Real Black Men Make a Difference


By Dr. David Caruth

Real Black men make a difference in the lives of our children, and in the lives of women and children other men leave behind.  Oftentimes, we can be found behind the scenes, laboring tirelessly to save our youth from each other, and all to often, from the sure grip of mean-spirited adults.  Several months ago, I got a call from a friend of mine, Dr. Daanen Strachan, and he asked if I would support his effort to win a contract from Washington, DC’s Mayor, Vincent C. Gray, to help the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services administer the Mayor’s 2013 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).

The DC SYEP is a locally funded initiative that provides District youth ages 14-21 years old with constructive summer work opportunities through job placement in both the private and government sectors.  In addition to the work experiences, DC youth are also provided with exposure to a career fair, financial literacy, careers in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) industries, healthy relationships, and other workshops.

Dr. Strachan was aware of my lifelong journey to help parents and youth break free from the debilitating affects of poverty.  After seeing the results of my work in the community, and learning about my new book: God’s Perfect Timing: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty with Education and Faith, Dr. Strachan held a pretty firm belief that I would support his effort.  He won the contract and we have 153 DC youth enrolled in one of the most innovative youth employment programs anywhere in the country.

Helping underprivileged youth is not new to me.  For the past 30 years, I have served my community as a father, coach, teacher and mentor.  One program that is dear to my heart is the “Fighting Back” drug elimination program for youth who lived in and around Section 8 public housing projects that my brother Richard and I developed.  We recognized that children in our community were expressing a need to be heard, feel included, have some control over how they expressed their inner selves, and they desired a sense of affection.  Their efforts to draw attention to their needs often got them shot or murdered; and if they were able to escape certain death, many ended up dropping out of school, joining gangs, getting arrested, having babies, and walking headfirst into lives of poverty and crime.

How many times has the Black community raised untold numbers of positive males, who end up burying too many of our children before they reached the age of maturity, let alone their prime?  How many times have our children felt trapped by worldviews that were so filled with hopelessness and despair that they were not able see beyond the boundaries of their own neighborhoods?  All too often, our children join gangs and kill each other so that they can feel protected going to and from school.  Other times, our youth fall victim to overzealous police, or like in the Travon Martin killing, to misguided gun-toting vigilantes like George Zimmerman.

Personally, I know hundreds of Black men and women who, like me, value providing a strong work ethic, transformative education, and Christian values for our youth.   I know sometimes we are hard to find.  Many of us do not seek to draw attention to ourselves, and other times, certain elements in the media do not value our ideas, or cannot find a way to profit by reporting on the work that we do.

Regardless of the challenges we face, I encourage you to look for my weekly column on the Black Men In web site and blog.  My goal is to keep you informed of positive happenings from forward thinking people like me, and my colleagues from across the country, and around the world.  Our mission is to help individuals break the cycle of poverty through an understanding of spiritual growth, educational transformation, and God’s Perfect Timing Ministries.  Simply put, we envision a world without poverty and have dedicated ourselves to helping millions of families that feel trapped by conditions of life break the cycles of poverty. 

David Caruth Dr. David Caruth, founder and President of God’s Perfect Timing Ministries is man of God and author of the book, God’s Perfect Timing: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty with Education and Faith.  Dr. Caruth is a career educator, with more than twenty years of higher education experience.  Prior to moving to Washington DC to help provide education to the poor and under privileged residents of the District of Columbia, Dr. Caruth served as the Executive Director and Vice President for Academic Affairs of the National Center for Professional Development Solutions, in Denver Colorado, where he oversaw Center operations, hired and supervised faculty and staff, developed and gained approval for all academic courses.  He also taught graduate level courses in Instructional Technology, Diversity & Motivation, Grant Writing, Transformative Learning Theory, Portfolio Development and Personalized Learning Plans.

Dr. Caruth is an experienced inspirational speaker, motivator, coach, mentor and father. He is also has expertise as a college professor having taught Research Methods for Non-profit Organizations at Regis University and Action Research at Lesley University, both at the graduate level, as well as undergraduate courses at the University of Wyoming, and The Metropolitan State College of Denver where he served as a full-time faculty in the African American Studies department.


11 Responses to “Real Black Men Make a Difference”

    • Thanks Christian Book Barn for your recommendation. God’s Perfect Timing; Breaking the Cycle of Poverty with Education and Faith has been received warmly by readers who can appreciate how the power of God is at work in our lives.

