The Bridge: The Roots of Christmas & Jesus, Part 2

By Darryl James

Religion and/or spirituality are personal choices and lifestyles that should be unifying forces, not divisive elements.

I notice that whenever a person runs from divergent beliefs it is because they are not as grounded as they say they are.  While I respect all religions, I find it disturbing that Christians, out of all religious people in America, can be the most closed-minded and judgmental.

As human beings of the same planet and of the same God (no matter what name you use for God, there is but one), we should seek to align ourselves with people who have good hearts and who do good work–not simply people who blindly follow things they do not fully understand. There should be no unification based on ignorance.

As a man of God, I am at once disgusted and saddened by the lunatics and overbearing heretics who claim to represent God and who claim to know Jesus (Yahshua, the Black revolutionary).  As a scholar, I already know that they have more than likely never read the Bible for themselves or studied history and therefore, have no real clue as to the reality of Jesus of Nazareth.

It is my greatest wish that people who wish to represent Jesus would study to learn who he truly was.

Jesus was a Black revolutionary who believed in all faiths for all people. He was not a Christian, but a Hebrew. He also rejected the concept of himself as a messiah or more of a son of God than any of us.

Jesus also rejected the concept of Church because he knew that it would exclude some of the people he loved the most. The sad part is that people have come to use his name and misrepresent him while they do things he would never do–like judge others based on differences.

Jesus worshipped his father with people of all religions (there was no Christianity during Jesus’ time) and walked with people of all walks of life. Yet, today, many ill-informed Christians claim to love him and desire to follow him, but turn ignorance toward differences.

If you really read the Bible, then you will know that Jesus was not trying to convince people to worship within any religion, and he certainly wasn’t trying to push people to worship him.  If you claim to aspire to be like Jesus, you should realize that you only do that when you are tolerant of other belief systems.

Knowledge of the Bible and of history will reveal that what Jesus was trying to deliver to other humans, more than anything else, was an understanding of conscious evolution, which means that he had mastered the power of critical thinking.  What would Jesus do?  Well, he wouldn’t hate people because they hold divergent faiths.  Believe that.

In organizations such as the Green Beret, the slogan goes, Many are called but few are chosen.” Such is also the case with universal conscious evolution.

Jesus states in Matthew 7:14: “Strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

Jesus is saying that “narrow is the way,” and “few there be that find it,” which means that the true path will not be followed by the majority.  In other words, whatever is popular, is more than likely NOT the correct path.  Also, by saying “few there be that find it,” Jesus is illustrating that the path is not a mass pursuit, but that each individual should determine for self the way which “leadeth unto life.”

As A HEBREW HIMSELF, Jesus advocated for intrinsic spiritual enlightenment and conscious evolution, not blind and exclusionary participation in any one religion. Also, like many other prophets and revolutionaries, Jesus was not very popular during his time, and neither were his doctrines.

Remember, Jesus was not a Christian, and promoted only love for humanity and for his father, God, not for any religion.  Christianity was manufactured following his murder at the hands of crazed religious zealots, who curiously, were promoting THEIR religious beliefs when they killed him.

Please allow me to quote three immortal thinkers:

According to Mark Twain, “If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be…a Christian.”

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread,” said Mahatma Ghandi.

And, finally, from the new school of conscious evolution and critical thinking, Darryl James preaches that “There are perhaps more atheists created from the unwitting repulsion generated by religious zealots than the careful work of the devil himself.”

The conscious evolution promoted by Jesus, Mohammed and other historical visionaries allows humans to transcend the clannishness of religions in order to focus on the universal love found in the true Kingdom of God.  There is no evolution in promoting one religion over another.  If all paths lead to God, then your path is as valid as my own, unless of course, you have spoken directly to God–in which case, you are either delusional, a prophet, or full of crap.

Religion, faith and spirituality are individual pursuits that are very elusive in their purity.  There is no evolution in pushing the same vapid thoughts to the masses without critical thinking and a historical perspective.

Take that into consideration the next time you send out your insipid Jesus emails or otherwise deliver such messages unwarranted without a care in the world for your brethren who did not ask for them.  How mean spirited and witless is it to continue to flood the masses with information that you yourself more than likely don’t really understand?

