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Business Exchange: End the War on Drugs Now

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War On Drugs Poster

By William Reed

There is no easy way or walk to freedom; no shortcuts to justice; no quick fix for conceiving and constructing the good and sustainable society and world we all want and deserve. Indeed, to achieve the good we all want in the world, we must work and struggle long and hard. We must be in it for real, for the good, and for the long. – Dr. Maulana Karenga

It’s time for each and every Black American to take action by tweeting about, shouting about, and phoning and faxing about the challenge that has been issued by Elder Ron Daniels. Daniels is head of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and has launched an online petition campaign to recruit an “Army of Advocates and Organizers” to end the War on Drugs (

First, to honor Daniels and his living legacy of activism and progressive politics, it’s time Blacks collectively heeded his call to “End the War on Drugs.” Secondly, show our ire that the War on Drugs has been proven to be a racially biased “war on us” that has disproportionately targeted African Americans.

There are entrenched forces that have a vested interest in policies that have produced mass incarceration of African Americans and spawned the prison-jail industrial complex. To combat the injustice of the system and War on Drugs, it’s time Blacks take a principled stand that confronts the reality of the racial dimensions of crime and punishment in America. Racial bias in America´s criminal justice system is a fact of life, to which Daniels recommends “something akin to Martin Luther King´s ‘coalition of conscience’”… to persuade a majority of Americans to press for reforms to rectify the wrongs of the War on Drugs and decades of blatant neglect that have wreaked havoc on so many communities and ruined the lives of millions of Black families.

If each of us “took it personal” we’d push Daniels’ agenda to “End the War on Drugs.”  If we collectively show concern, we can overcome the media’s silence and lack of concern policymakers have shown toward addressing this devastating crisis. If not us, who?  Efforts by known civil rights/human rights leaders to dismantle the War on Drugs have been episodic and largely ineffective.  But, Daniels’ voice has been constant that “Black leaders, activists and organizers must not equivocate while millions of our sisters and brothers suffer in urban inner-city neighborhoods across this country.” It is imperative that we raise our voices and mobilize/organize to transform the conditions of millions of our Black brothers, sisters and family kin languishing in “America’s system of justice.”  It’s “just us” and to effectively address the “State of Emergency in Black America,” we all must put our collective weight toward confronting and combating the War on Drugs.

War on Drugs Obama

Call somebody now, and tell them “to take action to end the War on Drugs.”  Tell them to tell somebody else to “end this despicable war on us.”  The “War on Drugs” costs about $40 billion per year and its national price tag has totaled over $1 trillion. It has resulted in one of Washington’s largest bureaucracies, the Drug Enforcement Administration, with over 10,000 employees, 226 offices in 21 divisions throughout the U.S., and 86 foreign offices in 62 countries.

Our best hope rest with Blacks ready and able to challenge and change the terrible policies and practices the War on Drugs has wrought. It’s time to sign up for Daniels’ army. Sign up online (, in addition to initiating a call, visit your local lawmaker. Let’s follow Daniels’ lead when he says: “There’s a State of Emergency in Black America and each of us must step up.” Make it a point to tell people you know to contact their respective lawmakers and policy-influencers and say: “It’s time to end the War on Drugs.”  Black Americans, and their leaders, must all move toward individually, and collectively, raising our voices and mobilizing/organizing to better our lives and communities.

William Reed William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America” and available for projects via the

Am I The Only One Getting A Little Irritated by President Obama?

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Obama Bites Lip

By Gary A. Johnson

I’ll try and keep this short and sweet.  I know plenty of folks who are “emotionally blinded” that we have a Black President.  So much so, they can see no wrong in anything President Obama does or says.  President Obama arguably has the most difficult job in the world.  I am not up to the task of being President of the United States of America.  He clearly is, and along with that comes scrutiny from supporters like me.  Yes, I said supporter.  I don’t have to agree with everything that the President puts forward on his agenda.  Some of the things on the President’s agenda are not in my best interest.  I can live with that reality.

Everything with me is viewed from a perspective of balance, (which I will try to be in this commentary).  When evaluating President Obama, one must first realize that he is first and foremost a politician.  In fact, he has proven to be one of the savviest politicians in recent history.  President Obama and his supporters have claimed that he is not the “President of Black America.”  I agree.  He is the President of the United States of America accountable to all of the people.

