who simply exercised poor judgment.
All of these brothers made what many would consider to be more than a decent living last year in terms of their income.  So on one hand, we’re not mad at them.  On the other hand, some of these guys are making a living and perpetuating negative stereotypes of blacks men.  Hey, it’s just a list.  It’s our opinion.
Take a look and tell us what you think?  Anyone you would add?  Anyone you would remove?

  1. Michael Steele – Dude wants to be loved by the Republicans, who can’t stand him.  He consistently puts his foot in his mouth.
  2. Jesse Jackson, Jr. – Dude got caught up in an inappropriate relationship with a woman who was NOT his wife.  Jackson, Jr. has trouble “manning up” to the truth in this area, even after you get busted.  Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  3. Flava Flav -This founding member of the legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy continues to keep negative stereotypes alive about black men.  Flav is set to release his autobiography, Icon, in March 2011.  In the memoir Flav will reflect on his rap career, his struggle with drug abuse, and his reality TV success.  (Yawn)
  4. Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. –  Can you say ignorant ass N#$ga?  No amount of money can buy you class and manners.  Mayweather is facing a felony coercion, grand larceny and robbery case stemming from a September 2010 dispute with his children and their mother at her home.  Mayweather goes to trial in January 2011 and could face up to 34 years in prison if convicted.  On top of all that he refuses to fight Manny Pacquio.  He says he’s not scared, but we think otherwise.
  5. Bishop Eddie Long – Preacher man was accused by several young men in his church of coercing them into sex.  Did you get a look at the Bishop with his Spandex pants posing in the bathroom mirror?  That not only gets you on our list, you get to merge into the “fast lane” to Hell.
  6. Alvin Greene – Alvin Greene’s candidacy in the South Carolina Senate race was an embarrassment and a disgrace. Yes it was his right to run, however, he was not prepared and often appeared to be out of touch on the main issues and incoherent.
  7. Antoine Dodson – The YouTube sensation let his 15 minutes of fame go to his head.  Mr. Dodson needs to go away somewhere.  Just go away.
  8. LeBron James – For his ESPN televised special “The Decision.”  We don’t fault him for leaving Cleveland, but how he left Cleveland.
  9. Jermaine Jackson – In September 2010, Jackson filed child support papers in L.A. County Superior Court claiming he cannot afford $3,000 a month payments for sons Jermajesty and Jaafar.  Jackson claims he is broke and is asking the judge to reduce his monthly child support payments to $215 a month.  The kids were living with his mother while Jackson and his wife lived in a rented mansion that is about to go into foreclosure.  Jackson recently filed a police report claiming that over $150,000 in clothing and jewelry was stolen from his home.  Jackson probably spends more than $215 a month on hair grease, spray and gel.  Men must make an effective effort to take care of their children and spend time quality with them.
  10. Ron Christie – We’re all for diverse opinions, but this dude is off the rails like a runaway train.  This political commentator is constantly on national television often defending and supporting Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Michael Steele, Dick Cheney, the Tea Party Movement and more.  Dude will say just about anything to defend the GOP even if it goes against the “community.”  Christie is smart, smug, arrogant, petty and a whiner.  We give the brother credit.  He’s probably the most consistent of this bunch.

Honorable MentionTavis Smiley (for being Tavis), Cornel West (for being out there), Tom Joyner and J. Anthony Brown (for “clowning” on syndicated radio when discussing serious topics) and Jesse Jackson, Sr., who despite his good deeds has enough baggage to make this list.

If you’ve never heard of or seen Antione Dodson, you can watch the video that made him an Internet personality.


11 Responses to “10 Brothers Who Didn’t Do Us Any Favors In 2010”

  1. Right on the BUTTON!

  2. I def co-sign Tom & J Anthony… Those two just can’t be serious for 10 seconds… smh…

  3. In Gil Scott Heron’s legendary poem “H2O blues”, he recounts the gang of masterminds who orchestrated the Watergate Office break in. Halderman, Erlichman, Mitchell and Dean…it follows a pattern if you dig what I mean. The cast of Republican darkies scurrying down Wall Street. These “Black” men and others who have made money and profited from taking a knee instead of taking a stand should be grateful for having a platform on the coattails of President (I love saying that) Obama. Less we forget, we do now have a Black President among the rolls of previous and future Presidents. These “brothers” have taken advantage of the newness of our power and prestige at the cost of their very soul and the denigration of our freedom fighters who would have given their right arm to see the day where America I lead by a man of African decent.

    So what do we make of these men, really nothing. They neither spin nor toil and yet God watches over them as well. What good thing will they leave behind… nothing. While some of the names are not that note worthy, let’s take a look at the policy makers, the leaders and those who have squandered their gifts.

    1. Bishop Eddie Long: whether those young men were positioning themselves to reap the benefits of being in Long’s entourage remains to be seen, the main thing is to be watchful so that the appearance of impropriety is not subject to scrutiny.

