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President Obama To CBC: I Need Your Help. Stop Complaining…Stop Crying…We Have Work To Do

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By Black Men In Staff

September 24, 2011

Given the frustration level in this country over the economy and many black folks feeling frustrated with what they believe is President Obama’s “distancing himself” from the plight of poor and black people, President Barack Obama stepped up and told attendees at the annual awards dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus:  “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”

Is this a gutsy move on the part of the President?

At a time when Americans rate President Barack Obama a better President than predecessor George W. Bush, but not as good a President as Bill Clinton, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll,  President Obama told attendees, “I need your help.

What do you make of this?  Clearly, the President will need blacks to come to the polls and vote in huge numbers if he’s to have a shot at winning a second term.  Does Saturday’s speech get him closer to being re-elected?  Has the President of all the people earned the “black vote?”

To his credit, the President acknowledged that blacks have suffered greatly as a result of the recession.  He also acknowledged that people are frustrated and hurting, saying “So many people are barely hanging on.”  President Obama said getting Congress to the pass jobs bill he sent to Capitol Hill two weeks ago is a top priority.

According to the President, the package of payroll tax cuts, business tax breaks and infrastructure spending will benefit 100,000 black-owned businesses and 20 million African-American workers.

Much of the frustration with the President has to do with his concessions to the Republican and his agreement to continue some Bush administration tax cuts and policies.

Last month, Rev. Jesse Jackson in an interview with the German publication Der Spiegel, outlined his severe disappointment with President Obama noting that black Americans were among his first supporters and that 96% of black voted for him in 2008.  Jackson also slammed the President for completely failing to address “our political needs.”

Rev. Jackson cited the President’s naivete in dealing with the Republican party.  Jackson believes the President is giving away too much affecting blacks and the poor, wrongly anticipating that the GOP will play fair in return.  Jackson acknowledged that the President was in a difficult situation, and yet still believes that President Obama has abandoned the community that made him.

Do you think President Obama is doing a good job?  Did this speech fire up his supporters and give them what they’ve been begging for (a President who is willing to fight for his policies?)

Click here to read the transcript of President Obama’s speech to the Congressional Black Caucus.


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By Mike Ramey

Remember a scant few weeks ago when Indiana Congressman Andre Carson continued his ‘rant’ against the Tea Party, calling them–in short–a bunch of racists who wanted to lynch Black folks.  His tirade may have been one of the sparks that started the Florida fire which led to Herman Cain’s sound trouncing of many of the so-called ‘leaders’ in the GOP presidential sweepstakes.

It is not know whether or not Carson sent a congratulatory note to Cain for the straw poll victory.  It IS known that Carson refused to apologize for his remarks.  However, in a year when one political party is trying to hold onto Black and Hispanic votes by trickery, it seems like the other–at least in the grass roots level has a message for ALL established politicians:  “We ain’t buyin’ the rhetoric!”

Black voters are going to have to makes some real choices in the presidential vote in 2012.  Our unemployment rate is double the national average, and heading for higher levels as well.  Black teen unemployment is through the roof.  Retailers have ALREADY announced that they are NOT going to be hiring as many workers for the Christmas shopping season (which begins, unofficially, just after the first week of November.)  And, yes, we have NOT left the last recession (which continues into the textbook realm of an economic depression).  The late Ronald Reagan said it best: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”  Like it or not, this is what is going to be guiding a lot of voters to the polls this November–and next–as incumbency is steadily becoming a political millstone in a season of rising taxes, lower job growth, and a bushel basket full of excuses from both parties.  In the words of author and talk show host Tony Brown from years ago: “The Black community can not afford to keep their votes in one political basket any longer.  Our votes NEED to be mobile.”


Those who doubted that Cain was a viable candidate.  Those who thought that he was ‘merely’ a good speaker, and dismissing him got a rude ‘sock and shock’ during the first official weekend of an American fall season.  Cain’s percentage numbers in the Florida straw poll, according to posted Internet and published results, showed him as having 37% of the more than 2,500 votes cast.  Thus, Cain made Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney D-I-S-T-A-N-T second and third place finishers, respectively.  In prior poll stops, Cain finished low, but was a popular debater.

