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Tom Joyner: Tavis Is Fascinated with His Own Legacy

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Tom and Tavis

By Gary A. Johnson, Black Men In 27, 2013

Here we go again.  Can’t we all just get along?  I don’t know who’s in the news more these days.  Tavis or Rhianna?

PBS host Tavis Smiley and his colleague and partner  former Princeton professor Cornel West, criticized President Obama last week for using a bible belonging to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for the President’s inaugural swearing in ceremony.  I’m not sure about the criticism.  It’s not like the President stole the bible.  The King family gave the bible to the President.

Well, Tavis’ former employer, syndicated radio host Tom Joyner apparently heard enough.  Last week Joyner wrote a commentary called “Tavis vs. MLK,” published on Black America  Here are two prominent highlights in Joyner’s commentary:

  • Tavis is fascinated with his own legacy, and that’s not good. He wants more than anything to be remembered the way Dr. King was, and to some how make that kind of mark on the world.
  • Tavis is afraid of what will be said about him and it’s driving him crazy.

Tavis has consistently claimed that he holds no ill will towards the President and that he is simply attempting to hold the President accountable.

Most people who follow Tavis are not neutral in their view. For another perspective read Harold Bell’s recent commentary “There’s A New Sheriff In Town.”

What do you think?

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Higher Hopes: A Black Man’s Guide to College

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Book Review by Black Men In

We all should know the value of a good education.  College is not for everyone.  If you are suited for college, you need to read this guide.  Higher Hopes:  A Black Man’s Guide to College helps you find the right tools, tips and strategies to have a successful college career.

Author R. D. Smith wrote this book based on his own college experience coupled with the sobering statistics of poor black male performance in college settings.  Smith concluded that many black men were capable of succeeding in college but many did not know how to succeed.  In other cases, students received bad advice or did not understand or know the value of a college education could positively impact one’s life.

The book is straight talk with encouraging and painful stories that most people can relate to when it comes to navigating the mazes associated with institutions of higher learning.

Author R. D. Smith attending the University of Virginia and graduated with honors earning a double major in commerce and physics.  He later earned his MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Click here to read a sample chapter of the book.

Click here to purchase the book.

There’s A New Sheriff In Town

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By Harold Bell


Rev. Martin Luther King

Chairwoman Marcia Fudge of the Black Congressional Caucus says, “My colleagues don’ think there is poverty in America.  They are crazy, nuts, evil and nasty people. They wanted to cut $16.5 billion from the food stamp program.  I have never seen anything like them!”


Ohio’s Finest / 21st District: Marcia Fudge

During Barack Obama’s run for President in 2008 Tavis Smiley and his commentaries were a fixture on the Tom Joyner Morning Show heard in over 100 markets.  Tavis abruptly quit the show which seem to come as a surprise to Tom and his morning show staff.

On April 11, 2008, Tavis Smiley announced that he would resign in June 2008 as a commentator. He cited fatigue and a busy schedule in a personal call to Joyner.

However, Joyner, referred to several commentaries in which Smiley was critical of then Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, indicated otherwise on his program, stating: “The real reason is that he can’t take the hate he’s been getting regarding the Barack issue—hate from the black people that he loves so much.” Prior to the public controversy and being elected President, Obama had been on Smiley’s PBS show several times.

In the 2008 Presidential campaign Tavis invited then Presidential candidate Barack Obama to participate in one of his forums but Barack send Michelle in his place.

Tavis took Barack’s absent as a slight and many claim he still has not gotten over it!  I have always thought if a man sends his wife to represent him it is a sign of respect for the person in charge.

During his first term as President, Barack Obama was giving anyone and almost everyone in black media an interview (except Tavis).  Blacks in media seem to have carte blanch to President Obama and the First Lady Michelle (genius PR move).  He became “The Darling” of black media.

This was unheard in the White House press corps before a black President occupied the White House.

The backlash from Tavis bashing the FIRST black President was sometimes real ugly during the first term.

Tavis said on more than one occasion that the President didn’t care about black people or the poor and down trodden. It didn’t play too well in the black community, but since that time some opinions have changed in favor of Tavis.

On October 1, 2010, Tavis Smiley turned the second hour of his PRI program into Smiley & West co-hosted by his longtime friend and adviser Dr. Cornel West.

Bell and Stokes

Congress Lou Stokes (D-Ohio), his 21st Ohio District extended to blacks everywhere.