Politicians talk differently to different groups, sometimes when delivering the same message.  I get that.  What rubs me the wrong way is that President Obama appears to be talking to Black America in more of a condescending and scolding tone.  Lord knows there are problems in the black community and not enough folks are stepping up to help provide support and solutions.  There are some in the black community who need to have their ass kicked, taken to the woodshed and then go to a “Come to Jesus” meeting.  You will get no argument from me on that.  Everyone needs to be held accountable, including President Obama.

If the President feels the need to call out the black community, particularly black men in public, then he needs to be prepared to be called out and held accountable on his record and campaign promises.  One one-hand, I get the sense that the President feels the need or obligation to hold the black community to a higher standard.  I can understand that.  My growing annoyance with the President is that it appears that he is holding the black community accountable for the bad things that happen in their communities, but doesn’t hold other groups as accountable for the bad things that happen in their communities.

I could be wrong.  I could also have some “blind-spots” that prevent me from seeing the entire picture.

Earlier this week President Obama president addressed Morehouse College’s graduating class, and said:

“We’ve got no time for excuses — not because the bitter legacies of slavery and segregation have vanished entirely; they haven’t. Not because racism and discrimination no longer exist; that’s still out there. It’s just that in today’s hyperconnected, hypercompetitive world, with a billion young people from China and India and Brazil entering the global workforce alongside you, nobody is going to give you anything you haven’t earned. And whatever hardships you may experience because of your race, they pale in comparison to the hardships previous generations endured — and overcame.”

The President also told the Morehouse graduates:  “You have to remember that whatever you’ve gone through pales in comparison to the hardships previous generations endured – and they overcame, and if they overcame them, you can overcome them too.”

Personally, I would like to see the President hold his top advisers and appointees more accountable.  These men and women are responsible for helping the President achieve his many campaign promises.  With the recent scandals involving the IRS seizing records and phone messages of media, the President’s administration appears to have a problem with transparency to the American people.  In my mind, transparency is closely aligned to TRUST!

Feeling The Heat

Obama Sweat

The scandals that are in the headlines have to do with the government surveillance of reporters telephone and computer records, the IRS tax scandal against Tea Party and conservative groups and to a lesser extent the Benghazi attack where our Ambassador was killed last September.  With all of the alleged misconduct in his administration, President Obama’s attempt to be above the fray and not having knowledge of anything that will connect him to any wrongdoing, reflects that his administration is out of control.  For the record, every administration does this.  Did the Obama administration go too far?

The President made a lot of promises to Black America during his last campaign.   How has he done?

According to the NAACP the Black community is in worse shape under the Obama Administration than under the Bush administration.  The Labor Department reports that the black unemployment rate was at 12.7 percent when President Obama took office. That unemployment rate is now reportedly 16.7 percent — making it the highest unemployment rate for Black since 1983 (Reagan Administration).  Black teens jobless rate was even more staggering at 39.3 percent in July 2012.

Cost of Obamacare

Obama outlined three goals for his health care legislation. Lowering the cost curve and insuring all Americans were two of the three.  It has now been determined that Obamacare will add to the deficit and 25 million Americans will remain uninsured.  This doesn’t mean that Obamacare is a failure.  Obamacare is still developing.  In my mind it is too early to evaluate.

Cost of Obamacare

Obama promised that he would “not sign [a healthcare bill] if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.” Yet, a new analysis determines that his bill will add quite a bit to future deficits.

Insuring All Americans

Obama outlined three goals for his health care legislation. Lowering the cost curve and insuring all Americans were two of the three. It has now been determined that Obamacare will add to the deficit and 25 million Americans will remain uninsured.

– See more at:

Cost of Obamacare

Obama promised that he would “not sign [a healthcare bill] if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.” Yet, a new analysis determines that his bill will add quite a bit to future deficits.

Insuring All Americans

Obama outlined three goals for his health care legislation. Lowering the cost curve and insuring all Americans were two of the three. It has now been determined that Obamacare will add to the deficit and 25 million Americans will remain uninsured.