Gee…didn’t people ‘write off’ President Obama BEFORE the Iowa primaries?

But, I digress.

There are several lessons that can be immediately learned which should prove inspirational for any other future candidates in future elections.  Ironically, these same reasons are how President Obama first became Senator Obama, then marched on to the White House.

The first lesson?  You have to work your voters!  Meaning, you have to be around to shake hands and kiss babies and drink coffee before AND after the debate process and court your base!  MOST people who are registered to vote WANT to be courted and counted.  They want to have a voice in the process along with their votes.  Cain asked them for their vote, and spent time in the Sunshine state whereas other candidates thought that their ‘frontrunner’ status gave them a lock on the straw poll.

It’s still a LONG way to the convention, baby!  For BOTH parties!


Cain stayed on a CONSISTENT message in the debates, in his literature, and in his meeting with the poll participants.  He didn’t put forth a ‘canned pitch’ as the salesmen like to say.  His conservative credentials were not ‘accidental’ nor ‘discovered’ overnight.  Cain is what you got in week one and are now seeing as the campaign season progresses. If he has ‘shot himself in the foot’ it hasn’t showed up on the political landscape as of yet.  He is proud of his politics…period.  No apologies or excuses.  Herman Cain has ‘represented’ on the biggest stage that a Black man can stand…for the presidency.  And, like it or not, Obama HAS opened the door; cleared the way for Cain to be taken seriously.  One cannot ‘stutter’ and be expected to make it to the top of any profession.

Is that ‘Black enough’ for the Congressional Black Caucus?


Whenever Democrats or Republicans ‘think’ that they ‘deserve’ a higher office merely because of name recognition instead of hard work and dedication, this makes for an insult to the voting public.  American voters are not all that ‘anxious’ for the backroom deals and ‘vote buying’ that may have propelled the political machines of the past.  They are smart enough to know that every election is ‘showtime’ for those running for public office.

The current GOP field–sans Cain–is nothing more than a bunch of retreads, has beens, never-have-beens, and weaklings.  They ‘may’ have had something to say a few years back, but today is a NEW day, baby!  No one has a ‘lock’ on their office.  It is God whom sets up one king, and takes down another.  And He works through interested, articulate and involved VOTERS.  When the stakes are high enough, and the electorate is mad enough, and they are courted by sincere and passionate candidates, people VOTE!

There were some messages sent from this straw poll meeting,  First, Cain’s victory in Florida JUST sent a bolt of political lightning to the leadership of the GOP:  “The Voters WILL Vote…when given REAL choices!”  Another message, in-between the headlines, this going to the Indiana Democrat party.  While this was a straw poll in Florida, the Democrat establishment in Indiana had better remind Rep. Carson that he has his OWN re-election effort coming soon.

Herman Cain, just for grins, may provide a case of ‘tea’, to the local Indy GOP!

RAMEY, a syndicated columnist and book reviewer, lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. THE RAMEY COMMENTARIES appears on fine websites and gracious blogs around the world.  To correspond, email  © 2011 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications.

Leave It To Cleaver

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By Raynard Jackson

Last week, as I was riding the local train in Washington, DC, I began to ponder on the thoughts that had begun to flood into my mind.

I was president of my senior class at Soldan High School in St. Louis, MO.  I had a lot of my friends who worked hard to get me elected.  So, during this train ride, I wondered how my classmates would have responded if I decided to put all my energies into helping another school across town?

I also pondered what would happened if members of a fraternity or sorority helped elect one of their friend’s as national president; and then they never showed up at any of their own meetings.  But, they seemed to always find time to attend other fraternity’s or sorority’s meetings.

I know, I know.  The thought of that happening would be unimaginable and unthinkable, right?


Cause that is exactly what is happening before our very eyes.

Blacks are 13% of the American population and gave Obama 96 % of their vote in 2008.  They are the second largest voting block in the country (behind the white population, who is 74 % of the population).

Obama has done everything in his power to ignore the Black community and finally, some of the Black community’s frustration is spilling over in public.  What took you so long?

As I have said in previous columns, the White House has made a political calculation that they can ignore the Black vote and suffer no consequence.  “Blacks will get mad and do nothing.”