Tavis was in Washington, DC on Thursday January17, 2013 hosting a forum titled, “Vision for a New America: A Future without Poverty” at George Washington University. Let me say for the “Record” good luck!

The panel was made of Author Jeffery Sachs (Columbia University), former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Author Jonathan Cole, Mary Ann Chilton (Drexel University), Rose Ann Democo (National Nurses United), Author John Kozol,U. S. Rep Marcia Fudge, John Gramm (Indiana University) and the brilliant Professor Cornell West (Union Theological Seminary).

One member of the panel described the perils of poverty best when they said “There is a highway into poverty but there is no sidewalk out!”

The most compelling personality on the panel and the most courageous was Congressional Black Caucus   Chairwoman Marcia Fudge.  She brought to mind, the late Congresswomen Shirley Chisholm (D-NY) and the eloquent and powerful speaker Barbara Jordan (D-Texas).  Their courage had no boundaries when it came to leading by example and speaking out against the injustices of a system that was supposed to be serving its people.

During the discussion Ms. Fudge said, “There are people working the House of Representatives who don’t believe there is poverty in America.  I just left a retreat with my colleagues of the Congressional Black Caucus.  These are the craziest people I have ever seen, we are dealing with a bunch of nuts who are evil and nasty and don’t care about anyone but themselves!”

These same colleagues voted to cut 16.5 million dollars in food stamps.  We are sending people to Congress who do not understand what their job is and do not understand that they are there to represent the people.

Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards does not understand her role.

Ms Fudge made it perfectly clear from the very beginning “I am not owned by anybody. No corporations or anyone.”

For example; When Tavis reminded her there was tension between the Black Caucus and the White House during the President’s first term. He said, “There was a time when the President would not even meet with you.” She admitted there was some tension but reminded him that her job was different from the President of the United States.

Ms. Fudge did not allow Tavis during the forum to make her a part of the bashing of the President.

She pointed out that The FISCAL CLIFF is nothing but “Smoke & Mirrows.” It is just a cover-up for the debt that we owe for two wars, Bush tax cuts and Medicaid part D, it is all a game.

Ms. Fudge also said, “Democrats have given up on poverty and that is no  no different from giving up on the gun issue.  When you don’t have the answers you give up!”

She then pointed to the legislation that the President had passed to help the poor and downtrodden.

There were two major pieces of legislation, Obamacare significantly helps poor people.  In the Stimulus, there was more money put into the Head Start program than ever before, Pell Grants were increased, unemployment was extended, more money was put into poor schools and two billion dollars was put into food stamps. I am not saying it was enough but let us put all the facts on the table.”

We are in a state of emergency our children are not only dying in our streets (Chicago) but they are dying in our classrooms (New Town)!  Senior citizens are dying in our nursing home across this country but no one seems to care.

“The rule of money makes everybody and everything up for sale.  There is a culture of fear where folks are scare of the TRUTH.

They are scare of losing their jobs, losing their status, scare of not being invited to the White House or the next Tea Party.  There is a shameless silence in this country.  It is the rule of money that has this country so corrupted (former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagel, the latest crook).  There can be no integrity or trust when there is the rule of money.

Government can be corrupt and repressive against the people they are supposed to be helping. We must stop the silence, call your congressman and voice your displeasure.  Until they see hungry babies or homeless—they are not going to believe it” said Ms. Fudge.

It looks and sounds like the New Sheriff is looking and asking for our help.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich without a doubt came up with a proposal and suggestion that just might help turn this country around.

He suggested to Caucus Chair Fudge that he would recruit Republican politicians to volunteer to spend 3 days each with a Democratic politician in their voting districts and vice-verse.

Her response, “You make it happen and I am in.”

I am thinking that would be a feat that you could compare with getting the Jewish Community to double date with the Palestinian Community!  The Nobel Peace Prize would definitely be a possibility for both Newt and Ms. Fudge.

 Harold Bell is the Godfather of Sports Talk radio and television in Washington, DC.  Throughout the mid-sixties, seventies and eighties, Harold embarked upon a relatively new medium–sports talk radio with classic interviews with athletes and sports celebrities.  The show and format became wildly popular. Harold has been an active force fighting for the rights of children for over 40 years with the help of his wife through their charity Kids In Trouble, Inc.   To learn more aboutHarold Bell visit his official web site The Original Inside

The Film “Luv”

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As a community, we’re always asking for quality films.  Well here’s a film that is worth our time and money.  Go out and support this film.  Read the synopsis below.