Those truly serious and dedicated Christians who have read the Bible know that Jesus never advocated the celebration of his birth. His message was to remember what his death represented. In that same Bible, such celebrations as Christmas have been identified as heathen activities, which makes people look foolish for claiming that people have taken Christ out of Christmas. Originally, he was never in it.

That having been said, the current season of Christmas has become more about love and togetherness than anything, which is why it is held by a number of people of all faiths.

This Christmas season, spread love, spread holiday cheer and spread the spirit of giving and sharing, which does not mean jamming your religion down the throats of the masses.

Quite frankly, in doing so, you are moving away from the conscious evolution pursued by Jesus of Nazareth, and are therefore, DANCING WITH THE DEVIL.  Nevertheless, our God has given you the freedom to do so, just as Hitler, the slave masters, and the warmongering leaders of the free world were allowed to make their own choices on God’s green earth.

Just don’t lie and claim to do it in the name of Jesus.

Happy Holidays!

Darryl James is an award-winning author of the powerful new anthology “Notes From The Edge.”  James’ stage play, “Love In A Day,” opened in Los Angeles this Spring and will be running throughout 2011. View previous installments of this column at Reach James at


One Response to “The Bridge: The Roots of Christmas & Jesus, Part 2”

  1. GrimeyTruth Says:

    FIrst off, I want to say that this is my first time visiting this blog. Overall I think you have a really cool thing set up. I am however a tad turned off by your “New Age” outlook or “Universal conciousness” . Im curious why you make such an effort to melt the Biblical Jesus, with this new politically correct push to make all religions the same, or equal. I dont mind you having that opinion at all. But im very puzzled by how you try to paint a picture as if Jesus was of this same view. In fact Jesus clearly taught that he was the “way, the truth, and the life” and that “no man comes to the father, except through me”. Now I dont know about you but clearly Jesus stood upon a platform of truth. And he held that anything or person who taught another version of, or contradictory “truth”, should be considered a lier, who lacks truth. So how can you assert that all the religions are the same, or that Jesus was somehow teaching this all along. You also mention that “Jesus was not a Christian”. So? “christian” is merely a label PEOPLE placed on others who believed a certain set of things. The truth is, these days the label has stuck while the set of beliefs has not. My point here is that if you ask 10 people if they are christians you may hear 8 say yes. But those 8 people may not actually believe the things that the label “christian” origionally indicated. Id propose to you that while youre correct, Jesus may not identify as a “christian” if he were here today, he certainly would teach that men are sinners, and that we inherited a sinful nature from the origional man, whom God the father created…yes Adam. He would teach that if we die in this sinful state in which we are born we will be seperted from the love of the father. And most importantly he would teach that aside from faith in him, his death for sins, and his Godhood, there is no salvation. So even if you dont like the label of “Christian” you cant throw away the teachings that Jesus taught. But who am I, and what do I know. Maybe you would be more like the pharasees who had Jesus Killed, with your 1 world religion doctrine and your desire to act as if religions are merely choices on how to reach God. No, no sir, the Jesus of the Bible most certainly would be a thorn in your side, you most certainly wouldnt feel warm fuzzies when Jesus taught. I could see you being offended by the exclusive nature of his doctrine, much like the ones who had him killed. And please consider Jesus’ words…
    “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Jesus is referring to the FEW who will truely believe in HIM and HIS payjment for sins vs the majority who will say “there are many paths to God” or “Jesus wasnt a christian so ill ignore the bible and his teachings” or “What about Ghandi, and Buddah, and the Catholic Church”..Yea if we look at the entire world, and could truly seperate those who believe this new age propaganda from those who hold to biblical teachings exclusively, im sure youd see clearly that the Biblical group would reflect a narrow straight path, while you and your fellow new age evolutionary conciousness (which Jesus never mentioned) would be the wide easy path that leadeth to destruction. Again, im not trying to bash your thoughts, but as someone who studies and follows the teachings of Jesus, im puzzled as to why you must lump him into your new age gobbly goop. I mean just spread your beliefs as what they are, and leave Jesus out of it….or of course represent Jesus as he represented himself. Not as some wolve in sheeps clothing teaching an “itchy ear” doctrine that makes everyone feel good no matter what filthy lifestyle they may or may not have.

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