Singer Dionne Blaize Has A New Single

Dionne Blaize 4

Dionne has a new hit single “Take Me There,” with a special appearance by Music Video Live Hip Hop Artist The Real YXM.

Dionne credits her love of music to her father, who taught himself to play the piano as his parents didn’t have enough money to pay for music lessons and her Uncle, a bass player for a local band, who used to play all kinds of different styles of music ranging from Aretha Franklin and Barbara Streisand to Ella Fitzgerald in the house where Dionne grew up. Dionne remembers composing songs as early as 5 years old. Her mother would hear her singing songs that she didn’t recognize and would ask Dionne “baby what are you singing?” Dionne would answer “Mommy I’m singing a song I made”. Dionne’s mother was quite impressed because although Dionne was only 5 years old, the songs that she created had sweet sounding melodies. It was clear that Dionne was destined to write as well as sing. At 5 years old with a hair brush in hand, Dionne would sing in front of the mirror pretending that the mirror was her audience. From that moment, she knew that one day she would really have an audience. She didn’t know how it would all come together but she knew that one day it would.

Click here to visit Dionne’s official web site.

Video Link:

Engineered by Starting 5 Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Produced By: Music Video Live LLC, New York, NY

Media Contact: Cliff Strobe, Jr. 917.715.8174

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  1. i love your songs….nice works

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