– See more at:

Cost of Obamacare

Obama promised that he would “not sign [a healthcare bill] if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.” Yet, a new analysis determines that his bill will add quite a bit to future deficits.

Insuring All Americans

Obama outlined three goals for his health care legislation. Lowering the cost curve and insuring all Americans were two of the three. It has now been determined that Obamacare will add to the deficit and 25 million Americans will remain uninsured.

– See more at: has compiled more than 500 promises that President Obama made during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns.  The sites tracks his progress on a scorecard they call the Obameter.  I’m not certain of the political affiliation of the site or its neutrality but the site is worth checking out if you want to learn more about the President’s track record for keeping his promises.  You can also click here and scroll down to read the campaign promises that President Obama has honored.

Obama Family2

I want President Obama to succeed.  The fact that he is President reflects his success.  I think President Obama, Michelle Obama and their daughters are great role models for America, but he is NOT above being criticized.  The fact that I am irritated at him at times in my mind does not make me a “hater.”  I’m simply questioning the President and his administration’s behavior in an effort to hold them accountable as they promised, something that I believe he would not find objectionable or unfair.

Gary A. Johnson is the Founder & Publisher of Black Men In a popular online magazine on the Internet and the Black Men In Blog. Gary is also the author of the book “25 Things That Really Matter In Life.” 

Dr. Boyce: President Obama Lacks the Moral Authority to Give His Lopsided Speech at Morehouse

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By Dr. Boyce Watkin

Obama Morehouse

This week, President Barack Obama gave the commencement address to the young men at Morehouse College.  I was happy to see the president speak to these men, for I’m sure they were inspired by his presence.  The achievements of Barack Obama are nothing short of legendary and inspirational, he deserves to be recognized as such.  Morehouse College President John Wilson should also be commended for his extraordinary leadership.  Dr. Wilson was gracious enough to join the presidents of Spelman and Clark in co-signing the open letter on mass incarceration written by myself and Russell Simmons.

The president’s message consisted of the same themes that I recall hearing from my grandmother:  You have to work twice as hard to get half as much if you are black in America, and racism is no excuse for you to give up.  I agree with this message, and I share similar messages every single day of my life.

The president’s decision to speak in ways that he knew would resonate with Morehouse men and their older black parents was an intelligent political move, without question.   The president’s speeches tend to be more conservative when he speaks to African Americans (I even noticed his use of the word “Lordy” early in the speech), and this is a good fit, since black people are also very conservative. The truth is that many African Americans would be Republicans if the party would just stop being so blatantly racist.

Another thing about black people is that many of us suffer from the low self-esteem that tends to afflict oppressed individuals.  We’re not much different from the housewife who believes her husband wouldn’t have had to beat her if she had not burned the cookies.  When her husband is out with other women, she is simply thankful that he took the time to pay the rent.   She’s ecstatic about any form of acknowledgement from her husband whatsoever, and when he berates her, she knows that she deserves it.  To some extent, she comes to embrace her oppression as the natural order of things, and the tranquility of her marriage is built upon the idea that his views, needs and status are superior to her own.

When President Obama graces us with his presence, we are simply honored that he took the time to even acknowledge us.   Any symbolic gesture, no matter how scant and meaningless, becomes precious to us, because for some, there is no greater achievement that any black man could aspire to than to get validation from white people.  Had President Obama passed on the presidency and taken a position at an all-black school and educated thousands of black children, we would have considered it to be a wasted opportunity.  Why would such an important man spend his time with us?  The political harmony between black America and the Obama Administration is a carefully-designed relationship in which our job is to shut up and cheer for anything the administration chooses to do with our votes.

Part of this asymmetric partnership with the Obama Administration is that we are actually HAPPY when the president berates us.   We like being told that we don’t try hard enough and that the reason so many of us struggle is because we have come to embrace an inferior set of habits and cultural norms.   We ENJOY the abuse, because deep down, many of us have bought into the myth of white superiority as much as white people themselves.