While I am elated that Blacks are finally speaking out, the question is—what are they going to do?

If the recent comments from members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is any indication, I am not very optimistic!

They have been quoted in several newspaper interviews ranting and raving.

John Conyers (Congressman from Michigan) said about Obama, “We want him to know that from this day forward . . . we’ve had it… We want him to come out on our side and advocate, not to watch and wait.” Or what?

No one in America fears ignoring the Black community.  What are members of the CBC going to do if Obama doesn’t change his approach towards them?

When the CBC kicked off their jobs tour during the August recess, Obama did the same thing– in Iowa.  That shows you how much Obama thinks of Blacks and jobs!

In the immortal words of the Doobie Brothers, from their hit song from the 70s—What a Fool Believes, “But what a fool believes he sees, no wise man has the power, to reason away.  What seems to be is always better than nothing at all.”

The CBC and the Black community want to believe in Obama’s presidency; but there is nothing tangible he has given them to believe in.  “But what a fool believes he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away.  What seems to be is always better than nothing at all.”

So, members of the CBC have begun to blame the Tea Party for the high unemployment rate in the Black community.  People of good will within the Black community must call out these members of the CBC for what they are—race baiters.  You can’t blame the Tea Party for Obama ignoring his own people.

In 2009 and 2010, Obama controlled the House and the Senate.  He had the votes to ram through any legislation he wanted—and he did nothing.  Can you blame that on the Tea Party also?

Look at what CBC Chairman, Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) said, “If (former President) Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House…There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.”

I found Cleaver’s statement to be extremely offensive to my sensibilities and he should have been called out on these statements.  Where was Al Sharpton, Marc Morial, or Ben Jealous?  Total silence.

So, let me make sure I understand Cleaver and the rest of the CBC.  The Black community’s agenda is predicated upon the skin color of the person in power?  Because Obama is Black, he should not be criticized by other Blacks for ignoring us because we are Black?

So, in a kind of perverted way, you have the first Black president using race to hurt his own (by trying to prove to whites that he is not going to be a “Black” president); and you have the CBC using race to allow the president to get away with it (not criticizing him strictly because he is Black).

Boy, I now have a headache.  So, it’s ok for Blacks to use race to hurt other Blacks; but it’s not ok for whites to use race to hurt Blacks?

Blacks somehow believe that by not criticizing Obama on his lack of constructive engagement with the Black community that somehow their problems are going to get dealt with through osmosis?

I guess, if you leave it to Cleaver!

“What a fool believes……”

Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm.  He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine (, Freedom’s Journal Magazine (, and U.S. Africa Magazine (

The Bridge: The Stupid Top Ten

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By Darryl James

Man, freedom of speech is wasted on many Americans who speak freely, but say some of the stupidest things. Sometimes, when I repeat some of the stupid things I have heard from people, my intelligent friends think I am making them up…until they hear someone say something similar.

Some Americans are so stupid that they make statements that aren’t even probable, let alone possible. Yet, they make them with conviction and defend the stupidity with righteous indignation.

In another Top Ten list, here are ten of the stupidest things I have heard recently:

The Stupid Top Ten

Black women claiming interracial love as a “revolution.”

A revolution would be for Black men and Black women to deal with the propaganda that has been said about each of us and resolve our issues, so that we can stop hating each other. This statement is stupid, but particularly so, when the same people who claim this as a revolution and recommend it for others, whine and moan about Black men who date outside of the revolution.  Jumping the fence is weak and stupid. Oh, and it also fails to provide any real results since the marriage rate of Black women hasn’t risen.

People who think that helping an American citizen with public funds is wrong, but staunchly support benefits for illegal immigrants and failing corporations.

American citizens pay taxes so that they can receive services from the government. Illegal immigrants may be escaping inhuman conditions in their own country, but they are breaking the law to be here. If the nation can provide benefits for them, there should be no opposition to providing benefits for American citizens.

People who think that “supporting” your business efforts means getting something free.

