President Obama To CBC: I Need Your Help. Stop Complaining…Stop Crying…We Have Work To Do

By Black Men In Staff

September 24, 2011

Given the frustration level in this country over the economy and many black folks feeling frustrated with what they believe is President Obama’s “distancing himself” from the plight of poor and black people, President Barack Obama stepped up and told attendees at the annual awards dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus:  “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”

Is this a gutsy move on the part of the President?

At a time when Americans rate President Barack Obama a better President than predecessor George W. Bush, but not as good a President as Bill Clinton, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll,  President Obama told attendees, “I need your help.

What do you make of this?  Clearly, the President will need blacks to come to the polls and vote in huge numbers if he’s to have a shot at winning a second term.  Does Saturday’s speech get him closer to being re-elected?  Has the President of all the people earned the “black vote?”

To his credit, the President acknowledged that blacks have suffered greatly as a result of the recession.  He also acknowledged that people are frustrated and hurting, saying “So many people are barely hanging on.”  President Obama said getting Congress to the pass jobs bill he sent to Capitol Hill two weeks ago is a top priority.

According to the President, the package of payroll tax cuts, business tax breaks and infrastructure spending will benefit 100,000 black-owned businesses and 20 million African-American workers.

Much of the frustration with the President has to do with his concessions to the Republican and his agreement to continue some Bush administration tax cuts and policies.

Last month, Rev. Jesse Jackson in an interview with the German publication Der Spiegel, outlined his severe disappointment with President Obama noting that black Americans were among his first supporters and that 96% of black voted for him in 2008.  Jackson also slammed the President for completely failing to address “our political needs.”

Rev. Jackson cited the President’s naivete in dealing with the Republican party.  Jackson believes the President is giving away too much affecting blacks and the poor, wrongly anticipating that the GOP will play fair in return.  Jackson acknowledged that the President was in a difficult situation, and yet still believes that President Obama has abandoned the community that made him.

Do you think President Obama is doing a good job?  Did this speech fire up his supporters and give them what they’ve been begging for (a President who is willing to fight for his policies?)

Click here to read the transcript of President Obama’s speech to the Congressional Black Caucus.


17 Responses to “President Obama To CBC: I Need Your Help. Stop Complaining…Stop Crying…We Have Work To Do”

  1. I think the president is doing a good job considering all the issues he has had and still facing as soon as he raised his right hand. We were not the only ones that voted for the president.
    Question is have we failed ourselves and future generations? The president can propose training but he can not force the man to hire us. We need to be about supporting and starting our own businesses and hire our people. We need to stop spending our money supporting companies that are not hiring our people. Let’s stop the finger pointing and roll up the sleeve and get to work.

  2. I respectfully suggest altering the title of your blog entry to “President Obama to CBC…….” The speech the president delivered was specifically to African American politicians in Washington, D.C. who are a part of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    The title of the blog-entry is mis-leading and further perpetuates the false narrative that the President works with other “interest groups” (Jews, LGBT, women, etc). positively and disrespects or takes this “interest group,” {African Americans} for granted. I expect the lack of fact checking and inaccuracy from the MSM but not from the on-line blogging community.

  3. […] Obama To Black Folks: I Need Your Help. Stop Complaining…Stop Crying…We Have Work To Do ( […]

  4. A lot of Blacks are not going to take this kindly. Obama needs to fire his current lot of white male advisers and bring in some of ‘us’. Can’t ‘run’ from your color…especially when you make missteps!

  5. charles huzzie Says:

    I agree with the president totally,We afro american got to realize that this man was elected to serve all citzens of the united states.He can only do what congress allow him to do,He inherited a trouble economy that was headed to recession,(2)wars and a system with the highest unemployment ever.We as black folks needs to be patient.Instead of complaining and crying take a stand and ask yourself what can i do to goal is to start a voter regeristration in my home town i want to regerstra 1000 young mens and womens to help my brother win a second term.we as black folks gotta come together and take a stand for whats right.