So, when Obama comes to Morehouse and says, “Stop using racism as an excuse and start taking more responsibility,” we LOVE it.  We also nod our heads in agreement because for the educated elite, Obama isn’t talking about us.  He’s talking about “them.”  You know, those n*ggaz who keep getting sent to prison, who can’t get jobs, and who are killing each other in the street.   They deserve their plight because they don’t work as hard as the rest of us, at least that’s the logic. It’s easy to grab onto the simple answers:  Black men love their kids less than white men do, black women are only capable of raising incompetent children who eat Popeye’s chicken for breakfast, and black people are slightly less human than whites, thus prone to more criminal activity.

Morehouse Grads

Graduates react as President Barack Obama delivers remarks during the commencement ceremony at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga., May 19, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Click here to read the entire commentary.


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By Harold Bell

If you don’t think it is the American way and there is not a big problem with black men in major media here are some stats for you to chew on as it relates to the television Black Out.

HEADLINE NEWS REPORTERS: 25 (no black men)

FOX NEWS REPORTERS: 42 (one black man)

CNN NEWS REPORTERS: 26 (2 black men)

MSNBC & NBC: 21 (no black men)

CNBC: 11 (no black men)

TOTAL: 125 REPORTERS (3 black men)


60 MINUTES THE NUMBER ONE MAGAZINE TV SHOW IN AMERICA: ZERO black reporters (Ed Bradley never again).  They did have lurking in the shadows a relief pitcher named Russ Mitchell.  He recently told the show to take their job and shove it and switched to ABC NEWS.  The reason, he could not get the producers to air any his stories—too black.  The  60 Minute producers will bring INSIDE THE NFL host James Brown in as a token black every now and then.  He adds a little color to the program–he will go along to get along and he is safe!

Russ Mitchell a popular CBS weekend anchor cleaned his desk out in December 2011.  He took a job at NBC affiliate WKYC television in Cleveland.  Mitchell was wrapping up his tenure as anchor of the “CBS Evening News” weekend editions and the “The Early Show” on Saturday.  He was also a national correspondent for “CBS News Sunday Morning,” the weeknight editions of the “CBS Evening News” and “The Early Show.” CBS 60 Minutes’ contributor Byron Pitts left to work at an ABC affiliate.

Mitchell had been passed over so much at CBS he was beginning to feel like QB Tim Tebow.  First, it was Katie Couric and then it was Scott Pellet as the CBS Evening News anchor.

In 2012 I received an e-mail from Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise saying, “Harold you probably belong in the DC Sports Hall of Fame but you have probably pissed the judges off.”  A couple of weeks ago the DC Sports Hall of Fame inducted several sporting personalities into the 2013 hall of fame during a Washington Nationals’ game against the NY Mets.  It was then I discovered who the judges were and I e-mailed Mike that he was right I had pissed the judges off!  The judges were legendary PR man Charlie Brotman and a wannabe legend Andy Ockerhausen a much traveled radio and TV executive. These 2 guys have use black folks as stepping stones to build their reputations and to stuff their own wallets without any returns.

The NABJ (National Association of Black Journalist) is another organization that is crying cry “Foul” calling for a meeting with the Presidents of the major news networks as it relates to the Blackout of black reporters. In its 17 years of existence they have inducted 35 journalists into its Hall of Fame.  The network Presidents are ignoring them with “No comment”  God bless the child that’s got its own and clean up your own house before you try to clean up another’s house!

A few years ago CNN ran a human interest story about a 103-year old black woman who was still driving.  In the closing segment a rap song was heard in the background playing and using the words, “Nigga, Nigga, I am MF Nigga!!!”  The station apologized claiming it was all a “mistake.”  (  CNN recently released Soledad O’Brien and Roland Martin.

Mike Greenberg is the co-host of the Mike & Mike radio and television morning sports talk show heard weekdays on ESPN and ESPN radio.  He was heard during the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday saying “Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther Koon!”  He also claimed it was a mistake.  It is here the double standard occurs.  During a debate ESPN’s Rob Parker referred to Washington Redskins superstar Quarterback Robert Griffin III as a “cornball brother.”  Parker also noted that Griffin had a white girlfriend.  ESPN suspended him and then fired him!  The crime didn’t fit the punishment according to ESPN’s track record.  The only comparison is the punishment for distribution of crack cocaine and cocaine distribution.  One sentence is given for a black distributing crack and another sentence for a white distributing cocaine when they are both the same?  Justice & Just Us!

