The Bridge: Top Ten Thoughts From 2011

By Darryl James

Happy New Year!

2011 was a good year, particularly when compared to the previous few years.

The economy began to show signs of recovery, and with war efforts ending, the effect of the impending peace on people was manifest in an easing of stress across the land.

There is hope growing.

In 2011, President Barack Obama began to hit his stride. While some whined about it being too late, others understood the fight he had with a majority Republican Congress and that the weak-hearted Democrats barely backed him up. Frankly, too many Americans have no idea how things work in politics. They have no idea that the president cannot just do whatever he wants to. He can get things done, but there is a process and we are now witnessing President Obama working through the process.

While there are lists of top ten news stories and top ten Black news stories, this is my top ten list of things that stuck in my craw and stayed on my mind.

Add your own.

Top Ten Thoughts From 2011:

1.         Why are so many Black people turning on the first Black president, becoming more vocal about their dissatisfaction with him than ever before with any other president?

Far too many Blacks kissed Bill Clinton’s ass and tenderly went to sleep during the eight years of George W. Bush’s assault on the world. Bush screwed up the national and global economy and made war instead of peace, but many American boneheads laid the blame at Obama’s feet when he took office because he didn’t fix it all in three years.

Many racists vote for whites based on race and since too many Americans have no real understanding of politics, I don’t think Blacks voting based on race is a bad thing.

2.         Why don’t American Negroes get the message that Blacks around the globe need to unify before standing with any other group?

American Negroes are still using “Peace in the Middle East” as a slogan and proclaiming some fake Black/Brown alliance when it comes to illegal Mexican aliens. But no one in the Middle East is worried about any African or African American, and some of the rhetoric from illegal Mexican aliens is sharply anti-African American.

Globally, if African descendants begin to view each other as allies and work together, the results will show in our political power, our economic standing and the respect we would have that would help stop the neglect and abject hatred from other groups.

And, as for the Negro in America who proudly proclaims no connection to Africa or the African Diaspora, just know that you are the only group that does this—neither the global Italian nor the global Asian distances themselves from lands and people that they may not even understand fully.

It doesn’t hurt to unify, but it certainly has hurt not to.

3.         African Americans need to take a close look at their relationship with illegal Mexican aliens before pledging allegiance to their cause.

First, as for the illegal Mexican aliens, many of the efforts to close the border and send them back actually stem from Mexican American citizens who understand the high criminal percentage of the current influx of illegal aliens from Mexico. These are not all simply poor, beautiful people who only want a better life for their families. If they understand this, why don’t we?

And, in the prisons and on the streets across the Southeast, Blacks have been targets of violence meted out by gangs of illegal Mexican aliens. This isn’t some gang war, as many of the Blacks targeted are in areas that have little Black gang activity.

When it comes to their relationship with and view of the African American, why doesn’t anyone pay attention to some of the messages illegal Mexican aliens have been delivering when defending their right to work in this nation? The party line from illegal Mexican workers is that they are simply doing jobs that the Blacks didn’t want. This hateful lie discounts the Black people who were on those damned jobs when the illegal aliens showed up to take the jobs for less than minimum wage. That propaganda has been so effective that too many ignorant, brain dead African Americans believe it, and pass the lie around.

It’s a damned lie! And we ought to pay close attention to such lies when deciding whom to align ourselves with.

4.         The Republican Tea Party never seems to focus on their halfway intelligent representatives who could help them pretend that they aren’t a bunch of racist crackpots.

The ghost of Sarah Palin continues to haunt the party of nincompoops, long after Herman Cain’s low moron status was revealed. And if Newt Gingrich and some other half-witted racists are the best the Rethuglicans can do, Democrats and Independents ought to have a field day.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry can probably pass the dumbass test, but they are still halfwits barely standing above the racist crowd of fools running for lead dummy in the party nomination race.

5.         Why aren’t more people cheering the (slow) return of jobs to America?

Major companies, including General Electric and Ford Motor Company, are bringing jobs back to America. The downside is that many of the newly available jobs will be established at lower wages than similar jobs already in place at the companies. It’s still good news, because fewer jobs going to other countries (in Asia or Mexico) or to illegal workers will ultimately mean a stronger economy here at home. Lower wages are far better than no wages at all.

6.          Why are so many Obama haters pretending that hasn’t accomplished anything in his first three years of office?