    • Why should black America stop complaining, whining and groaning??? Come on man! While 1% of America controls all the wealth, a white man makes 20 times the salary of a black man in 2011, the unemployment rate for black men is double that of a white man, black youth unemployment is double that of white youth!!! With stats like these There are no “Even Playing Fields” in our future. True, President Obama does not share all the blame for the poor state of black America but he needs to PRETEND that he cares! Evidently, President Obama and his supporters are not aware of white Presidents who had civil rights agendas. If Truman, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon did not write and support civil rights legislation DC would truly be the Plantation on the Potomac. President Obama and his supporters who claim that he is President of all the people and therefore, he cannot afford to have a black agenda need to see a psychiatrist! Check out the history of civil rights in the White House. White Presidents had black agendas so why can’t a black President have one? Follow this link for a civil rights White House history lesson! /

  6. Brother Bell, what exactly do you want the president to do? We as a people can level the playing field by(1) starting and supporting our own businesses. If we need to pool our funds together to do this, so be it.(2) we need fathers to be fathers and mothers to be mothers, we need need to come together as a village and raise our children. (3) there were no civil rights legislation or banks giving loans to our forefathers, they did it themselves. s

  7. charles huzzie Says:

    Dot i agree with that statement what is it MR.Bell your wanting the president to do.Before the president was elected we went alone with what ever Bill Clinton,George Bush and the rest of them clowns brought to the table,They didnt have no black agenda nor gave a damn about us but the president we has now has push all kinds of bills that benifits miniority,Healthcare,education,plus unemployment benifit for the unempoyed when the other party tried to cut it off.The plan to tax the rich so that most poor folks can even survive and cope with this economy,yes he agree that most of us is hurting and going through but it dont help when we as blacks dont even try to make a differnt.EXPECTING the President to come to there home and putting it in your hands want help the situtation or maybe that will change there mines about the president if he does this so please be patient with our preesident and lets see how this thing play out before we start judging him putting him down.Remember this these problems has been going on for 100 years obama didnt bring this baggage to the white house it was inherited so all the stats dont mean nothing my brothern.My grandfather and father survive the 60 and there wasnt a black president in site but GOD bless us with this man so accept him and support him as you did the white man.

  8. Someone once said “If you want to hide something from a black person put it in a book!”

    There are those of us who read and read only what they want to read! The best example is DOt and Charles.

    Why is it that we as a people still can’t tell the difference between CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. We always have to make all disagreements personal! Why can’t we disagree and move on. You both need to check your history books before you lash out without a clue.

    Let me say this again, Lincoln, Truman, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon all had Civil Rights agendas. If they didn’t, we would still be in shackles and chains.

    Why is it as soon as a black takes power we are expected to “Play Fair” when everyone else has aces up their sleeves playing the same game?

    I totally understand that the choice in the black community in 2012 is Obama. I will be voting for him because a no-show by black folks is a vote for Republicans. That does not mean that I can’t disagree. The President is a intelligent man and he knew when he took the job everyone was not going to be on the same page.

    How can you sign a bill that cuts an increase in social security benefits for senior citizens for 3 years—that was a death sentence?

    I guess you both think that was okay also!

    It was black folks who choose to make President Bill Clinton “The first Black President.” Do your homework and at least you will sound like you know what you are talking about.

    Charles, you close out your response by saying ” God bless us with this man so accept him and support him as you did the white man.”

    Some once said it is best to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. Come on man!

  9. Brother Bell, I am not focusing on what the president or even Congress has or has not done for our people. I am focusing on what I can do to help. I can support black businesses, black bank(One United) , I am not lining the pockets of companies that do not hire my people and I can provide transit passes to organizations helping our people with job searches.

  10. I hate doing this DOt but this is only a snapshot of my track record as it relates to fighting for the rights of black people. Follow the link below for the snapshot.

    DOt in the very beginning I said “Do your home work!”

    The good part about checking out black history facts today there is no need to go to the library and read a book.

    You can just google the history of the person when you are in
    doubt! The things you are talking about black folks doing for themselves——-I have already been there and done that!

    You are barking up the wrong tree when you challenge me as it relates to working in the war zones of our community to enhance the development and growth of black folks.. I am looking forward to seeing what is in your wallet!

    The benefactors that my wife and have touched through Kids In Trouble and my radio sports talk show “The Original Inside Sports” reads like a Who’s Who in sports and media!

    Like I said earlier “Why can’t we disagree and move on?”

