Men Ethics and His Uncontrollable Libido

By Thomas Duffy – Guest Columnist

Reading who wrote this article, some could say here he goes again with his critical evaluation of men. Of course none of the articles ever suggested all men, but since my last article related to this subject show little has changed, I can’t be absolutely unfair. Most readers will know about the case of a well known so-called respected educator in Pennsylvania, facing charges of sexual abuse. But now there’s some indication of similar inappropriate behavior in Horace Mann a prestigious school in New York and less not forget the hushed scandal of abuse in the Catholic Church that has yet been solved. Do I search for situations such as this; am I a defender of children? No not to the degree of assembly because I also know truth can be tilted in favor of the so-called innocent, especially if I as a blameless person became someone that was accused. My reason is to show the fragility in men, who often profess to be strong willed and powerful over all things, will often reduce themselves to their weakest level. Again I must ask what drives a man to step beyond the boundaries of integrity, if he believes his sovereignty gives him the ability to make the right choices. What clicks in his mind even as someone creative, to turn from his desk at the office to take a quick look at the attractive woman walking by? Assuming he was constructing something significant at the time, would he be willing to avoid becoming someone who could make a real difference in his company, if he allowed the woman to lure him away to an empty closet for what he may feel would be more rewarding? Would he chance it or think twice, suspicious it was her way of impeding any likelihood of succeeding? Men will rarely talk about their mistakes, emotions or reasons they feel they were chosen to have power over all things. But the idea of power is to also have control, control of self above control over the situation. Reminding those who read past articles of mine, I also stated I wasn’t a person who have the skill of determining human behavior. But my observation lately has shown men are more-apt to take their lives and others many times because of domestic discord. What emotional flaw causes men to commit acts of murder suicide? Is the lack of power over his sexuality controlling of him, than his physical and mental ability to know when it has a place in his life? Although what we’re seeing and hearing against the President isn’t sexual, it’s a demonstration of man’s efforts to show his masculinity over other men, which is a display of his maleness. So the rewards of winning, is to be renowned in that light. The question to this is by whom. Most fathers will first suggest their sons be men, not a boy growing to manhood who must learn to monitor his character. There are many religious faiths in this country besides the world and most of the religious books have been rewritten by scribes who were men to put forth their own beliefs. Would I be wrong, if I believe when man/men learn to restrain his libido, he will emotionally live a more fulfilling life.



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