A special day of bonding takes a dark and dangerous detour for an 11-year-old boy when his uncle’s violent past dramatically changes both their futures in LUV, a poignant and gritty coming-of-age story featuring standout performances by Common, Danny Glover, Dennis Haysbert, Charles S. Dutton and newcomer Michael Rainey, Jr. With his mother in rehab and his father out of the picture, young Woody Watson (Michael Rainey, Jr.) lives with his grandmother (Lonette McKee) in suburban Baltimore and longs for his family to be reunited.  His charismatic Uncle Vincent (Common) has just returned home after eight years in prison, determined to straighten out his life by opening a high-end crab shack.

One morning, instead of dropping Woody off at school, Vincent decides to give the boy a tutorial on how a man gets things done. After a trip to a tailor to get Woody a custom-fitted suit, the pair heads to the bank to sign off on the loan Vincent needs to fulfill his dreams. But when a problem with the collateral puts the brakes on Vincent’s plans, his lack of legitimate business experience and his criminal record leave him with no good options. Desperate not to lose his only chance at success, Vincent throws back in with his former associates, convinced that one last score will set him free. With Woody in tow, he plunges into the violent world he thought he had escaped, running a drug deal for his ex-employer, Baltimore crime boss Mr. Fish (Dennis Haysbert) and Fish’s brother Arthur (Danny Glover).

In the course of one harrowing day, Woody comes face to face with double-crossing thugs and brutal turf wars, and sees his beloved uncle in a tragic and frightening new light. Ultimately, the boy will have to decide whether to follow his flawed hero…or become his own man.

Click here to view a list of theaters showing this film.

Tavis Smiley Booted From Martin Luther King Event

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Tavis Smiley, the PBS talk show host who has criticized President Barack Obama for not doing enough for the African-American community, says he was ousted as the speaker at a Martin Luther King luncheon because he was trying to hold the president accountable.

“I don’t see my role as one of criticizing the president. I see my role as one of holding the president – this and every other president-accountable,” Smiley said on Fox News on Monday.

“Something is wrong with this country … that so often the political right, and I am no defender of the political right … gets accused of playing the game of political correctness. What this underscores is that those on the left, the Democrats can play that game of political correctness as well,” he added.

Smiley was booted from the 20th annual MLK luncheon on Jan. 16 that is hosted by the Peoria Civic Center. The group announced last week that Smiley had been replaced by Michael Eric Dyson as the guest speaker of the event, citing people who were “upset about comments that Tavis Smiley has made.”

Note:  This website and blog has talked about Tavis Smiley for years.  You can debate whether he has had a fall from grace.  Or whether or not he is an unbiased and objective news person.  We’ve dubbed him a “whiner” and “crybaby,” but that’s just us.  Here’s a recent news article about Tavis from the Politico.

Source:  The Politico.  Click here to read the rest of this story.

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Oxygen Cancels “All My Babies Mamas”

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Shawty Lo

By Black Men In

Many of you know that our Founder and Publisher Gary Johnson is one of the original members assembled by author and social activist Sabrina Lamb to make sure that “All My Babies Mamas” never made it to the airwaves.  Today, it was announced that the Oxygen television network decided to cancel the show that they said was in development as a television special.

“As part of our development process, we have reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special,” an Oxygen spokesperson said in a statement to theGrio. “We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.”

The program was initially slated for release this spring as a one hour reality special on Oxygen TV. The show would follow Shawty Lo and his 11 children by ten different mothers.  According to Oxygen, “Shawty Lo and his family were considered for the show, but other families were being considered as well.”

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Oxygen Unsure About Future of Shawty Lo Reality Show

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Is the network bowing to outrage surrounding All My Babies’ Mamas?

By Natelege Whaley, BET

Shawty Lo 3

Will the Oxygen network bow to pressure and cancel Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas or will the show about the rapper’s 11 children with 10 different women make it to air?

Oxygen Media says the show that’s described as a one-hour special “revealing the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas and their army of children” isn’t guaranteed to air and that the video circulating was stripped from the website’s “pitch reel.

There has been opposition from conservative group Parents Television Council, which calls the show “grotesquely irresponsible and exploitive.” Writer Sabrina Lamb started a petition on that has over 20,000 signatures.

Jason Klarman, president of Oxygen Media, declined to comment on the show Monday when the programming chief of the network previewed new shows to television writers.

Oxygen has denied any problem with the show’s premise. It “is not meant to be a stereotypical representation of everyday life for any one demographic or cross section of society. It is a look at one unique family and their complicated, intertwined life. Oxygen Media’s diverse team of creative executives will continue developing the show with this point of view,” the company said in a press release last week.