To be clear, it does nothing or an entrepreneur when you ask for something free. And it makes your stupidity evident when you become angry that they won’t accommodate you. Supporting a business means making a financial transaction or spreading a good word to get others to make financial transactions. Businesses exist to make money. That’s why they call it money.

People with tattoos on their necks and faces who wonder why it’s hard to find a job.

It may be popular for people who don’t have jobs like celebrities to look like idiots with permanent face paint, but it’s destructive for you to make the same bonehead move. It’s not racist or even wrong for someone to want normal human beings who look decent to be employed and if you want to work there, you need to look decent as well.

Men who wear women’s jeans or other clothing items who claim not to be gender challenged.

Kanye West and Justin Beiber may be popular, but men wearing women’s jeans and sweaters isn’t, unless you are in a transition or making a statement with your sexuality. And don’t bring Prince into this, because he really did make a statement at the start of his career.

Americans of any race who think that it’s justified to execute Troy Davis, while he maintains his innocence, but simply jail Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz after murdering one child and severely beating another.

They may have been following the psychotic ranting in the book “To Train Up A Child,” but they are evil and should be executed. The bastard Kevin got 22 years and the bitch Elizabeth, got 12 years.

People from other communities demanding that Black people support their cause.

I don’t see gays or Hispanics lining up to fight for the rights of African Americans, so I really need both of those communities to stop pressing my community to support their issues as though we owe them something. Some of us will be down for you, but those of us who are not owe you nothing!

Black people pretending to know what ALL Black people are doing based on a few goofy celebrities.

Okay, Rapper X and Basketball Player Y are both Black men with white wives. What does that have to do with the average Black man? Nothing. Unless you are stupid.

People thinking that sites like Wikipedia constitutes “research.”

I love it when someone is making a stupid argument on the Internet and then cites Wikipedia as “evidence” of what they are saying. Umm…get a library card, idiot!

10  Black people claiming that President Obama is a failure to Black people.

As a president, any citizen can claim that he or any other president has failed the nation. But to pretend that he was supposed to put on a cape and become Super-Negro and save only Blacks was just stupid. He’s been so hemmed up by thuggish Republicans and abandoned by weak-kneed Democrats that it’s a wonder he’s been able to accomplish anything.

These are the stupid top ten for this week and I reserve the right to add to it at any time. You can reserve the right to add to it, even if that addition is yourself.

Darryl James is an award-winning author of the powerful new anthology “Notes From The Edge.”  James’ stage play, “Love In A Day,” opened in Los Angeles this Spring and will be running throughout 2011. View previous installments of this column at Reach James at

From Vick-tim to Victory

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By Raynard Jackson

Last December, I wrote a column titled, “Michael Vick–From Vick-tim to Vick-tory.”  The premise of that piece was that Vick made poor decisions which ultimately caused him to serve time in a federal prison.  After leaving prison, his lifestyle suggested that he had truly turned his life around.  This again involved Vick making decisions that impacted his life.  So, almost a year later, I wanted to write a piece to update my readers on this wonderful story.

Last year’s piece focused on what Vick did to cause his troubles and how his decisions (post prison) could lead to him moving beyond his troubles.

Vick had a phenomenal season for the Philadelphia Eagles last year.  In fact, he was named to the Pro Bowl (and picked as the starting quarterback for the NFC), named by Associated Press & Sporting News as the comeback player of the year, and was runner up for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the league.

Yet, there are still those who want to continue to deny Vick his right to make a living and move on with his life.  If you have that much of a problem with Vick, then just don’t watch him play football; but please let those of us who believe in redemption continue to enjoy and be a witness to this inspiring story taking place right before our very eyes.

Vick has continued to work with the Humane Society to educate people about animal cruelty.  He has continued to speak to students about making good life choices.  He seems to have truly turned his life around and is a testament to those who have made mistakes.

We all make mistakes, but through our actions, we can show that lessons have been learned through those mistakes.  That’s what maturity and wisdom are all about.

I do hope someone will do a movie about Vick’s journey.  His journey can be an inspiration to us all, no matter how big or small the mistake.  Just like one makes a decision to do something bad; that same process can make one reform one’s life to gain the victory over one’s circumstances.

