BET’s President Explains Why She Doesn’t Offer More Positive Programming

By Gary A. Johnson

Over the years when people ask me about my opinion of the programming on Black Entertainment Television (BET) my response has been something along the following lines:  “BET’s programming is so dreadful and intellectually insulting that I haven’t watched anything on the network in years.  I suggest they change the name to “Blacks Embarrassing Themselves (BET).”

Dr. Boyce Watkins has written a “must read” article on this topic.  Click here to read that article.


2 Responses to “BET’s President Explains Why She Doesn’t Offer More Positive Programming”

  1. I think BET past and present owners use the ratings as a cop out, because we all know with the right advertising you influence and in fact create an audience for a program. The mere fact that Black Americans have been waiting and had expected BET to produce thought-provoking programming and after using the excuse of being locked into a music video airing deal to get the channel off the ground, took the GREED road.

    They filled their coffers, and left obligation “at one time being the only black outlet to the wind.” Now, they are crying the blues that T.J. Holmes show ratings are not good. Well, I forgot that he has a program…why, NO REAL or Consistent ADVERTISING! Bottom-line, if they really want the show to be successful, they would put the money behind it to keep the show in the minds of audiences.

    However, like everything else we give up for a few immediate bucks. Our nemeses purchase for one reason and one reason only; to crush, any remote possibility of us having a voice to influence and direct our own. Yes, Bob Johnson got his, but at what expense to building a nation! We keep falling for the real meaning of the “okie-dokie.” =! At this point, CEO, CXO, CFO, Director of Programming and Acquisitions, etc., are mere puppets!

  2. I gave up this phony watered down negrowish type so-called network even before they got souled out by their former owner.
    I wonder why do a vast % of black people even still watch and support this phony network.They are just as bad if not worse just like a white media magazine or eurocentric tv station.
    At this point in time for black’s to stil be watching,while still complaining tell’s me something is really wrong mentally for a vast % of people to take part in their own mental abuse.

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