IF the show airs in the spring as planned, the PTC plans to stage a boycott.

(Photo: Chris McKay/Getty Images)

Giving Nursing Homes A License To Kill?

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One Man’s Fight To Save His Brother

By Harold Bell

Reprinted with permission from The Original Insides Website (January 8, 2013)

Call Rep. Steny Hoyer now!

Left to right:  Rep. Donna Edwards,  Rep. Steny Hoyer and Sen. Ben Cardin

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 I was visiting Patuxent River Rehabilitation/Nursing Home in Laurel, Maryland. Wednesdays are when the assigned “Wound Doctor” Dr. Carlton Scroggins makes his rounds visiting patients.  My brother Earl K. Bell, a U.S. Army vet and former D.C. Metropolitan Police Department officer, is one of his patients.


Earl K. Bell Former Sgt. Military MP (U. S.Army), Sgt. DC MPD and Heavyweight boxing Champion (All-Army)

During this visit, Dr. Scroggins informed me that he would be visiting my brother every other Wednesday, biweekly instead of weekly.  Shortly after that, however, he had a change of heart!

Dr. Scroggins told me he was going to admit my brother to the DC VA Hospital on Nov. 11.

“It looks like your brother is going to need surgery,” Dr. Scroggins said. “I think the skin on his amputated foot is too close to the bone.  He will be admitted for evaluation.”

While visiting my brother on Nov. 10, the day before his scheduled evaluation at the VA Hospital, I was informed by his unit nurse Mariann that his evaluation trip to VA had been cancelled!

When I asked why, she responded, “It has something to do with his Medicare Insurance.”  I didn’t see Dr. Scroggins again until weeks after the cancellation.

My first question to him was, “Why was my brother’s admittance to VA cancelled?”

First, he acted as if he knew nothing about Earl being scheduled to go to the VA. I had to refresh his memory of our one-on-one conversation.  It was then that I knew there was a problem with the “Wound Doctor.”

He also seemed to be involved in the fabled 3 little monkeys’ game familiar in nursing homes around the country “hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil.”

My next encounter with Dr. Scroggins would be on Wednesday Nov. 28.  When I arrived at Unit 2 of the facility, I observed Dr. Scroggins making what I would describe as “small talk”(laughing and grinning) with Patuxent staff.

When I walked into my brother’s room, his nurse Mariann was changing the bandages on his wounds.

I asked my brother if Dr. Scroggins had already seen him. His response was, “Not yet!”

This was highly unusual.  When I visit on Wednesdays Dr. Scroggins first examines my brother’s wounds before clean bandages are applied.  Since I was confused by the change in routine I returned to the hallway to get an explanation from Dr. Scroggins.

I found him still holding court with the unit staff.  I waited patiently until he was through to ask him if he had seen my brother.

I was shocked when he replied, “No I am going to wait until next week.  Your brother is due to be admitted to VA Hospital on the 14th (December) and that way I can write a fresh report!”

I said to myself, “Something is wrong with this picture.”  This is a doctor who definitely does not seem to have his patient’s best interest at heart.

My fears were confirmed on Sunday, Dec. 2, when a staff member named Gladys, initially mistaking me for my brother’s son, said she had been trying to reach me concerning my brother.  She informed me that his wounds had become infected. She said he needed antibiotics to combat the infection, but his son had not returned her calls.

This was just four days after Dr. Scroggins said he wanted to wait a week to write “a fresh report.” This means, while Dr. Scroggins was on the unit on Nov. 28, Earl was lying in bed with infected wounds that evidently the doctor knew nothing about or he was ignoring.

My brother was then assigned to another room away from the general population.  I was told I would need to put on a mask and gloves during my next visit.

On Wednesday Dec. 5, Harry Horton a childhood friend and an old Army buddy of my brother visited the nursing home with me to see him. We found him in a room different than his 202 in isolation away from the general hospital population.

For the past 2 years I have asked the administration, futilely, to provide my brother with a new wheelchair.  I was told his insurance would not pay for it.  The social work staff led by Crystal King has had “Family Meetings” without notifying family members of the dates and times.

On more than one occasion my brother was denied scheduled visits to VA Hospital because of insurance claims and lack of transportation, most recently on Friday, Dec. 14.

