Happy Birthday Mr. President…No Matter What The Racist Say

By Jeff Bowden

Five years ago I hosted my 50th birthday party.  Heck I was half way to being 100 and I do plan on being 100. I invited all my closest and choices friends and family. I enjoyed best wishes and wonderful (Gary) tributes.  I was celebrated in sign language and in dance, I was fifty years old and I had a great time.  Everyone I know who reaches their fiftieth will do something special.  I went skydiving, didn’t go Rocky  Mountain climbing, and I’ve seen a guy go 3.7 seconds on a bull name…

Okay, what’s my point.  I am sick and tired of the ganging up, lambasting, criticizing, marginalizing and outright no holds barred, blatant, over the top, racism against Barack H. Obama.  Recently this strong, intelligent, noble Black man who is the President of the United States celebrated 50th years young.  He deserves it; like anyone else, he has a right; like anyone else, he’s earned it; like anyone else but for some reason the social construct that is the media, political system, and economic organizations don’t see it that way and so when George W. Bush can enjoy his birthday with his Texas cronies and not have it called a “redneck” gathering, when George H.W. Bush can celebrate by jumping out of a plane, it’s not called a “senior moment” or when Bill Clinton celebrate his birthday it not called an “outdated American Bandstand revival”.  President Obama when he has a birthday party that included people of all races, nationalities, social strata and professions. The racist media skips right past the Marine Corp Band, Stevie Wonder, Tom Hanks and Oprah and went straight to Jay Z, Charles Barkley, and Chris Rock and called his birthday party a “Hip Hop BBQ” and that for some reason that defies logic the party was supposed to stimulate job growth.  WTF?

Do these political, social and economic institutions really want a total collapse of the American society, it is really their aim to completely obliterate the systems of civility, do they really want a class and race war.  Because if this is what they want and all indications points to that, then what a rude awakening is before them when they invite folks to that Tea party and nobody comes.  What is equally troubling is the lack of a strong voice from person of other cultures and ethnic back grounds not yelling from the highest podium that we too are sick and tired of this.  Where is the voice of the notable leaders of other racial heritage speaking from their pulpits, universities, and businesses standing up and standing out against this nastiness. In a couple of weeks we will be unveiling the first and only national monument on the National Mall that will honor a man who neither achieve the office of president and was a Black man, never held a public office and was a Black man, never worked for the military and was a Black man, all he did was walk and talk, organized and spoke up, shared his vision and criticized racist and racism, liberated all people from a myopic perspective on equality and freedom.  This monument will honor sacrifice and selflessness for the greater good and yet when we celebrate with marches, songs, reading, speeches and prayers, waiting in the wings will be ignorance, prejudice and bigotry.  And we must insist that everyone speaks out.


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