By Mike Ramey

With the arrival of yet another ‘Black History Month’, I wanted to provide a column with some meat! African-Americans truly have been blessed by our forefathers; those men who have ‘gone before us’ in America. Our forefathers did exploits, braved challenges, and suffered in the face of adversity. Some of them were whipped to death; some were hung or shot, and others incarcerated. However, many of them MARRIED, thrived and gave their lives–if need be–to raise successful families.

I aptly call our forefathers ‘Mighty Men’.

Our forefathers were ‘Mighty Men’ in the face of long odds. They had a firm relationship with God through Jesus Christ–without apology.

I warn you up front; I’m going to cover some ‘forgotten’ REAL Black History. 


Over the past twenty or so years, the social engineers (eagerly aided by the feminists in their ranks) attempted to ‘mold’ boys into girls. They have systematically programmed our schools, government, and even the sports/entertainment kabal (pink at a football game? Really?) for male failure, turning our young men into ‘metrosexuals’, baby daddies, thugs and pimps–anything BUT potential husbands. The experiment has worked; so well in fact that the Bible is seen as a joke, marriage is believed to be in decline, adultery AND illegitimacy have increased and gang memberships continue to skyrocket (1.5 million in 2011). Many modern young men have grown confused and isolated. Some seem to be glad of the fact that they have been programmed to be more interested in being consumers rather than producers and providers. Young men seem to be OK with the fact that society has become feminized (often with a late night route through Cougarhood), and that women demand to ‘call the shots’ about sex, dating and–maybe–marriage. To further darken the horizon, young Black men are eager to accept the programming to ‘go along to get paid’ for performing without developing an eye towards their OWN history. A whole generation is failing to realize that slavery is still slavery, whether it involves working in a field under an Overseer’s whip; or in a Rap/Hip Hop studio sweat shop, spitting and flowing lyrics 10 hours a night (without holding the copyright to their OWN songs). 


What will it take to get young men to wake up from their confusion? Well, short of another world war or terrorist attack (both have a great way of growing up young men), we older brothers will have to continue to spell out the realities of life to them:

*The ‘reality’ that the Bible is the foundation for true manhood.

*The ‘reality’ that every ‘stretch’ in jail CUTS future earning power by 25%.

*The ‘reality’ of needing to value a diploma or degree OVER a GED.

*The ‘reality’ of spending time away from mixtapes and involved in reading.

*The ‘reality’ of working to ‘create’ their own job, when jobs are limited.

*The ‘reality’ of few feeling sorry for those who won’t seek honest work.

Yes, it takes time and effort to reach young men. However, when you get past all their bluster and bravado, you find that the young man of today is scared, scarred and facing a lot more pressure to ‘grow up’ fast, without a clue as to what it takes to be a MAN. Be warned my older brothers–not everyone wants young men to become successful. Keep the following statement in your mind: The toughest roadblock to successful young men most often flows through many a young man’s…HOME!

We’ve seen the results from ‘You Tube’ to OUR laptops.

Too many young brothers are proud to be consumers, and not striving to be providers because their parent (single or otherwise) have ‘blocked’ the spiritual, social and/or academic development of a son! They have ‘robbed’ him of his opportunity; his destiny to be a protector and provider in our village…THEN expect the village to correct their home-grown foolishness! Hear me clearly on this one: Any parent who deliberately sets out to destroy a son’s desire to BE a provider–for a crazy check or any other reason– will destroy a daughter’s future chances of having a providing husband find them!

As one pastor told me, years ago: “God don’t like ugly.”


At this point, you may be asking yourself: “What IS a ‘Mighty Man’”?

In the Old Testament, King David surrounded himself with a group of exceptional brothers, known as the ‘Mighty Men’. These were men who were ‘trained up’ by their fathers to be excellent in their own vocations. These young men were so advanced in their respective fields that they came to the attention of the king, and were selected for royal service. One of the interesting facets of being a ‘Mighty Man’, was that the training and service continued after selection. These men became MORE skilled in warfare, work, and loyalty–plus were ‘sought out’ as mentors by other young men who wanted to rise to the top. Excuses did not fit the code of a ‘Mighty Man’. As a matter of fact, NONE of the men selected as a ‘Mighty Man’ in the scriptures were EVER thought of as being a coward, lazy or of poor moral standing.

Here’s where the grass starts to get tall.

It would be easy for us to lament the fact that there are sooooo many fatherless families. We could cry that it is ‘nearly impossible’ for our young men to be mentored in the ‘manly arts’ of spiritual growth, educational training and hard work. Well, excuses are not welcomed, nor acceptable anymore. If the problem hasn’t changed, then we need to be about changing the problem. Our young men don’t need further ‘understanding’ or more therapy sessions! They need to be pulled over to the side by older men in our communities–block by block if need be–and told what is expected of them and challenged to seek after those skills leading them towards excellence.

Here’s a hearty Black History Month truth: Reentry programs AFTER young brothers come out of prison can be avoided in the future, IF parents and guardians agree to put their foot down in their homes in the present and see to train their young men to make the move from being mediocre…to ‘Mighty’. Mama may have; Poppa may have; but God will bless the child who’s smart enough to learn how to be willing to work and to carve out his own. 

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One Response to “BEING A MIGHTY MAN!”

  1. GREAT article Mike! I coach young black men in football (8th grade), and I see so much of what you are talking about. The feminization of our young men sickens me.

    Mike some kids’ mothers have them sitting down on the toilet to urinate because they (the black moms) don’t want the boys dripping on the toilet seat!

    When I coached high school about three years ago, the young men now take showers with swimsuits on, because of what their moms told them…….and these same (black) moms wonder why their sons aren’t men???

    I know being a man is more than standing when you pee, or not being ashamed of your body….but (in Chris Carter’s words) COME ON MAN?

    I once told a player’s mother that, “most women can raise boys but few can raise men” She was livid with me, but weeks later, she came an apologized after realizing that we were trying to instruct her son in manhood (not just football).

    The same things you wrote about in your article are so important, ….hard work, loyalty, being a provider,…ect… AND, are not getting taught at home.

    An old coach told me something I never forgot about players who have severe attitude problems, he said….”follow a fool home and you will find an even bigger one (fool)” Mike, it’s so true. THANKS FOR THE KNOWLEDGE.

    Keep it up Mike. I really enjoyed it.

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