Vick’s victory has been so complete that in July of this year Nike signed him to another endorsement deal.  This is unprecedented!  This is the first time a major sponsor has ever resigned an athlete they had previously dropped.

Just last month, Vick signed a 6-year, $ 100 million contract with the Eagles, with $ 40 million guaranteed.

Vick’s turnaround is nothing short of miraculous.  Though he is in bankruptcy financially, this new contract, along with the steady stream of endorsements, should allow Vick to regain his financial footing.

But, more important than the money, Vick has developed into a “MAN.”  His conversation is different, his game is different, and his life is different.  He is now the unquestioned leader of his team, his family, and his life.

He is almost like a person who has cheated death.  People like this tend to have a new take on life and those things that are most important.

Football has helped him make a living, but his past has helped him make a life.  These are truly the things that turn boys to men.

So, Mike, you are no longer a “Vick-tim,” you are a “Vick-tor.”  Because you have learned from your past, defeat has been swallowed up in VICTORY!

Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm.  He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine (, Freedom’s Journal Magazine (, and U.S. Africa Magazine (

Black In Reality: Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan is a man who has been singularly forged by the fire of destiny, which cause his eyes to burn with a vision for the Body of Christ that shall impact the entire world.

Born a native of Brooklyn, New York, Bishop Jordan received his ultimate calling at the age of 15, when he was summoned to prophesy. By the age of 24, he was recognized nationally as a prophet. Rising from the obscurity of the ghetto to his present and current fame he is known to millions as God’s messenger, the Prophet.

Bishop Elijah Bernard Jordan is the founder and Senior Pastor of Zoe Ministries since 1983. Zoe Ministries had its beginning in Westfield, New Jersey with 60 people in attendance. A thriving, prophetic church with a vision to impact the world with the gospel, Zoe continued to develop the facets of ministry under Bishop Jordan’s leadership which marked it as a church in pursuit of destiny, called to fulfill the will of the Lord. Armed with the vision of a church resplendent in a glory greater than of Solomon’s Temple, Bishop Jordan has been building a ministry of restoration that would accurately reflect the Biblical pattern, tearing down the constraints of traditionalism and exposing the lies that have led the church into captivity.

Zoe Ministries touches thousands, both nationally and internationally. Noted primarily for his prophetic ministry and revelatory teaching, Bishop Jordan established the School of the Prophets in 1985. The School is specifically geared towards those who are called to function in prophetic ministry, yet is an invaluable source of ministerial ethics that are applicable to any office of ministry. He is also noted for his uncanny accuracy regarding the prophecies that he ministers. Businessmen, political officials, celebrities and churches are numbered among the thousands who have consulted Bishop Jordan for counsel and direction through the Word of the Lord.

Bishop Jordan teaches biblical principles and ethics essential to successful living. His life-changing messages on reformation and liberation have sparked acclaim, as well as controversy, as he teaches the unadulterated Word of God. A liberator in his own right, Bishop Jordan is charged with preparing the church for the New Millennium and stands with the heart of a father, acknowledging that he is but one of hundreds of thousands called

by God to prophesy. His teachings have stabilized many who were floundering, with a gift in manifestation of understanding the order of God.

He has traveled to Swaziland, South Africa, and delivered the Word of the Lord to the Queen and the Royal Family. He has prophesied in many nations, including Germany, Canada, Korea and the Caribbean, bringing an astute word of counsel to the leadership and royalty of those countries. In February 1988, he was invited to address a special assembly of ambassadors and diplomats at the United Nations, concerning the oppressive racism in South Africa. He addressed the assembly again in February 1992, and prophesied of the impending liberation of South Africa, which has come to pass.

Upon his consecration in 1994 as a cabinet Bishop by His Eminence, Archbishop Roy E. Brown, Bishop Jordan continues to emerge as a leader among leaders, bringing hundreds of pastors into a new awareness of their destiny through motivational teachings and The Word of the Lord.

Bishop Jordan is in great demand, for he is quite charismatic and personable. He is often featured on various telecasts, both locally and nationally. Most recently, he has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, FOX 5, Good Day New York, CNN, and many, many others. He was also featured in The New York Daily News, New York Times, New York Post and Newsday with some of his congregates as well as in an interview in Billboard Magazine on his views concerning social issues.