The cloak and dagger racism and greed in America media has cost this great country the respect it once had worldwide.  Boxing promoter Don King said it best, “The media use to report the news but now they create the news” at our expense.

I would like to make one thing perfectly clear, there is nothing wrong with Charlie Brotman and Andy Ockerhausen supporting folks that look like them because that is who they are comfortable with.  My problem is they use us for their financial gain but exclude us from their payrolls.  The bigger problem is that other blacks use us for their financial gain and exclude us from their payrolls also.  They never reach back—enter the likes of John Thompson and others like him in our community.

For example; the Washington football player Doug Williams was the first black QB to win a Super Bowl and be named the MVP in 1988.  When he arrived in DC to play for the Redskins he contacted me.  I was recommended by his mentor and friend the late Bob Piper.  He suggested to Doug that I be his media and community contact person.  Doug is one of the nicest pro athletes I have ever known, second only to  Washington linebacker, the late Harold McLinton.

Piper told Doug, “Harold will keep all the riff-Raff and Players Haters at arms length.”  Doug and I became good friends but not the kind who hung out and called each other everyday, that was not my style.  Doug was a regular guest on my radio show Inside Sports and participated in my community out-reach program Kids In Trouble Inc.  He played Santa Claus following in the footsteps of linebackers, Harold McLinton and Dave Robinson (2013 NFL of Fame inductee).  DC is known to be a town that can chew up pro athletes and spit them out in a hurry.  The athletes fall prey to the beautiful women found in every night club in the city and the player-haters lurking in the shadows.  They come in all colors, shapes and sizes.

During the run to the 1988 Super Bowl Doug fell victim to temptations of the city.  He got caught in the bright lights and blink of DC.   I now realized how difficult it was for him to be same guy I met coming into DC and expected him to be the same guy going out.  I have known only one man who could have handled that kind of success—Muhammad Ali.

Major media took over and guys like George Michael (The Sports Machine) became Doug’s go-to guy and there was the childish rivalry between him and Sugar Ray Leonard of who was the most popular guy in town.  There was conflict with his mentor and coach the legendary Eddie Robinson.  It was a circus that I wanted no part of and I moved on.

This leads me back to Brotman and Ockcerhausen.  Doug and his friend former NFL QB Shack Harris started “The Black College Football Hall of Fame” in Atlanta, Georgia in 2010.  There have been 3 inductions into their hall of fame and I have never been considered.  My point, if Doug and Shack don’t think I meet their requirements, therefore, I am not worthy of their hall of fame and I look like them.  Why should I be upset with Brotman and Ockerhausen because of a perceived slight and I don’t look like or think like them?

Dave Aldridge is a former Washington Post sports columnist.  He is now a TNT NBA sideline reporter and one of the nicest guys in sports media.  I remember him calling me several years ago upset because I had disagreed with him in a blog commentary on a column he had written on the tragic murder of a Washington football player in his Miami home.   He was very emotional, he said, “I thought we were friends?” He was hurt and felt the criticism was unfair.

He also blurted out during the telephone conversation, “I nominated you for NABJ Hall of Fame.”

I tried to explain to Dave that it was not personal and when he decided he wanted to be a journalist that criticism would follow from friend and foe.  His biggest and most important job would be being able to distinguish between CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!

I give Dave a lot of credit for picking up the telephone and calling me out.  Unlike his Washington Post and ESPN colleagues Michael Wilbon, John Thompson, Sugar Ray Leonard, etc. they would rather talk behind your back and defend their point of view.  Evidently, they choose the wrong career paths, sports!

You would think if anyone understood my plight it would be the NABJ, Doug and Shack because they have been there and done that!

My impact on sports talk media has been global, every radio and television sports talk show you see and hear is a copy of the Original Inside Sports format, and those sports media outlets include, ESPN, SPORTS REPORTERS, OUTSIDE THE LINES, HBO REAL SPORTS, etc.

The alumni of Kids In Trouble and Inside Sports can be heard and seen on national and local media outlets around the country.  Pro athletes’ involvement in the community started with Kids In Trouble and Inside Sports!

