President Obama Reaches Out To The Black Community On The Web

By Gary A. Johnson

As the President gears up for his re-election campaign, it should be no surprise that the Obama administration recently unveiled a new web site to highlight its work and increase its connection with the black community.  The web site is the administration’s way of reaching out and sharing information of interest to black Americans.  According to the web site:  “Since his first day in office, President Obama has been working to secure the future prosperity of the African American Community through efforts such as increasing access to health care, creating jobs, revitalizing schools, and the development of targeted job creating investments in underserved communities. While much more needs to be done, we are making progress. This site is a tool for you to learn about how the President’s Agenda is helping to win the future among African-American Communities.”

The site has the latest blog post, fact sheets and more.  Click here to visit the web site.  You can even sign-up to receive e-mail alerts, browse through a photo gallery and watch videos such as the White House tribute to The Sound of Young America:  The History of Motown, a panel discussion with Motown Founder Berry Gordy, singer Smokey Robinson and singer John Legend.

The direct link to the White House Web site is:


One Response to “President Obama Reaches Out To The Black Community On The Web”

  1. Black men in America should be considered a protected class and and whites should support this the black man is the most oppressed creature on the face of the earth .

    I have partaken in struggles ,seen struggles ,have watched familes break apart due to a lack of income .I have watched men sell there bodies change there voice and do things to survive .

    As I felon I have talked with many African American men and there problems is that they have been denied the right to live with dignity .
    The have been denied the right to have there own lives .

    The believe it is a women that defines them .And many of these men go to prison over and over trying to hold on to things ,the need a reason to work and live ,something greater than a prison ceil or living at there mommas house washing dishes .

    I drive a Toyato Echo one of the smallest cars on the market its just a few inches longer than a Geo Metro .I already had a half of a tank and it cost 30 bucks to fill up there other half of the tank .

    I am lucky I get SSI due to a back injury and other issues but many many many many many black men are denied help denied SSI .
    Do we expect men to live on wages like this .Its disgusting where I live at this moment will not allow me to live here if they knoew I was a felon .Where could I go and even with my education I cant get a job that pays over 9.00 a dog can not live or bathe on suck wages .

    I hoe that people go to the ghettos of Florida and review the tenants thave lived in the ghettos there and you will see that are the young black men are going to jail .

    We automatically think that if a man can not stand on his own two feet he is ill or a drunk men do not need sober homes and homeless shelters they need living space ,friends ,social lives ,skills a reason to live .

    If we can not respect black men we can not respect no other race and have no reason to fight in other land till we can allow our men to live in there ghettto independenly and free from housing discrimantion .If we can not do this we need more prisons .Families may not like it but that life we all have a right to live here .

    Just look at a tree and see its branches they are connected to the tree for a reason and so are people .We can not declare to stand for freedom but our men can not work and live in there ghetto .I say this with love and hope for black people because they have helped me in times of trouble some have latinos and whites .

    I hope to see a day where people I grew up with in the past can move out of the mothers house in there 40s and 50s atleast and be given the god given right to live in there communites that is my dream for black men that is what I dream for all of man and women we all have the right to live here.


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