On Friday Dec. 28, I received a telephone call from Patuxent River nurse Mariann.  She wanted to know if I would be available to accompany my brother on a visit to a urologist in Greenbelt, Maryland because he needed someone there with him to interpret his needs to the doctor!

I explained to her it would be impossible because my wife was just coming home after an extended stay in the hospital.  I asked her to call his son and daughter and Mariann said, “I have tried on several occasions but they won’t respond.”

Earl’s pensions and Medicare are paying Patuxent River Rehab to take care of him, but the facility cannot provide transportation and staff assistance to him for hospital visits and doctor appointments.

When they take responsibility for his care, am I the only one who finds something wrong with practice?

As we head into 2013, Earl K. Bell has not been admitted to the VA Hospital as scheduled.  His last scheduled admittance date was Friday December 14, 2012.  When I went to check on him on Monday, December 17, 2012 at the VA Hospital I was told he never arrived!

On October, 1st I wrote to Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) and Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) about my brother’s welfare, but it seems everyone was too busy passing the buck.

Edwards’ Chief of Staff Adrienne Christian said Patuxent River was the territory of Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), not Edwards.

Ms. Christian passed the buck on to their office in Montgomery County, which passed me on to no one in particular. There was no follow-up.

Rep. Hoyer has been the exception among the Maryland politicians. He will get involved and will take up your fight but every fight cannot be his.

I have had up-close and personal experiences with Presidents (Kennedy and Nixon)and Congressmen like Lou Stokes (D-Ohio), Parren Mitchell (D-Md), Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), Barbara Jordan (D-Tex) Strom Thurmond (R-SC) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), all of whom kept it real and took their roles as public servants seriously when it came to helping others.

The problem lies with these “New Jack” politicians like Donna Edwards who could care less.  They come into office with nothing but “Book Sense” and no people related qualities.

The sad part of this political process is that they hire staff that is just as clueless as they are.

Congresswoman Edwards’ indifferent behavior can be equally shared by the Patuxent River administrators and staff (John Spadaro and Jodie Dyer), the Wound Doctor (Carlton Sroggins), my brother’s son (Kenneth Bell), AARP (Addison Rand), the Maryland state ombudsman’s office, as well as the Ombudsman Program of Prince Georges County (including state ombudsman Alice Hedt and her colleagues (Stephanie Numer and Jeannie O’Brien), and The Office of Health Quality (Pat Carter).

There is no integrity or honesty in office of the Ombudsman program which is suppose to be there to protect nursing home residents.

In an interview with Tom Joyner’s (Black correspondent Jackie Jones, there are contradicting versions of what I witness taking place at Patuxent River Rehab and what the ombudsman’s office is reporting.

For example, Ms. Hedt who works out of the State office told Ms. Jones, that an Ombudsman had visited Earl Bell and that he had not suffered an infection and had not been isolated.  Mr. Bell had a special cushion added to his wheelchair to alleviate the pressured sore.  The Ombudsman told Hedt that Earl’s son was active in his father’s care.

He also told the ombudsman that his son had the Power of Attorney and he was a active participant in his care and that there were no problems.  This is definitely a contradiction of what I witness at Patuxent River Rehab.

Gary Johnson,  the Founder and Publisher of Black Men In tried to contact administrators at Patuxent River Rehab in October of 2012 and never could get a response.

It gets worst, I am watching television (Fox News 5) during the month of November there is a segment on nursing home abuse.  The story being aired was similar to my brother’s at Patuxent River Rehab (out of control bed sores).

A lawyer who claimed to be an advocate for nursing home residents was a part of the interview process.  I am impressed by his concerned and response to nursing home abuse.

Attorney Michael Winkleman is on the show representing the law firm of McCarthy, Winkleman & Morrow, LLP. The next day I call information to get a contact number for the firm. After obtaining the number I leave a message for Attorney Wickleman.

Several days later Attorney Wickleman returns my call and we discus my brother’s problems.  He says “I will get back to you”and he does (see e-mail response below).

Mr. Bell,

Do you have any of the medical records?  Do you have time to speak on the phone today?

Michael Winkelman
McCarthy, Winkelman & Morrow, LLP
4201 Northview Drive
Suite 410
Bowie, Maryland 20716

On November 16, 2012 I received a second e-mail from his partner Attorney Tom Morrow (see below).

Dear Mr. Bell:

Thank you for speaking with me today regarding the unfortunate plight of your brother, Earl.  You indicated he has been at Patuxent NH for 5 years and has recently been suffering from decubitus ulcers (bed sores).  You believe this is the result of neglect and inattention from the staff of the nursing home.  You advised that he is to go to the VA hospital on December 14 for surgical evaluation of the wounds.

