Has Anyone Seen Our Old Friend Martin? He’s Not On The DC Mall

By Harold Bell

 In recent blogs (hbsportslegends.com) I have discussed the sad and poor state of Black America.  The recent topics were; A Crime: Being Black and Angry in America, The End of Anger, The Help: Role Models for Black Men in America.

The blogged story lines were followed with a commentary by television personality Tavis Smiley on CBS Sunday Morning.  The commentary spoke to how the poor has been overlooked in America by the Powers-To-Be and how 1% of America controls all the wealth!

Next there was a written commentary on the unveiling of the King stature by Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy.  I started to notice that their concerns were similar to mine!

For Tavis Smiley’s brutal but honest commentary click on link below


Black politicians and Black preachers continue to look the other way as “Business as Usual” is conducted at our expense.

The business; a white man makes 20 times the salary of a black man, unemployment in the black adult community doubles that in the white adult community, black youth unemployment doubles that of white youth unemployment.  The drop-out rate of black youth now hovers above 50%.

There is still Justice and Just-Us!  Jails have become “Big Business” and we are their business.

Crimes against black people are on the rise but you are not reading about them because main street media refuses to report it.

Remember the serial stabber in Michigan and the recent lynching by pick-up truck in Mississippi?  The more things change the more they remain the same, follow link below for update http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/08/06/mississippi.hate.crime/index.htm

The problem with most black people, they are shame to be black and poor.  It is rather tough to be rich when 1% of America controls all the wealth.

We are the last to know when there is an opportunity to join that 1% (stock market tips, sweetheart real estate deals, computers, cell phones, etc).

I don’t remember any of my friends telling me that Bill Gates (Google) or Steve Jobs (Apple) called them to attend a meeting because they had a hot tip that would make them rich!  I bet they called their friends and family.

Black people would rather put up a front Keeping up with the Jones than to admit “I cannot afford this home in Woodmore, Kettering, Largo, Fort Washington, The Hamptons, etc or the car note for this Mercedes. But I have to keep up my front!”

You wonder why the Asian own Toyota car company would flat out tell Black Media “We don’t need your business” after blacks have spend over 50 million dollars in car sales—-no respect!

There would be a different story if we start to buy American, but the Asian community is well aware we don’t stick together.  We have to be cool and be seen driving our Alexis down the highways and byways of main street America.  The Asians laugh all the way to the bank.

Columnist Courtland Milloy recently hit a Homerun as it relates to his column titled “Having a Black Sculptor for King would have been nice!”

I have been saying the exact same thing since the work was commissioned to the Chinese.  Why do we spend our money with people who don’t like us—Chinese don’t like black folks, but than again we don’t like each other!

I have often wondered where, how and when did we become so selfish, when did our word become nothing when we gave it?

Let me ask this question again would the Chinese commission a Black to carve out a sculpture of a Chinese leader?   The answer is no—case closed.

The China man chosen as the sculptor Lei Yixin can’t event speak broken english or ebonics!

It behooves me why that when blacks make a case of keeping and spending our monies in our own community the Race Card is played and we are called “Racist.”  Every group is allowed to spend money with their own but black people.  And you wonder why there is no “Old Money” in our community?

The reason, we are never allowed to accumulate any “Old Money” is because we are to busy making other folks rich and judging from our history we are satisfied being TRIGGER rich!

Courtland wears his “Diplomacy Hat” well in this column when he shines the light on Dr. King’s fraternity and gives them their props for making the unveiling of the stature possible.

Courtland writes, “Now, I recognize that without the inspired leadership of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, there would be no King Memorial to speak of.  And those who say now ought to be a time for celebration and not complaining have a point.

Nostalgia notwithstanding, the fact remains that Lei (sculptor) hails from a country that oppresses ethnic minorities, exploits its workers, and jails human-rights activists and the attorneys who try to defend them.  In their day, King and civil rights lawyer Thurgood Marshall would likely have been taken by the Red Guard and never heard from again.”

If Courtland wanted to say how he really felt he would have said, “Dr. King and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall must turning over in their graves to see their frat brothers perpetrate this fraud on the black community all in the name of a dollar bill.”

Why is it that we are required to “Play fair” when everyone else is cheating with aces up their sleeves?

The sad scenario to this charade it is other blacks calling Courtland a racist and trouble maker!

Ed Jackson Jr., executive architect of the project really gave  Courtland a piss poor excuse for not hiring a black sculptor.

He said, “Not only did we need an artist, we needed someone with the means and methods of putting those large stones together.  We don’t do this in America.  We don’t handle stones of this size.”

And we want to know why our kids don’t know Black History—meet Ed Jackson, Jr.

Slave labor built the Capitol and the White House and it took large stones to complete those historical monuments.  Suddenly we no longer have large stones!

See Courtland’s complete story follow link below


In the meantime I am patiently waiting for someone to write a column “The Invisible King Family!”  There is one thing that I do know if my father was being honored on the mall in the Nation’s Capitol I would be seen and heard.

Where were they doing the negotiations and when the picture was being chosen for his likeness?  The stature on the mall looks nothing like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and where they when the frat was selling their father out for pennies on a dollar?

It is rumored that they were given an $800,000 licensing fee and now their lawyers are trying to figure out a way to split up the money evenly without another “Family Feud.”

I attended Thursday’s luncheon Celebration titled “Civil Rights Leaders, Past, Present and Future.”

There were remarks by, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Jackson and  U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder was given a standing ovation when he was introduced for his outstanding work in Civil Rights.

The show stealer was the Reverend Dr. Amos Brown senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of San Francisco.  He spoke about the black community standing up and telling the truth that we have fallen short in our efforts to build on the “Dream” of Rev. King.  Rev. Brown was given a standing ovation as he left the stage.

The Master of Ceremonies Marc Morial President and CEO of the National Urban League closed out the luncheon with a direct challege to the American people.

He said “For those of you who are saying there has been no progress, you are wrong and for those of of you who are saying we have accomplished the Dream you are also wrong.  There is much more work to do!

Can you imagine The Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. looking down on the proceedings and saying, ”Amen.”


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