  1. 744,200 fathers incarcerated:
    According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2007 an estimated 744,200 state and federal prisoners in the United States were fathers to 1,599,200 children under the age of 18 (Glaze & Maruschak, 2008). An unpublished estimate from Mumola suggests that 7,476,500 children have a parent (mother or father) who is in prison, in jail or under correctional supervision (2006). Incarceration is a path to wealth for shareholders in this company.

    In America, all of our best doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects, engineers, artists, musicians, poets, Philosophers, Teachers, Cooks, Seamstress’, designers, unlimited are imprisoned. Teachers identify them by third grade, suggest to the parents that you beat them and when you do, calls the police on the parent and the child is taken away. Father’s work in the prison system for free on jobs they weren’t allowed to come to in the free market.

    • Thanks for your post. To be sure, there are far too many fathers locked up, working in prison, and oftentimes, their children are left behind for others to raise.

  2. Dr. Debbie Shadd-S immons Says:

    Dr.Caruth offers a perspective shared by many proud Black American’s. I am happy that there are organization ‘s such as this one to help to guide our youth in a positive direction. Education and role models are key.

    • Dr. Shadd-Simmons, thanks for your post. Indeed, our youth can benefit from transformative education and more role models, I would add a full measure of faith. As my book suggests, miracles happen according to God’s timing, not our own, and we need to have faith that He can change our lives in the blink of an eye.

    The verdict has been read, not guilty and the judge says your free to go.Justice was not served.So I need to say I “Understand” angry Black man & Black woman.I “Understand” angry Black youth & young adults.I “Understand” being classified sub-human by racist.I “Understand” the emotional turmoil and hopeless mindset.I “Understand” that our spirit as a people has been broken.I “Understand” that right now we have tunnel vision.I “Understand” we are afraid for our children and ourselves.I “Understand” wanting an eye for eye.I “Understand” that our children being targeted by design. I “Understand” how we’re being sent into desperation mode.I “Understand” why our status in society is at the bottom.I “Understand” how and why whole Black families have turned into single parent homes.I “Understand” no jobs for Blackmen. I “Understand” the rage inside.I “Understand guns being flooded in to Black communities, so that our children will continue to kill each other.You see in order to be understood, I have to first “Understand”.Understanding is something many people don’t have.Those we expect to “Understand” rarely do.I “Understand” the mindset of always the victim.It gets so bad that victims start to victimize others who believe they’re always victims too.I “Understand”. Black youth & young adults believing their lives are not worth anything, cause that’s what they’ve been witnessing in today’s society.I “Understand”.Black leaders, Activist, Advocates & Clergy who are trying to gather the masses, the struggles and frustration in convincing a people who have been broken spiritually, mentally, physically & financially.That there’s still “Hope”.I “Understand”.Black America is reeling from economic woes.Prisons & graveyards being filled with Blackmen.I “Understand”.Parents burying their children and the killer is still on the loose, or when the killer is found not guilty, asking God for strength.Some even asking God why.I “Understand”.I say this, Black people are a resilient race. We’ve come from slavery, fought for civil rights.Black people helped build America, we now live in the White House.Black people we are being distracted from accomplishing more in America, by those who know we can.Their tactics are obvious. Black people we are Americans, the American dream is still alive for us.There’s somethings we have to do differently first.Accountability & Unity followed by a spiritual remix, education & economic empowerment.This is not going happen over night, still Black America must begin to do something different. We’ve come from the cotton fields to the White House.Let’s not give up on ourselves, we can’t afford to.You see I remember as little boy, being told by my elders because of the color of my skin.I was going to have to go the extra mile to succeed in America.At the time I didn’t “Understand”, today I do.Know that there is hope for us Black people, inspite of trials & tribulations.God has got our backs.For those of us who have lost faith.I “UNDERSTAND”! No Violence-Know Peace.

    • I hope that you can accept my apology for taking so long to reply to your post. Clearly, you had much to say, and I appreciate your taking the time to say it. There is much to be learned from your comment; however, let me share that I cannot embrace that Idea that our spirits have been broken. Our flesh may feel the pain of being broken, but I believe that as a people, our spirit-man lives within us and is crying out for us to take action necessary for us to transform our lives. I do agree with you that Education and Faith are essential elements of any plan that we can develop to help lift ourselves out of depression and change self-distructive tendencies. Please feel free to visit us: You will find that we are far from giving up the fight, our efforts to heal what ills us is well under way. Please joins us. Peace be among us.

      • I understand you disagreeing with whether or not our spirit has been broken,still you do agree with most of everything else.Thank you for being open minded though.We must encourage each other to be strong and not give up no matter what…..No Violence-Know Peace.

  4. thomas brown Says:


  5. I see your good work! My praise to those men who do work

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