Bullying: A Routinely Social Behavior

By T. Duffy, Guest Columnist

How would you weigh any rationale for bullying? Would it be because a person has more money, less money, better looks, poor looks, intelligence, unintelligent, racial differences, or the stronger? If these are some of the motives, then there’s no reason to believe it only occurs amongst the younger population, where most of the concerns are directed lately. Furthermore this behavior isn’t primary amongst boys, although they seem to get most of the attention. Most people feel jealousy has a part in how some people react to others, but it’s the position of the socioeconomic well being of people and mindset, that often shapes the character of our younger population to be the most vulnerable. Those who would be at risk could be swayed to commit such an act, but in contrast they could be someone to end up on the receiving end also.

It’s unusual to express any harsh prejudices, unless we’re sometimes coached or live amongst those who often exhibit that kind of behavior. There may be a correlation between someone being abused and bullying, but abused children aren’t known to become abusers, or bully’s to come from abusive homes. Circumstances where maltreatment may have to be addressed over a period of time could be determined to be socially kindled, instead of just being handled as an unmanageable emotional offense.

Although individuals and organizations are trying to make known the serious consequences on others because of bullying, I believe it will be an enduring problem. Since it occurs at all levels of the society and across all racial lines the first and foremost offenders are adults. In fact it’s adults who write scripts and produce movies that are the most sort after, for television and theater about some indifference to mistreat someone. These movies are the ones the audience is often drawn into, yet few really know the actual theme of the movie is retribution.

It may not be as noticeable amongst some groups, but occasionally the head of harassment will pop up amongst the most conservative. If we believe only the physical display of bullying is harmful, why not believe offensive words to be just as damaging. Living within a society where one group seems to be a better example of narcissism than expressing some degree of civility, the atmosphere for social discord was set long before most of us recognized what we were.

Unless you live in a culture where penalty means you can get your hand chopped off, or placed against the wall to face a firing squad. I believe it’s the conduct of the supposed ruling class that determines how the balance of the society interacts.


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