The NABJ, Doug and Shack’s behavior has become the norm in the black community.  They cry foul when they are the victims, but take on the characteristics of the oppressor with their success.  We have become a community of EXCLUSIVENESS instead of INCLUSIVENESS!

The bottom-line, I am hoping that I will be a first ballot inductee into the only hall of fame that really counts– God’s Hall of Fame, that is wishful thinking and he ain’t even mad at me.

Harold Bell is the Godfather of Sports Talk radio and television in Washington, DC.  Throughout the mid-sixties, seventies and eighties, Harold embarked upon a relatively new medium–sports talk radio with classic interviews with athletes and sports celebrities.  The show and format became wildly popular. Harold has been an active force fighting for the rights of children for over 40 years with the help of his wife through their charity Kids In Trouble, Inc.   To learn more about Harold Bell visit his official web site The Original Inside

Who’s The Greatest?

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William Reed

By William Reed

The sequester is but a bump on the road to America’s real ruin. For those who don’t know, the U.S. is no longer “the greatest nation.” Nor does it even make the list of the 10 most prosperous countries in the world.

Whether Black or White, middle to upper class, urban, rural or suburban, most Americans operate under the assumption that the U.S. still ranks as No. 1 in the world.  Yes, the U.S. remains the world’s largest economy, and we have the largest military by far, the most dynamic technology companies and a highly entrepreneurial climate.

However, Blacks who still preen at the thought of Obama being the “commander in chief” are going to have a “rude awakening” when it’s all over. A sobering 2012 index analyzed 142 countries in eight categories: economy, education, entrepreneurship & opportunity, governance, health, personal freedom, safety & security and social capital. The index shows that the U.S. is no longer “the top dog” rather, 12th in prosperity; 3rd in oil production; 7th in literacy; 27th in math; 22nd in science; 49th in life expectancy; 178th in infant mortality; 3rd in median household income; 4th in exports and 39th in income inequality.

The first step in solving any problem is to recognize there is one. As we move toward the future, it’s important that we note that the decisions that created today’s growth – decisions about education, infrastructure and the like – were made decades ago. What we see today is an American economy that has boomed because of policies and developments of the 1950s and ’60s: the interstate-highway system, massive funding for science and technology, a public-education system that was once the envy of the world and generous immigration policies.

The economic bottom is falling out while the Black middle class waddles down “discount aisles at Walmart.” We are the group at the highest risk of economic downturns, but over the past 50 years, Blacks have bought into a mindset of dependency. Ninety-three percent of Black Americans recently voted for a continuation of that dependency on government for handouts from food stamps to welfare. Democratic leadership has caused Blacks to collectively accept the fact that America has become a debtor nation.

Suck it up. Let’s acknowledge that the big government agenda the Democrats have pursued over past years has stunted economic growth and led to staggering levels of wealth decline among Blacks. Cartoon character Pogo provides great insight: “We’ve met the enemy and they is us.” Our plight today is based on our past practices to “go along to get along.”

Much of America’s forward growth depends on the results of the 2014 congressional elections and 2016 presidential campaign. What kind of decisions will the masses of Blacks make about being open to the messages of Republicans?  In his book, America the Beautiful, fiscally and socially conservative figure, Dr. Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr., an African-American neurosurgeon and director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, pushed himself into the forefront of the public’s attention. In his book, Carson provides new perspectives on our educational system, capitalism versus socialism and our moral fabric, to which people should be attentive.  America the Beautiful is an incisive manifesto of the values that shaped America’s past and must shape her future, the book calls upon us all to use our God-given talents to lead and improve our lives, communities, nation, and our world.

America can be great again. Good leadership is what we need. All that’s required is leadership that will fight for moral values, stand up for what is right, and strike down the wrong laws for the right reasons. Maybe it’s “mainstream” Blacks have adopted that cause them to accept leadership that has followed the same path of profligate spending and reckless disregard of the long-term economic drain for short-term economic gains.  We have opted for mediocrity and self-indulgence and we have reaped the harvest that we have sown.

We become great again by becoming an informed and educated electorate, making the right decisions to go forward.

William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America” and available for projects via the

The Black American Male’s Extinction: Will Black America Allow it to Happen?

