By Harold Bell

I wish comedian Bill Cosby would call out some of these black ministers, politicians, pro athletes and so-called community leaders who are stealing us blind and leading us down a path that is anything but Godly.

I wish for President Barack Obama in 2012, with legacy intact, that he says to the American people “Take this job and shove it.”

I wish Congressman James Clyburn a job with White House security being the shadow for President Sara Palin.

I wish a jail cell filled with crying towels for Congressman Charlie Rangel and his colleagues who think they are above the law and no longer work for the people who voted them into office.

I wish new DC Mayor Vincent Gray a long memory of Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson and former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty. Hopefully, he does not forget that “Big Brother” is watching him and the “usual suspects” on his staff and on the City Council.

I wish DC City Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr. a visit from the IRS for stealing monies in the name of children and a somber 2011.

I wish for former Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson to meet my Pen Pal convict “Big Dick Willie” in the shower.

I wish black folks in the Prince George’s section of Mitchellville would get over calling themselves the most affluent and richest black county in America!  They are not even the most affluent and richest county in Maryland it is Accokeek and Fort Washington.  Let’s keep it real!

I wish former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has a similar encounter with “Big Dick Willie’s” brother in the same shower.

I wish Jack Johnson’s crooked colleagues a knock at their doors from the FBI with papers saying “Happy New Year.”

I wish that former Prince George’s County States Attorneys Alex Williams, Jack Johnson, Glenn Ivey and retired Judge William Missouri’s children and grandchildren have encounters with Prince George’s County Police while driving black.

I wish for “Mayor for Life” and author of the famous last words “The bitch set me up” Marion Barry a recovery of his loss of memory.  He seems to have forgotten the welfare check he has been receiving since his arrival from Mississippi.  He owes thanks to the loyal but misguided black voters in NE and SE DC for his political success!  He also seems to have forgotten there are more whites on welfare than there are blacks!

I wish new Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker to wake up every morning with a mirror with Jack Johnson’s face in it.  He needs to discard the one with the image of Wayne Curry.

I wish pimps in the pulpits in black churches across America, like Bishop Eddie Long of Atlanta, Georgia, will wake up congregations that will send them to the dung heap of society where they belong.

I wish for new DC City Councilman Chairman Kwame Brown to switch places with his NBA name sake and washout Kwame Brown.  I will guarantee that you would never know the difference both are in over their heads.

I wish Tiger Woods re-discovers his golf game and a “sister” to help with him recover his identity.

I wish and hope for QB Donovan McNabb to find the balls to stand up to Mike and Kyle Shanahan and say “I am somebody and I want out of this fiasco.”

I wish for Washington Redskin owner Dan Snyder to confess that he is George Preston Marshall in disguise.

I wish against all odds QB Michael Vick the 2010 NFL MVP despite the media naysayers and dog lover’s barks of discontent.

I wish to read the columns of Washington Post sports columnists Tracee Hamilton and Sally Jenkins apologizing to former Redskin QB Jayson Campbell for making him the 2009 scapegoat—-wishful thinking again.

I wish credentialed members of the sports media some “Game” and insight into the columns they write covering sports and hopefully they remember it takes more than a valid driver’s license to qualify as a sportswriter.

I wish former NFL San Francisco 49ers’ head coach Mike Singletary another head coaching job where the players can appreciate his emotional temperament and compassion for winning.

I wish some judge will grant an injunction barring all women in sports media from the Men’s locker rooms, ditto for the men–no access to the Women’s locker rooms.

I wish Washington Caps and new Wizard’s owner Ted Leonis another Gilbert Arenas without the excess baggage and a winning streak for both franchises.

I wish Wizards cornerstone rookies John Wall an injury free career and JaVale McGee an out of body encounter with the late great Wilt Chamberlain for a lesson on how to stay out of foul trouble.

I wish NBA Hall of Fame player Adrian Dantley the balls to warn other black athletes about how sports agent David Falk and his kind misuse millions of dollars while managing their pro careers.

I wish L. A. Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson an assignment on the front lines of the Afghanistan war next Christmas day.  I am willing to bet his line of thinking against NBA players playing on Christmas day changes.  He needs to thank our troops for making it safe and possible for them to play on Christmas Day.

I wish the Washington Nationals would re-hire the greatest baseball mind in the history of the franchise–Frank Robinson.

I wish for boxing promoter Don King a job working for boxing promoter Bob Arum and Mike Tyson.  Kings first assignment, sign NBA heavyweights JaVale McGee and Andre Blatche to boxing contracts.

I wish the hypocrites that run the plantation component of the NCAA a visit from the mafia.  The Godfather will be asking for his fair share of the millions of tax free dollars they take in every year as a result of free slave labor.

I wish the black brothers working for ESPN remind Mike Greenberg of the “Mike & Mike” radio show the correct spelling and pronunciation of Rev. Martin Luther King’s name.  His name is spelled K-I-N-G and not C-O-O-N.

I wish Bob Schieffer CBS moderator for “Face the Nation” better luck this year in picking his alma mater TCU in a Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin.

I wish a cure of early Alzheimer’s disease (lost of memory) for John Thompson (ESPN), James Brown (CBS), Sugar Ray Leonard (ESPN), Adrian Branch (ESPN), Adrian Dantley (NBA), Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins (Radio & TV One), Kevin Blackistone and his mom (ESPN), Jair Lynch (Olympic Gymnast), Omar Tyree (author), Jamie Foster Brown (Sister 2 Sister Magazine), Glen Harris (TV 8 Sports), Earl Lloyd (NBA) and Howard White (Nike).

Hopefully, the cure will remind them that they came through Kids In Trouble and Inside Sports before their 15 minutes of fame.

I wish the best for those who remembered to keep reaching back to help others and keep making children first.

I wish the hijackers of INSIDE SPORTS the Washington Post and News Week Magazine (own copyrights) and co-conspirators John Walsh (ESPN VP) and former Sports Editor George Solomon their own bylines in hell.

I wish for myself the gift of forgiveness in 2011.  Happy New Year!

Harold Bell is the Godfather of Sports Talk radio and television. Throughout the mid-sixties, seventies and eighties, Harold embarked upon a relatively new medium–sports talk radio with classic interviews with athletes and sports celebrities.  The show and format became wildly popular. Who better than Harold Bell to put together classic interviews with his legendary celebrity friends.


4 Responses to “NEW YEAR WISHES 2011”

  1. Dude, you need to get a life! You are in everybody elses business and need to get some business of your own. How bout that for a 2011 new years resolution for you!?

  2. I wish you came up with better wishes because those were lame.

  3. Ron Dearing Says:

    Hey Guy’s,
    Everybody needs to chill, during these last days of “Black History Month” The focus should clearly be on a positive re-commitment cetered around the obvious. Let us continue this journey that will find it’s destination on the National Mall August 28th 2011. The dreamer and the dream should be a focal point. Funds are still needed to complete this dedication.
    On 02-27-11 there will be a fundraiser concert with Dave Bass (The voice of Sam Cooke) performing at the Calvary Episcopal Church and that’s a positive fact.

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