Oxygen Cancels “All My Babies Mamas”

Shawty Lo

By Black Men In America.com

Many of you know that our Founder and Publisher Gary Johnson is one of the original members assembled by author and social activist Sabrina Lamb to make sure that “All My Babies Mamas” never made it to the airwaves.  Today, it was announced that the Oxygen television network decided to cancel the show that they said was in development as a television special.

“As part of our development process, we have reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special,” an Oxygen spokesperson said in a statement to theGrio. “We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.”

The program was initially slated for release this spring as a one hour reality special on Oxygen TV. The show would follow Shawty Lo and his 11 children by ten different mothers.  According to Oxygen, “Shawty Lo and his family were considered for the show, but other families were being considered as well.”

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3 Responses to “Oxygen Cancels “All My Babies Mamas””

  1. It’s ironic how some of us were more than willing to sit back and watch this as just some type of cool hip entertainment.
    A vast % of these so-called black images on TV or in these movies and videos are a total disgrace,a complete sell-out of real black humanity.
    At the same time a vast % of us and other wonder and complain about this violence and hate,(black on black included).
    With all these fatherless black kids growing up either because the parent is locked up or deceased. I wonder how can somebody
    ” oh this is cool “. ” He’s just a player or a baller ”
    Yeah right overall some of us are being made a major fool for sure.

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