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By H. Lewis Smith

In a Comedy Central TV special, comedian D. L. Hughley lobbies the EPA to have Black African-American males declared an endangered species. Although DL Hughley’s “The Endangered List” reduces the severe possibility of the Black man’s impeding extinction to a comedy skit, this is a very serious and weighty matter. The problem with attempting to bring attention to substantial issues using comedy is that the issue will be taken as a joke, fall upon deaf ears and blown off nonchalantly as a fictitious story made up just for kicks. As such, those at the crux of the joke—Black America in totality—will also be taken as a joke. DL’s approach is reminiscent of White America’s belief that Black people are light-hearted fools who are happy with the way things are.

There are many contributing factors which lend to the very real possibility of Black American males becoming extinct. Some of the primary factors include black on black crime that ends all too often in tremendous amounts of bloodshed and death or life-long prison sentences; as well as mediocre to poor health due to unhealthy eating habits; carelessness about or a reactive (rather than a proactive) nature toward tending to one’s health; self-destructive, reckless lifestyle behaviors; and having no or limited access to medical care. Other situations that will effectively sponsor this sad affair include women using abortions as a form of birth control—which further leads to increased reproductive and mental issues; rampant drug abuse throughout the entire race; and same sex marriages. All of these issues are bound to have an adverse effect on population growth.

Speaking of population, grippingly, the United States holds less than five percent of the world’s population, but it possesses almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. Interestingly, America is supposed to be the most civilized and organized country in the world, operating under the premise of the so-called justice system, yet America’s prison population is the largest in the world.

A number of statistics are available breaking down the make up of the prison population, and a few particularly stand out: The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005. According to the 2010 census and Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), blacks comprised 13.6% of the US population, yet accounted for 39.4% of the total prison and jail population in 2009. Statistics further dictate that one in every 15 Black/African-American men are currently incarcerated, and that, at a minimum, one in every three black men can expect to go to prison at some point in their lifetime. As for other races, only one in every 106 white males are incarcerated, and one in every 36 for Hispanic males are locked up. The prison industry has become big business.

Black Men Chained

Young men of color have a disproportionate number of encounters with law enforcement, indicating that racial profiling continues to be a problem. This is just one example of White America feeling like it has an unmoving commitment to fulfill its quota of jailing black men, and don’t be deluded about it, the prison cells will be filled by any means necessary. A report by the Department of Justice found that Blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists. African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.

When considering all the emotional stress and the effects it has on the human mind and body, it’s little wonder that young black males have the shortest life span of any group in America—another factor contributing to the group’s human extinction.

Add abortions into the mix and the odds of extinction increase exponentially.Black America accounts for roughly 13 percent of the population and has 37% of the abortions.Eighty percent of Planned Parenthoods are located in minority neighborhoods, and the purpose of its existence is controversial to say the very least.Founder Margaret Sanger’s belief and acceptance of Eugenics has given her the reputation of advocating Black genocide.One thing is certain there is an extermination of black babies taking place, and Planned Parenthood is right in the midst of it all.

So, why these statistics? Why do “experts” speculate and actively pursue this type of continual demise for the Black community? How is that not only does the black man make up more than a third of the current prison population, but even greater, more negative predictions for disaster are made about him before he can even set foot to make a mistake? And if current trends continue the way they have been going, why is it that in the face of this type of report and revolting expectation, Black America continues to lead ill-fated, self-deprecating lives?

First off, causes leading up to the Black man’s ill-fated situation does not strictly hinge on issues of poverty, unemployment, and drug abuse, etc. all of which are prevailing concerns in the black community. Rather, these factors are symptoms, not the cause; but these symptoms have heavily contributed to the state of Black America and Black men. Even further, though, Black America continues to lean on the systemic crutch as an excuse for allowing these symptoms to uncontrollably plague the community, which too, must be addressed.

Blacks are in their current position because they have been socially engineered into their dilemma. Most Black/African-Americans have been systematically locked into a NO-WIN situation.Black people, collectively, DO NOT own a significant amount of anything to be able to control their own lives. Whites in America control almost 100% of the income, wealth, power, resources, businesses, privileges and all levels of government. In knowing this, it seems strongly impossible to compete against such overwhelming odds.

