Could Herman Cain Be The Next Black President?

This post is NOT an endorsement of Herman Cain.  Nor is it a swipe at President Obama.  As candidates prepare for the 2012 election and with Herman Cain turning a lot of heads, we simply ask the question:  Could Herman Cain by the next black President?

Many of you are asking:  “Who is Herman Cain?”  Herman Cain is a black Republican running for President of the United States of America.  In fact, a group of South Carolina Republicans were electronically monitored for their reaction to candidates as they watched the first Republican debate.  Before the debate, only one person in the focus group said they had heard of Herman Cain.  At the end of the debate the focus group was asked who they thought won the debate.  The focus group responded that the clear winner of the debate was Herman Cain.

Herman Cain is a newspaper columnist, a very successful businessman, political activist, and radio talk show host.  He is best known as the former Chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.  Also known as the “Herminator,” Cain is a Tea Party favorite with his views on taxes and health care.

Cain is a smart and polished candidate.  The fact that he has never held elected office is seen by him as a positive.  Cain is quick to point out that the people who are running the country have political experience and that’s not working well for the citizens of this country.  So remember the name Herman Cain.

Check out this video of Herman Cain.


27 Responses to “Could Herman Cain Be The Next Black President?”

  1. R Hunter Says:

    Why, just because he’s a Republican? think President Obama is doing a great job. I wouldn’t change my vote for any else. All I have heard from the Republicans is there foul mouths.

  2. There will never be another Black President after Barack H. Obama. Mark My words.

  3. A Black Republican or Black member of the Tea Party will never become President of the United States. White America will never let this happen again.

    • I am a 62 year old white guy, and I hope to be able to help elect Herman Cain President, and I would feel the same if he were white, green, or purple. Simply put, the man is real, is honest and plain spoken, and makes sense to those of us who love the America of “empowerment” where anyone can become successful via hard work and perseverance, rather than through “entitlements”. His real life accomplishments make him credible as a major problem solver, several times over. He is just the sort of man our Republic needs if we are to survive in any form resembling what we were when we rightfully became the leader of the modern world. I am talking about the Food Chain, and #2 is not anyplace we want to be. If you are one who works and adds value, or wish to live where it is easy to become such a one, you owe it to yourself to check this guy out and then decide. While you are deciding, take a moment to look your children and your grandchildren in their faces, and to consider what kind of world you wish to leave them…

      • Good points Ed. When you consider the state of this country, this solution has less to do with race and everything to do with selecting the most qualified person for the job. It will be interesting to see how far Herman Cain can go in the Republican presidential race. He’s very impressive and he appears to have the courage to withstand all the haters and naysayers out there. As the 2012 campaign season begins I will take note of how Cain is treated by the people in his party, the media and the American public. That will say a lot about us as a nation.

      • Melody Winfield Says:

        The words honesty and Republican are incompatible.

      • Gee, Melody, sorta like “liberal” and “thought”?

  4. No… he would be the first ALL black president…and a damn good one as well!

  5. I love Herman Cain. This is a no nonsense kind of guy and what we need in the White House. He would make a GREAT President. I support him 100%. Go Cain!!!!

  6. GigiLane912 Says:

    ha, He’s no Barack Obama.

  7. I was reading something else about this on another site. Interesting, your linear perspective on it is diametrically contradicted to what I read before. I am still mulling over the opposite points of view, but I am tipped heavily toward yours. And no matter, that’s what is so good about contemporary democracy and the marketplace of thoughts online.

  8. Democrats & college students voted for Prez Obama to prove they weren’t racist,….now they can vote for Herman Cain to prove they’re not stupid.

  9. I love Herman Cain he represents the values this country was founded on. His life story is one I hope I and my children can follow. He understands the importance of Christian values and that these values alone are what has allowed this country to be blessed & free. I respect him and look forward to voting for him. It is about time someone who has consistent convictions that will lead this great nation.

  10. I think this is one of the most craziest thing this man could do,to allow white americans to pit one black man against another in order to split the black votes .Iam willing to bet he’s being encouraged and pushed by a white man.

  11. Herman Cain is sure as heck being pushed by this white man- We need an actual non-hyphenated-American to help us out of this snollygoster (means what it sounds like- an ungodly mess). I give a rat’s behind about black vs. white. Our problem is RED, as in RED INK, and YELLOW, as in COWARD, when it comes to standing up and acting like Red Blooded Americans. The cure is RED, WHITE, AND BLUE. Period.
    Run, Herman, Run!

  12. Herman seems real at this time and has apparently been consistant in his views.
    His track record as an individual and businessman are out in the open. Let’s give him a chance to develop as a politician and not judge him by race or political party. He seems logical about the budget, history of the country, and brings the example of a man who has thrived in the land of the free and brave. Go Herman. If he continues to be logical and have a plan that beats what we have had from both parties of late!!

    • I agree. The door is open for all. If Herman Cane has a plan and his party’s support, he could shock many and alter the political landscape on the right side of the aisle. Should be interesting.

      • Mr. Cain to me looks so much better than the rest of the field, I am a white Con. from the South, he looks like a breath of fresh air to me. This man being Black and from the old South, knows what its like to be put down and yet he didn’t stay down. My kind of man, who gives a crap what color he is if he would be good for our Nation!!

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  18. U know what most of y’all on here talking down on obama are the same ones who was ready to put him in the chair he had alot of bs to clean up from the big mess bush created so for all u guys who r ready to put cain in the chair gudluck with dat cuz if he get in the chair and dnt do what u require of him u guys will turn on his ass to an plz stop all the black an white shit it’4 2011 grow the hell up an speak about the things that really matter like our kids and their future.

    • I would say that Herman Cain is red, white, and blue on the inside, and I trust his real world record of growing businesses, solving problems, and overall success to be excellent training for the most important turnaround in America’s history. Brains, humor, honesty, and common sense are a powerful, if rare, combination.
      Bachmann also brings a lot to the table, perhaps as VP…

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