    Over and out!

    My question to you What do you have in your wallet???? /

  11. charles huzzie Says:

    Mr.Bell,I would like to start this converisation off by sayin i apologize and i pray that you accept my apology.After doing my reserch and reading your autobiography i realize that i was dealing with an legend that has been on the battle field a long time.And i personally want to say thanks for all the work you have put in the movement an all the good deeds you have render over the years.After reading your link I began to smile and i told my wife that if it wasnt for technology i would have never had the opertunity to get to know this man and what you stood far for afro americans.Thanks for the knolodge my brothern plus the history lesson.please stay in touch if your not to busy running the race, actually i enjoyed the conversation and the feed back that you sent.Thanks again keep up the good work sir….MR.HUZZIE

    • Mr. Huzzie,

      You made me smile! Thanks for standing up and being a REAL black man. As you well know we hate to admit “I made a mistake and I need to apologize to this brother!” You made my day.

      I was hoping I didn’t let my ego get in the way of our CONSTRUCTIVE conversation and CRITICISM. God bless you my brother.

      P. S. I think we need to thank the publisher Gary Johnson for creating this great site for black men and women to have meaningful dialogue. We could learn so much from each other if we would just take the time to listen!

  12. I firmly support President Obama, but he and his administration may be out of touch with the real realities that are devastating not just in the black communities, but others as well. First, some people need to read their history, the two darkest chapters that ever occurred in America history were Slavery and what they did to Native-American, so consequently we were already at a huge disadvantage.
    The monetary resources that white families made from slavery gave several white Americans a positive/bonanza hands up and black folks an abysmal of economic hands down. The gentleman that talked about civil war and
    putting it in our hand does not understand the full economics picture of what goes on in this country. At present, we have 9 cities and climbing that will be bankrupt soon, and black communities unemployment rate has skyrocketed to astronomical proprtions, but the media does not address these economic calamity, cities after cities, because it focuses on a bunch of black folks and poor whites.

    I am a doctor in the field of mental health, I’m a black man that constitute .002 of my profession and this is 2011. For the record, I like many others did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth I made many sacrifices and lived in horrible environments and almost got killed several times in achieving my goals, one particular episode was while I served my country with a fellow navy man who happened to be a card carrying Klansman. His motivation was to see me dead just because of the color of my skin, so color matter “big time in this country in case those do not want to take their heads out of the sand-box.”

    To make matter worse, minority got 1% of the stimulus package but we spend 700-850 billion dollars in this country annually. Where is the fairness?

    Where does that money go with all our failing school systems in those minorities school areas. On the flip side, in the surburbs they have state of the art facilities and several opportunities to look forward to employment because of all the tax breaksin bringing in factory, companies, etc, etc, that are allowed to be build in the white communities, where black communities are faced with a delugn a financial strangulation at all levels and consequently our cities began to decay and people leave, losing out on valuable tax breaks, other incentives and productivity and decreases in crime. In reference to Mr. Harold Bell, this man is a Giant in the communities and has always fought for the little man, woman and child.

    Along with myself, I watched Mr. Bell go into some of the worse areas in DC in trying to make a positive difference in a child’s life. Dc police stated I do not go in those areas that’s suicide. As I reflect, these were the days when DC was rated murder capital of the world. Let us never forget those and these times and band together in reelecting President Obama. In closing, think about this, if McCain would have won the presidency all of us would be in soup lines or worse, definitely in a deep depression. I thank you for hearing me out!


    Dr. Knox

  13. I say Obama is right.. Black people need to be proactive, pursue education, and stop living off the system. Dr. King and other black rights activists worked too hard for the black man to succumb to killing each other (over something as trivial as what color they wore), not getting an education, and no drive for self-improvement. Blacks have forgotten how to be the beautiful people they are… thus they continue to live in poverty, kill each other and other acts that do not fare them well. Its out there fellow black Americans… what are you doing to get it?

  14. YAHusha ppl Says:

    Ok. Why are there so many people “hanging on”?..shucks..a football player just recived ovr 2 Million dollars just to kick a football &run across a field…not to mention all this lottery money we give away… come on..this is about taxes..bottomline… speaking for the regular folk..

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