Mans Futile Indifference with Little Consciousness of Reason

By T. Duffy

Regardless what man has done or capable of doing to help keep society moving forward, there is a darker-side they unsuspectingly mentally wrestle with, so most may not believe they should frequently assess their lives, especially since he’s often upset when he receives no measure of admiration for what’s often expected of him. Having minimum knowledge to go further with this, to me it seems to be a needed jolt to his adrenaline gland to keep the testosterone level from falling. Observing the character of many, we may see regardless of the level of education, accolades, riches, creed or even race, little about him or his demeanor differs from other men. So I can take this further by saying the same is common for men in every part of this planet. Of course there are those who express a difference, but any disagreement I could show they are few in comparison. It’s like believing if a person like Donald Trump had the same wealth as Bill Gates, his temperament would be the same. The truth is there wouldn’t be any change, because he has shown inherent in his character a mind-set that has always revealed a deeper side of contempt for anything he’s not able to control. So should we not believe [The Apprentice] isn’t a perfect platform to exercise it? Of course I could have shown others’ socially as well as economically, but the results would still be the same.

The probability of men acquiring a lasting misnomer starts soon after birth. Most are maturing in ways that often cause a significant and sometimes an almost foreseeable negative uniqueness, especially if the personality of the principal male during their growth who teaches, have no sense of balance. Example, from militia groups in this country, to terrorist’s factions in various parts of the world, young men are emerging following the perplexed psyche of older men who recruit them for fabricated warlike circumstances. But elsewhere the same are committing themselves to martyrdom with acts of violence, not realizing the principal notion is to reign over mankind to keep their sacred principles sovereign. [To further their objectives, one group use hateful rhetoric and intimidation, as the others deploy severe acts of violence that generate a more intense quandary. My views is not to say I’m a saint, better or even smarter, it’s accepting the notion to understand the probability of how this could have also affected my life. When I see or hear men sometimes using unclear rationale to convict other men for alleged offenses, I realize I must avoid the risk of being culpable. Such as when a policeman stops a car, believing the woman he see sitting in the passenger seat who seem to be crying, was  probably assaulted by the driver who’s male. The throw-back is discovering they were returning from the doctor who told them because of prior medical problems of one of them, their chance of having children was uncertain.

So it wasn’t unusual to sometimes be a little upset seeing or hearing the actions of my gender, since many situations gave me clear reasons to wonder why some almost ended up becoming volatile. Unfortunately there has to be some disapproval for this so far, if someone should believe I’m just another guy trampling on men again. But I believe to know the better-part of self, which would help to develop ones mindset, is to know what you’re capable of. A more obvious reason for some is to be able to distinguish the results of many domestic problems men have had or may experience. Most isn’t unfavorable because of what women will do or have done to them it’s what men do to other men to bring it about, since men generally fail to be the element of objectivity to administer fairness, unless their offenses cause them to recognize its necessity.    Anyway revealing some of the most shocking things men have done or capable of doing is too far-reaching to note, especially when there’s no reason to believe after reading and hearing what goes on daily, something divine will suddenly put a stop to it.  Although I’m in no position to change any of this, I sometimes feel I would rather be someone other than a man. Although that would be difficult, but not gay which I would automatically expect to be the subsequent viewpoint of a male reader? It would definitely not be someone who often asserts they are closer to the image of a God. If that was true God would seem to be as coldhearted and reckless as he, so maybe there shouldn’t be any need to censure, hearing the rising anger towards doubters feelings about a God from the most harden religious advocate today.

None of this has anything to do with elevating women above men, so I’m not someone who’s campaigning to save the sanctity of women because they to do it often and very-well. Besides I’ve always felt American women have their own cross to bear, since few would really believe narcissism is their Achilles’ heel. It’s to shine the light of hypocrisy on man’s reasoning to criticize, limit, remove and time and again penalize their gender without cause, besides adding a deeper deception how he often exert the need for morality more to other’s than self. The same things many say they detest such as being unfaithful, drugs or pornography they seem to migrate too often in scandalous situations. So my closing question is what is the forecast spiritually or otherwise for his life that set up the guide lines for his methods to determine his importance on earth? Is there really a specific distinction for men and women? What and who validates his motives that sometimes negatively affect the lives of entire societies? If the commandments is really genuine, was it written by a God only for women and children who God would understand know little about their true being? Nevertheless the better reason for my assessment is to hopefully get younger black men to look more closely at themselves with a since of logic for what they do, so they can bear in mind any reckless act using no rational, have and still can cause communities and their lives to face a sudden stalemate mirroring the dealings of impractical and overzealous men. Finally the concept that men must hold back his civility or it could show some vulnerability is just an idea created by men, yet inflamed by men regularly since most will test other men to confirm it.


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