In addition to finding and executing Osama bin Ladin and bringing home the troops from the Middle East, President Obama ushered in a healthcare program that will change the face of healthcare in America. So what if you as an individual didn’t like it, or believe that you will be adversely affected by it? Others will be positively impacted and at the end of the day, healthcare needed to change and it has.

7.          Why doesn’t it get any easier to say goodbye to love ones?

In 2011, I had to say goodbye to a man who was my friend, my mentor and my beloved brother. Dwight Leron “Ronnie” Madison was a strong Black man who served as a good father and family man. Knowing he’s in a better place doesn’t make it any easier to bear the pain of no longer having him in this place. I love you and miss you Big Brother.

Another Dwight, Dwight Arrington Myers, aka Heavy D also left the earth and the shock and sadness of those who knew him is certainly still felt.

Nick Ashford left the stage a bit empty and Steve Jobs left the technology game he was leading.

Death is never easy no matter how many times one has to deal with it and in 2011, just as in every year, many of us had to say goodbye to someone we loved.

8.          Some quarters of America finally understand how to get the economy going–from the bottom up!

In the Big 80’s, the moronic Republicans began the slow decline of the American economy by supporting big business. The party line was that propping up big businesses would allow them to provide more jobs and thus keep America going. Sadly, the big businesses took the money and ran, moving jobs overseas to save money while screwing Americans out of jobs and opening doors to illegal immigrants who took more jobs from Americans by working below minimum wage.

In 2011, Americans continued to stand up for the closure of American borders to illegal workers and began pressuring big businesses to hire more Americans.

In 2011, big businesses such as American Express awakened and became active in stimulating the economy from the bottom up by waging a campaign for Americans to support small businesses with the Small Business Saturdays campaign—a powerful idea since those of us who understand the economy understand that the majority of Americans are employed by small businesses.

My President also extended Unemployment Benefits to American citizens twice in 2011, which is what the government ought to do when it is of the people, by the people and FOR the people. The corporate bailouts didn’t get the economy started as planned because big business in America is greedy and corrupt, but bailing out Americans who are out of work is a smart way to keep things going.

9.          Wall Street was occupied and big business was finally delivered a powerful message from the American people!

The Occupy Wall Street movement got up in the face of big business, letting them know that Americans want to be treated better or a change will come.

Big Business was given several slaps in the face, from the blocking of Verizon’s move on AT&T (which could have resulted in an unwieldy monopoly) to the bitch-slapping of Bank of America when it planned to rape its customers for an unnecessary $5 charge.

The American people just may be finding their voices.

10.        Why are stupid Americans still overly focused on entertainment and entertainment icons?

Reality television has become a misnomer, as most of the so-called reality shows are staged to create drama and hype. Stupid Americans tune in each week to watch the behind-the-scenes activities of stupid entertainers who are foolish enough to open their lives for coin.

And, stupid Americans argue over whether a professional slut named Kim has butt injections and whether a professional coon named Tyler actually has a soul to be disturbed by bringing back images that should have died long ago.

Dumbass Kobe’s divorce worried too many people with empty lives, arguing with other losers about whether he should or shouldn’t pay off his wife who said she would stand by him and then promptly left his side to get a payday.

Yes, Americans care far too much for entertainers and some of the most ignorant desire nothing more than to press that care and concern onto others.  It was sad that Amy Winehouse died in 2011, but sadder still to watch her fans become angry at people who found no reason to mourn.

But not all Americans are focused on stargazing.

Many Americans are focused on taking an active role in moving the nation in a more positive direction, in the midst of financial difficulties.

At some point, the nation will have to become more serious in order to plot a course of productivity in serious times.

2012 just may see that seriousness become a revolution.

If so, the best is yet to come.

2012–bring it on!

Happy New Year!

Darryl James is an award-winning author of the powerful new anthology “Notes From The Edge.”  James’ stage play, “Love In A Day,” opened in Los Angeles in 2011 and will be running in 2012. View previous installments of this column at Reach James at


2 Responses to “The Bridge: Top Ten Thoughts From 2011”

  1. Black Butterfly Says:

    I love the way you express yourself, your thoughts and in your writings. I agree with 90% of your 10 listed there 😉

    Black Butterfly

  2. michael cammon Says:

    Great work keep this up, your dead on and I never get offended by your pieces.

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