Maybe I’m A Bit Cynical

By Jeffrey Bowden

When the story broke that a couple was refused the opportunity to host their wedding at a church in Mississippi, I thought; you mean a handful of people stopped their church from holding the ceremony and threatened the pastor with ouster if he went against their wishes and this spineless man of God backed down.  Each time the story was told it illustrated that only a few of the members protested and the Pastor just sat there scared to lose his job.

There are only two reals issues here:

  1. How much power did these  “few” members have?
  2. Maybe love is blind or beauty is only skin deep; or love knows no boundaries

Am I the only one who thinks this girl is way young and this dude is way old?  I ain’t hatin’ just sayin’.

So now this “Reverend” finds another house of worship to hold the proceedings. Big whoop to you pastor, your members started feeling froggy and you jump!!!  Brother pastor what else is the group of misguided folks gonna tell you to do or not to do.  Perhaps they have a list of folks you should not pray for, there are some hungry people who don’t deserve any help, somebody wants to know the Son of God, oh, oh, your members said “not today”, Wait, somebody in in the hospital, the doctors done pronounced this is it, this person wants absolution before passing on. Wait! you better check with your members.

I hope on that great day, when you stand before the proverbial celestial court room and the age old image of a white bearded man with spectacles peer down from his lofty seat and ask: ‘give an account of yourself’ that the members who lead you by the nose will be there to say, wait, we want him in or we will vote you out.

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2 Responses to “Maybe I’m A Bit Cynical”

  1. Jeffrery, Calvin Mann is my name and I would love to speak with you. please email me a contact number. thank you

  2. Jeff the interpreter Says:

    You can use the contact information listed in the website looking forward to hearing from you.

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