I will be meeting with Mike Winkelman in the next several days to discuss an approach.  I or Mike will be in touch after we have reviewed the issues in your brother’s case.

Tom Morrow

McCarthy, Winkelman & Morrow, LLP

One Town Center

4201 Northview Drive, Suite 410

Bowie, Maryland  20716-2668

(301) 262-7422

I waited to get a response from them leading up to the Thanksgiving holidays.  As we head into the New Year they have disappeared without a trace or call back!

Shakespear once cried out “Kill all the lawyers” I wonder why?

Last but not least, the politicians who passed the bill in 1996 that created HIPAA, supposedly designed to protect patient privacy, but which has created nightmares for families trying to get help for their loved ones because the law gives hospitals and nursing home administrators the power to sit on information they don’t wish to divulge under the guise of privacy.

The AARP has lost all credibility with its hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil representation of senior citizens.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley should be ashame of the way the State Ombudsman’ Office allows nursing homes to mis-treat and abuse senior citizens who deserve better.

They all are equally responsible for giving nursing homes around the country a “License to Kill.”

Politicians & HIPPA are creating more Dr. Jack Kevorkians (the Death Machine)?

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on, do and say nothing.–Albert Einstein

We Have A Truth and Focus Problem

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By H. Lewis Smith

Though the controversial film, Django Unchained, can stand on its own merits of uniquely presenting the era of slave history, it has a common bond with other films of similar elk in that they all conveniently sanitize a portion of slave history as it so suits White America.

One thing needs to be made clear: Tarantino and no other white director or producer is going to depict slave history in a manner that parallels the real and whole truth or reality of the heinous period in time. Use of the n-word during that era and a dosage of graphic violence is only half the story. The other half, which is never, ever discussed or alluded to in the movies nor read about within academia institutions, includes the hoodwinking and bamboozling of Black America as to when slavery actually ended albeit under the guise of different terminologies. Ultimately, slavery did not end in 1865, but really finally came to an end during the 1960s.

However, this truth is eliminated because it would force America to continually see how unfairly the systemic has treated Blacks—constantly oppressing Blacks and forbidding them access to their liberties even when it is morally and legally granted.  The slave experience was one of continual, violent and relentless attacks on the slave’s body, mind and spirit.

Django is not a depiction of historical accuracy, and there are really no other films about slave history that offer an accurate representation. However, they all use the n-word to some degree, which is often done in efforts to portray the reality of that period in history. Even the most widely-known and -praised films such as Roots and Color Purple strongly use the n-word to convey partial truth, but they tend to present slavery in a much friendlier, less evil and acceptable fashion than what it truly was.

These films are poor portrayals of the truth the enslaved really endured and are just window dressing to all the ugliness and evil that actually transpired. This proves that there are segments of slave history that is always sanitized, and unchallenged.  And if use of the n-word was not in White America’s best interest it too would be sanitized.

Strong use of the n-word does not make a reality more or less real. The point is that even if one finds the omission of the n-word from the making of such films a distortion of facts, and conveniently overlooks the omissions of other significant, defining aspects of that historical era, then that person is out of order, and is complicit in a cover-up of an even greater magnitude. This allusion is made in reference to “The Making of a N**ger”, and how Blacks were psychologically prepped to distrust anyone else black and must love, respect and trust only whites; how the victims of chattel slavery were merely pawns in an economic game, debauchery, cross-breeding, inter-racial rape and made to see themselves as sub-human, 3/5 a person, sex starved savage beasts—as they were often categorized.

Slave plantation owners, overseers, merchants, bankers, and all of those who were benefactors of the American enslavement of black people, had a huge stake in eliminating the identity of the enslaved, re-inventing them as n**gers.  This aided in keeping the enslaved disoriented, and congenial towards being better slaves.  It set up the enslaved to voluntarily accept European values, traditions and habits.  This was all they were allowed to embrace, while at the same time, contributing to a total disintegration of African culture.

As a result, to this very day there is an acceptance by many that European value systems are superior and anything black is looked upon as inferior and evil.  State Senator Glen Grothman validates this premise in the following link for there are many who share his sentiments:

Black Americans have been socially engineered to think of themselves as the n-word; Samuel L. Jackson is a perfect illustration, and people like Tarantino seemingly do all they can to offer this “friendly” reminder and continue contributing to the making of inferior mentalities. Often times the phrase “let go of the past” is heard and yet all at the same time use of the n-word, which is a relic from the past, is kept alive. Such a practice is an enigma; to embrace the n-word and try to overlook its sordid history is to be in denial that an African-American Holocaust ever took place. Want to let go of the past?  Then bury the n-word.