    2. Ron Christie: A new author who touts the idea that he is victimized for “acting white.” His new book “ACTING WHITE” talks about his trials and tribulation as a Black republican and how peoples like Maxine Waters made him feel less than a black person. Well my brother, it wasn’t Maxine who made you feel that way. You are the responsible party for being the “one of the good ones” for the media machine that seeks to pull down any accomplishment that PRESIDENT Obama has made.
    3. Adrian Fenty: Sure, we must prepare for the new paradigm of leadership that doesn’t see profit in seeking conventional wisdom. But to disrespect Maya Angelou and Dorothy Height goes beyond the pale. They are our elders and deserve better and greater than you will ever be.
    4. James David Manning: This so called preacher (with a small ‘p’) has a burr in his saddle about President Obama and takes the word ‘disrespect’ to a whole new low. His willingness to make a name for himself by casting aspersions on a man he only knows through FOX news is shameful.
    5. Jack Johnson: Whether the “pay for play” indictment holds for the former Prince George’s County Maryland County Executive remains to be seen, but for a husband and a man to tell his wife to stuff dollar bills in her bra would only work at the strip club.

    That’s my start and I gotta run….more to come…

  4. Jeff the Interpreter Says:

    6. Albert Haynesworth: From the time he was big enough to recognize that he had the attributes to be a gifted athlete he received every courtesy and opportunity to perform. With hard work and tenacity he was able to be acquire a substantial contract that should take care of himself and his family for a life time. And with that in mind for him to conjure up the image of slavery as a defense for resisting his “employer’s” demand that he perform in their system is ridiculous. Take a trip to Gorre Island, visit the slave dungeon, view the shackles and yokes worn by captured Africans, read the slave narratives then tell me you were treated like a “slave”.

    7. Charlie Rangel: War Veteran, Advocate, Chairman of the Ways and Means committee, season politician. YOU could have quashed this a long time ago. Nothing wrong with being proud just beware of his twin brother “arrogance”.

    8. Tyler Perry: A case study on self-sacrifice, determination and personal triumph. Recent success in films, outpouring of support to persons less fortunate and honest humility clouded over by the television image of dysfunctional men with the bug eyes and “huckel buck” dance. Peek over in Kelsey Grammer’s camp and take a couple of notes, television needs better, you can do better.

    9. Gilbert Arenas: Gifted athlete, franchise player, noted underachiever. Help me with the punchline of: Man walks into a locker room and finds human feces in this shoes… or pay me my money or I’ll bring my arsenal to work or I got a new contract in Florida…Hey girlfriend and kids…I’ll holla at you later…come on…I’m waiting to laugh.

    10. (A Triple) Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey (Yeah, Uncle Steve): Major media market share in the drive time slot, noted community activism, philanthropic influence, so can you turn humor up a notch? Do we all have to sound like fools? Can we pronounce words correctly, show more reverence to the Black Preacher and cut the “Amos and Andy” banter? People are listening…young people are listening.

    Lastly, Me: Noted accomplishment, recognized skills, influential in your own arena…don’t rest, be the best, don’t stop, keep going, don’t slow down, speed up. You ain’t done…you’ve only just begun!

  5. Linda the analyst Says:

    Yes, I would like to comment on this article. In John 7:24. Jesus tells us to judge, but to do so righteously. Righteously means to use the Truth of the Word to discern sins and not by appearances only. In 1Cor. 6:2-3 Jesus authorizes us to judge. Judge we must else we could not discern good from bad, proper from improper, righteousness from evil. But judge behavior, not the individual; the deed not the doer; the choice not the chooser. The individual/doer/chooser is accountable for his/her deed/choice, but judge the deed/choice in your judgment. Jesus could see a king in a shepherd boy. And an Apostle in a murderer. So while we must judge one’s behavior we must try to nurture the goodness in an individual: to separate the deed from the doer. Now to say all this I would like to say this, the Bible says in John 8:7 “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” so to the Author of this article, What are your flaws that you made during the year of 2010? Or are you too embarrassed to say them….hummmm.

  6. I agree with your list of “brothers” who didn’t do us any favors. I would have added Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, who to my knowledge are very selfish and haven’t done anything to aid the black community. I don’t why these guys are so special, all have cheated on their wives. Adultery is wrong, no matter who does it!!!

  7. I feel Lebron James showed he could think for himself and not follow the wishes of others. If his desire was to be with his friends, it should be an example for other black young men, who often choose conditions that’s often financially and socially painful over having some true relationship with men.


  9. I disagree about Cornell West it’s time Black folks stop confusing the President Obama with God. And Tom and J do a comical show with news items, that’s what they do much like Jon Stewart.

  10. I don’t have a response to half of those people on the list its really sad though…to see any of the jackson family in bad standing just grinds my gears. anyway check out this blog site very insight full.


  11. Watch last seasons…

    […]10 Brothers Who Didn’t Do Us Any Favors In 2010 « Black Men In America[…]…

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