A gifted lecturer and renowned host of “The Power of Prophecy” national telecast, Bishop Jordan’s talents are notably enhanced by his ecumenical calling as a prophet of God. He has also initiated the production of Zoe Ministries’ nationally known album “Come Together,” on Benson Records.

As stated earlier, Bishop Jordan has impacted governmental officials on many levels. He was awarded proclamations of recognition from Governor Mario Cuomo, former Governor of New York, and Mayor David Dinkins, former Mayor of New York, for outstanding leadership and community service for establishing OPERATION: HOPE, designed especially to feed the homeless community in New York. Bishop Jordan has also forged a relationship with the New York State Correctional Commission to help develop and guide the lives of young women assigned to the Riker’s Island Stepsister Program. He has received numerous awards and proclamations from political officials around the world that are too numerous to mention, for he is widely respected as a man of integrity and admired for his generosity.

Bishop Jordan is a modern-day prophet whose ministry is absolutely astounding! Like Nostradamus, Bishop Pike, and Edgar Cayce, the accuracy of the gift that operates in Bishop Jordan will astound you! He is known to predict exact names, dates, and times of events both individually and globally! His visual perception is so exact that he is able to give accurate descriptions of locations that are pertinent to the recipient of the prophecy! Bishop Jordan differs from those who can operate with extra-sensory perception, for his calling as a prophet endows him with a degree of authority. As a prophet, he can truly decree a thing and see it established—just like the prophets of the Scriptures! He is not one just to give information, but he is also known to create miracles and circumvent events merely by the power of his speech!

Like any prophet, as indicated in the Scriptures, Bishop Jordan also possesses a phenomenal insight into the universal truths of the Divine, and he has a unique ability to motivate people

to move beyond mediocrity and embrace excellence in their lives. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan lectures extensively, both nationally and internationally. He is frequently called upon to declare his message that all may attain Zoe-which is a Greek word meaning “The God Kind Of Life,” after which the ministry is named. People all over the world have been brought to the sacred truth that they are not victims in life, but “Destiny is not left up to chance, but it’s a matter of choice!”

Bishop Jordan has made available to the public an extensive library of cassette and video tapes geared to impart the “Zoe — GOD Kind of Life” Christian philosophy.

Thousands of people attribute their success, prosperity, health and happiness directly to the master teachings of Bishop E. Bernard Jordan. His dynamic teachings bring the inquiring mind principles of living a life that is resplendent with the attributes of wholeness and abundance sought by everyone.

In 1997, God sparked a new idea in the life of Bishop Mar Elijah Bernard Jordan. God gave him a burden to raise up 300 Prophets (termed “Neophytes”) before the turn of the New Millennium. Hence, the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah was born, and 300 Prophets-in-training called “Neophytes” would become the foundation stones.

Mar Elijah flows with the wisdom and insight of the prophet Daniel, whom the Bible says understood all the sciences. In their time and season, Moses and Joseph also understood the prophetic sciences of their day, enabling them to overcome their obstacles. The Neophytes under The Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah are trained not only to hear the voice of God and articulate it accurately, but are taught scientific ways of mind renewal and development using the Word of God and proven technique sciences.

As an author, Bishop Jordan has written over 40 books, encompassing an astounding range of topics. He has written on such subjects as “Mentoring,” ” Spiritual Protocol,” “The Power of Money,” “Seed of Destiny,” “What Every Woman Needs to Know About a Man,” and many others.

Bishop E. Bernard Jordan earned his doctorate in Religious Studies in 1991, and in 1993, earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religious Studies. He serves as an adjunct professor for several colleges across the country.

Pastor Debra Jordan, his beautiful and accomplished wife, stands with Bishop Jordan in his global vision for ministry, and serves as Chief Financial Officer of Zoe ministries.

The Jordans are the proud parents of five children: Naomi, Bethany, Joshua, Aaron and Yakim Manasseh. Their vision of liberation shall literally shake the nations of the earth!

Note:  To learn more about Bishop Jordan visit his official web site at: For media inquiries contact Double XXposure Media Relations at or 212-629-9404.

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