Herman Cain 2012

This post is NOT an endorsement of Herman Cain.  Nor is it a swipe at President Obama.  As candidates prepare for the 2012 election, Herman Cain is the hottest thing in the Republican Party’s Presidential showcase.  We know it is very early in the race, but the question has been put out there.  Could Herman Cain by the next President?

Many of you are asking:  “Who is Herman Cain?”  Herman Cain is a black Republican running for President of the United States of America.  Cain, 65, is the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a cancer survivor and an Atlanta radio talk-show host.  He gets sustained standing ovations at almost every public appearance.  His “tell it like it is” style couple with his Tea Party-style rhetoric and his disdain for mainstream Republicans has made him popular candidate.  Recent polls have him ahead of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin.

Cain is a smart and polished candidate.  The fact that he has never held elected office is seen by him as a positive.  Cain is quick to point out that the people who are running the country have political experience and that’s not working well for the citizens of this country.  So remember the name Herman Cain.

You can learn more about Herman Cain by visiting his official presidential campaign web site at:  www.hermancain.com.

For the latest information on what President Obama and his administration are doing visit:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/africanamericans.

Herman Cain Photo Credit:  AP


6 Responses to “Herman Cain 2012”

  1. The media, and the estabishment GOP continue to ignore Herman Cain’s poll numbers.
    They are starting to look like biased fools when they keep promoting people like Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman and seldom even mention Cain.
    The people will decide this election and not the media or the elites.

  2. kathryn Calahan Says:

    I am on that Herman Cain Train. We need LEADERSHIP to restore this country to it’s foundings….Liberty and Personal Responsibiltiy. Empowerment not Entitlement, Strength and not Weakness, American patriotism, not Apology tours.

    God Bless YOU Herman Cain.
    May He deliver you to the White House!

  3. Montie Pierson Says:

    One of the biggest bamboozler uncle tom acts you can find in America. He, like a few others, are the biggest sham and a shame to the community. Please go away Herman Cain, please.
    Cain is harm to the [ able ] and dis-able.

  4. Hermain your on a roll were you in military. you said brainwash is stupid. obama did his best. I love him your republicans shut him down cause jfk plans dont work no more clinton plan with reagan is the only chose. 9-9-9 to much how about 678plan 8 going to the millionares. talk to to hillary Montana had a democrat as gov and a repulican as a vice goverern i think michell backmman will or newt will take to the white house quit fighting or ask them to stop bring us home

  5. TALENTED38 Says:

    Well I guesss we have never seen this scenerio. there was a female journalist on fox news who made a
    very good point. most or all candidates hire a private investigator to investigate themselves.
    if for no other reason to find what hidden skeletons are in their past and could com back to bite them.
    either Herman Cain and G.O.P believe they are untouchable or morons not to see that this card
    would be played. this man is the same as any other politician, but without the political experience,
    first he denied the alligtions took place. when that did not work, then he admitted something
    happened and tried to downplay the severity of it. now he is on the defensive about it ,
    what company do you know pays for baseless allegations? this pattern is nothing new ask
    John Edwards, but people say follow the money, not this time follow the wife, in my oppinon
    she knew this would happen, that is why you don’t see her by his side on the campaign trail with him.
    I don’t know about you, but I am always curios as to what a potential first lady thinks and feels about
    her husbands values, and reflect on him in a possitive light, but that is obviously not the case here, if
    you can’t get your wife to stand by you in times of adversity, then why should the voters ?
    this women knows that if and when this blows up, she still has to have a life,
    I believe that our leaders should reflect and be held to a higher standard than his people,
    they are the ones who decide, creat, and enforce the laws that dictate the way we live.
    people tend to turn the other way when someone they believe in turns out not to be who or what they thought
    they were, but those who know and understand the definition of insanity, are not going
    to be surprised if he becomes president and things get worst than they are now .

  6. Allan Hurst Says:

    Mr. Cain, there is nothing better then iron sharpining Iron. Stay in the fight you are better then all this BS in the media. We are human and hopefully forgiveness is all part of this experience. fight for America and walk your walk….

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