The African-American Holocaust lasted almost four hundred years longer than the Jewish Holocaust, and resulted in millions of more deaths. Many Black people, however, often hold greater regard and sympathy towards the Jewish Holocaust above their own. This display of low self-regard and even self-contempt among many Blacks is almost always accompanied with a higher regard towards whites.

What does the phrase “n**ger don’t forget your place” truly mean?  The n-word was beaten, tortured and forcibly instilled into the minds of Blacks to absorb a self-hate, self-abnegation image of themselves, and to never forget that is what they are…a n**ger/n**ga; the Samuel L. Jacksons exemplifies this truth.

Many White people expect Blacks to behave like n**gers, so referring to self as such does nothing but reinforce—to many of them—that Blacks are indeed inferior, and, thus, non-black races do not feel threatened in the least bit. To their consternation, walking with dignity as opposed to saggin’ pants, exemplifying racial pride, and honoring and respecting self  is far more threatening and of deep concern.  The self-destructive lyrics of rap music is confirmation to whites that Blacks know their place and are staying in it. It is time that Blacks remove themselves from “their place” and distances ourselves from the Samuel L. Jacksons. Oh what a day when rather than using their voice, and writing and story-telling gifts to compose community-degrading rhymes, that Blacks writers and composers use these same skills to write a blog that is grammatically correct and addresses the greatness of black people, the greatest strength ever blessed upon a people, and Black/African-Americans’ ability to excel despite racism, oppression, and bigotry.

Write about how Blacks’ true history of greatness has been distorted with white lies and deception, and how white people re-wrote history to make themselves appear superior. White people will crawl out of the woodworks to tell Blacks that Black people are ignorant and are nothing but a n**ger; and even though there may still be some Blacks, this very day, who will agree with them, write about the goodness anyway and prove to self and the world that those white and black people couldn’t be more wrong. This level of confidence, skill, cultural dignity and love of self would make many people uneasy and restless, and let them know that Blacks have re-taken control of their destiny and will define their own true place of superiority in the social spectrum, history and life.

Black/African Americans have a history so rich and glorious that—other than the honoring of Black ascendants— slavery and no remnants of it is worthy of Black America’s attention. The oppressors know this and would rather have African Americans continue to think of slavery as their main claim to fame.

The embracing of the n-word (n**ga) is negative, unenlightened, and profoundly stupid.

H. Lewis Smith H. Lewis Smith is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. (; a writer for the New England Informer Online, and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word”. Follow him on Twitter:

The Ramey Commentaries

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By Mike Ramey

In the first part of this two part commentary on the subject of bullying, I wanted to make it clear that a ‘cottage industry’ has been built off of this issue, and a lot of people are making money off of the misery of others.

TRUE bullying is about power and control. The politically correct ‘thought police’ are doing their best to distort true bullying to further their real agenda–closing down public dissent and alternative points of view.

In short? A segment of our ‘enlightened’ society doesn’t want to hear truth!

I also mentioned that there are three GOOD things that bullies accomplish:

First: A bully will force you to stand on your OWN two feet and deal with what could be a major, real problem. Second: A bully forces you to focus on reality. Third: A bully will force one to protect that which is precious to them.


I shared some basic truth with the youth of my church one Sunday morning, which I will be happy to share in this column.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone is ‘funny looking’. God delights in variety.

Today, we put far too much emphasis on looks, public opinion and social media. We live in the “Era of Least Resistance.” TV shows are being ripped off of blogs, because TV producers are too lazy to be creative–but they want to be paid well. Relationships ‘rise and fall’ based upon what someone’s FB or blog page ‘shouts’–because people have grown too lazy to invest time and work in face-to-face contact. Marriages fail because one partner would rather push their own agenda over the stability of a home and family–but still want to ‘wear a wedding band’ while creating Hell at home.

Young person, God created you as an individual. From your fingerprints down to the DNA in your genetic code, you ARE unique. Don’t let another person ‘rob’ you of your individuality for the sake of peace, security and ‘going along to get along’.

‘Peace in our time’ never comes from satisfying people who love to whine!


Instead of crying about why you’re not like the ‘crowd’, you SHOULD spend your time finding out the gifts God has given you and use them for His glory.