Since 1860, inherited wealth has been locked into the white culture. This means that all the wealth and power in this country for the past 400 years has been systematically piloted into the hands of the majority white society, and, thus, blacks come into the world with 0 per cent wealth.To add insult to injury, mentally-crippled black folks, who account for the majority of the black community, use their poverty or victim card as a free pass to ignorance. They are content with proudly walking around poking out their chest, boasting how they OWN the n-word (n**ga/n**ger), claiming this as their wealth. Such imbecility makes one want to throw up.

Rather than Black America continuing to fall like marching soldiers over a cliff head first into the lifestyles that have been handed them by a system meant to destroy the race, Black America—especially the Black men who are supposed to be the leaders of the community, must come to their senses and find methodical and strategic ways to circumnavigate this detrimental landscape. It is up to Black America to lasso the chaos as much as possible to make sure Black America sups its full portion of life’s glories even though the cards were never dealt with black people in favor.

In many ways, the Black male is thriving (socially and economically) as he never has before, but he faces, at the same time, an assortment of conditions. These conditions, experts say, indicate that the species “is definitely threatened” and possibly endangered. This threat of extinction is real, and, yes, Black America to some extent responsible for its own demise.

Black/African-Americans are the only group on earth who do not think in terms of GROUP survival, although at one time we did.But now, totally consumed by individual successes and “getting my own”, Black America has allowed itself to be blinded by the entrapment of integration which has obliterated all instincts for group survival.

Black America must decide that extinction will not be a truth, move from living in captivity—mentally and physically in jails and prisons, and turn attention and real effort to fixing the root causes rather than wallowing in the symptoms. Black Americans are the only ones who can solidly work toward re-establishing itself as a pure and unified race who refuses to be wiped away from God’s green earth by self, man or any other man-made force. A good place to start is the pursuit of self-respect and respecting each other, referring to one another as n**ga/n**ger is not a sign of respect but that of self-hatred, contempt and acceptance of a diminished image; no matter how use of the term is rationalized laying claim to it in ANY manner is self-defeating.

H. Lewis Smith H. Lewis Smith is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. (, and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word”. Follow him on Twitter:

Wedding of Daughter of BET Founders Bob and Sheila Johnson Stirs Some Social Media Controversy

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Paige Johnson

Newlyweds Dudley Payne III and Paige Johnson
Photo credit:  Matt Blum

Earlier this week, the Reliable Source column in the Washington Post reported on the wedding of Paige Johnson and Dudley Payne III.  According to the Washington Post, their courtship and engagement stayed under the radar because the two have been so busy with other pursuits.  Johnson, 27, who walked the aisle in a Monique Lhullier gown, has been a competitive equestrian rider since she was 5, training in Virginia and Florida, and traveling to competitions around the world.  Payne, 30, has an insurance brokerage business but his real passion is golf; he competes at serious amateur tournaments almost every weekend.

Some controversy was stirred with the following comment attributed to Payne’s father BET Co-Founder Bob Johnson.  Johnson was quoted as saying,  “This guy is the perfect guy for Paige.”  In another quote Johnson said,  “He’s a true gentleman.”  Before proposing last year, Payne took the old-fashioned step of inviting his fiance’s billionaire father to Café Milano to ask for his only daughter’s hand in marriage.

Author Christelyn Karazin wrote an interesting article titled “BET Heiress Marries a Rainbeau! Just Goes to Show Rich Folks Want Ratchet For Eveyone Else EXCEPT Their Own” posted on the website Beyond Black &

In her article Karazin wrote, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m THRILLED for Paige. I just wish that EVERY little black girl was cherished and protected and married off to a “perfect guy for her,” not just the daughters of rich men who are responsible for advocated a lifestyle that grants the exact opposite to “ordinary” black girls.”

Karazin further wrote:  “This is the ultimate irony. Bob Johnson, co-founder of BET, a vehicle that has single-handedly tarnished the name of black American women all over the world, wants a “gentleman” for his daughter. Funny, because he’s made his fortune convincing black women that thugs, drug dealers, and gold teeth should be the standard of sexiness and allure for us mere-mortal regular black chicks.

You can read all of Christelyn Karazin’s article by clicking here.

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What do you think?  Do you care? 

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