A Stronger America: The Black Agenda

MSNBC’s “A Stronger America: The Black Agenda” had some extremely lively discussion – especially between Dr. Cornel West and Rev. Al Sharpton.  Other thought leaders were featured on this special discussing politics, education, incarceration rates amongst African Americans, and so much more.  If you missed the special you can check out the highlights below.

Clips from “A Stronger America: The Black Agenda”

1. Politics and the black agenda: Have the recent political debates brought to light issues African-Americans care about? Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, Democratic strategist Karen Finney and NAACP’s Ben Jealous discuss.


2. Dr. King’s legacy: If Dr. King were alive today, would he be in the front in the fight for unions? TheGrio.co’s Jeff Johnson, Marc Morial of the National Urban League, and journalist Karen Hunter, talk about Dr. King’s legacy.


3. Closing the education gap for African Americans: NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo shares the stark statistics about how the U.S. education system isn’t working for African Americans. American Federation of Teacher Randi Weingarten, Department of Education’s Russlyn Ali, and director of “Excellent Education for Everyone,” discuss on msnbc.


4. Incarceration vs. education: Why does the world’s richest country spend more money to keep African Americans behind bars than it does to provide them with the education that could lead to success? Panelists for “A Stronger America: The Black Agenda” discuss on msnbc.


5. Jim Brown: Focus on at-risk youth: Football hall of famer and founder of Amer-I-Can Jim Brown, a non-profit that focuses on education of at-risk youth, says addressing family and community issues will also improve the opportunities for young African-Americans.


3 Responses to “A Stronger America: The Black Agenda”

  1. Man, you are a great website. I will access you as much as possible.
    As a mixed, yet really black bro, I value your info.

    Peace, man


  2. laughable Says:

    what agenda? Black ppl can barely be cordial with each other. Crips, bloods, east coast, west coast, etc….blacks know conflict going back to tribals lol….if they can be civilize towards each other would be the only agenda. its to the point other ppl of other races have distorted views of blacks and dont even respect blacks not eventeh ones that pretend to love them so much. i see for instance how its a situation where black men are playing themselves but sometimes those who thinking they are playing might as well be played.

  3. It’s apparent, using the same “old-heads” for advice isn’t working. Until Black People admit WE are at the root of our problems, single parenthood has been an albatross, and STUPID is STOOPID, we are going to self-eradicate.

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