You might find out why God likes to brag on you!

Oh, get ready for some criticism. But, here’s the antidote: When criticized, square your shoulders, lift your head high, and exhibit some backbone. You are NOT ‘bound’ by what a critic may utter about you! Be YOU! The quicker you learn that you are unique, and take pride in your religion, culture, talents, skills and abilities, the closer you are to maturity, and the farther you are away from being a bully’s conquest!

Critics NEVER grow up. Stand up to them, don’t ‘cower’ before them!

Better yet? Find or create a new crowd who appreciates you–FOR you!


A few months back, there was a big stink raised by parents over video postings of student-to-student ‘beat downs’ in hallways, locker rooms, classrooms and cafeterias. Some parents were outraged that their children were the targets of these on-school campus attacks.

This is, actually, and old issue.

A few years back, when Modern Street Gangs started recruiting openly in many public schools. Many school officials and juvenile authorities just let the gangs take over.

If schools won’t cooperate and identify gang leaders ON school grounds, why would one think they would do any better in stopping bullying? Students have BEEN using their iPhones as ‘combat-a-cams’ to post such videos to You Tube and other venues as soon as these tech devices came into the marketplace. Sure, some school districts have specific rules against students using iPhones in school. Still others have rules against students recording such beat-down events. Of course, having a rule and enforcement of a rule are two different things when it comes to school districts.

Since school administrators won’t show any backbone, nor hire the security staff needed to stop students at the door (and send them home with their iPhone and/or other electronic gear), they try to place their teachers in the role of ‘iPhone cop’ in their classrooms. Like the average teacher doesn’t have enough to do? Amen!

To refresh our memories, gang recruiters required members to sneak in iPhones to record ’jumping in’ ceremonies IN schools to ‘prove’ the reach and power of gangs. Many school districts ‘ignored’ the problem…until it made the TV news.

Guess what? Schools no longer have a gang problem. They now have a ‘bullying’ problem. In other words, gangs are still doing their dirt. Instead of the schools meeting the trouble makers ‘head on’ and either expelling them or transferring them to more secure, alternative schools, they have changed the ‘name’ of the game to bullying to qualify for more money to deal with this ‘new’ issue…instead of cutting off the REAL problem at its roots.


When public ‘concern’ is riveted upon a perceived issue, it’s time to take a historic pause–especially if a little something in the back of your mind causes you to wonder: “Where have I seen this public ‘concern’ before?”

How about ‘domestic violence’ and ‘homosexual domestic relationships’.

Prior to the seventies, the issue of domestic violence was considered a private issue. TV shows and comic strips made ‘fun’ of this issue. It was an unfortunate part of life, and women and men were BOTH capable of it. As America entered the seventies, a rising number of homosexual couples came out of the closet and started to set up housekeeping. Incidents of domestic violence among same sex couples started to increase…then skyrocket, often leading to the involvement of local police departments–and injury to some responding police officers. Instead of dealing with the ‘smaller’ universe of domestic violence among same sex couples, the public ‘concern’ was focused upon the ‘perceived epidemic’ of domestic violence ‘throughout our society’.

Who ‘focused’ the concern?

Why the Mainstream Media/Education/Entertainment/Sports/Liberal Kabal…the people who are in direct sympathy to the feminist, homosexual, global warming, etc. agendas. The SAME people–by the way–who are unapologetic when they take your money at the box office, record shop, sports arena, or Pay Pal and reside in gated communities far away from the common man or woman who consumes their wares.

This is how public discussion is being squelched and manipulated.

We’ve seen a bloody 2012 end with a series of very public and very brutal mass murder incidents involving guns–some of them registered guns. This aside from major cities–with gun control laws in place–seeing increasing homicide rates.

The calls for ‘more gun control’ have already gone out from the Kabal. New and tougher anti-gun laws are being brokered and ushered into existence with little in the way of public discussion.

Who are some of those who are calling for more gun control?

Why, the very people who ‘claim’ to have public ‘concern’ at heart:

*Actors and actresses who play armed violent characters on the screen.

*Politicians and reporters and rappers who have guns and gun permits.

*Sports figures…who have armed body guards to keep their ‘fans’ away.

Anyone disagreeing with the ‘wisdom’ of the Kabal?

They are called ‘bullies’. That’s the truth.

RAMEY, a syndicated columnist and book reviewer, lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. THE RAMEY COMMENTARIES appears on fine websites/blogs around the world. Email ©2013 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications.

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